The Alphas Human Mate

5. I Just Took A Punch For You

Zekes Pov

The night went on and I had greeted most of my friends and family before I decided to catch up with Lorentz in the VIP section.

We became close during College, and we did som crazy shit together back then.

He always had my back from day one, and I appreciated his loyalty.

I spotted him as soon as I came up the stairs, and he seemed to enjoy himself.

”Zeke, you did good! This place is incredible! ” Loretnz shouted when I reached the table.

”Thanks man, I appreciate it! ” I replied, and glanced over at the blonde girl next to him,

”Right, Zeke, this is Jessie, Jessie, this is the owner of the club and my good friend, Zeke, ” Lorentz pointed at us and we shook hands.

”Hey, this place is amazing. Me and my friend Annie got invited by Jack, the manager? ” Jessie said and smiled and let her fingers slide through my palm when I pulled back my hand. ”Yeah, Jack mentioned that before. Welcome here, its nice to meet you! ”

”Likewise, ” Jessie replied and winked.

Gosh, she looked smashing in that red dress.

”Annie, there you are!! ” Jessie shouted and looked at someone behind me. I turned around to see who she was talking to, and I felt knocked down the moment we met.

Literally, because she crashed right into me.


Annies Pov

”Hey, Jessie! Im just gonna pop down to the toilet real quick! ” I shouted over the table and climbed over Daniel and Troy to get out from my seat.

”Wait, Im coming with you, ” Jessie said and stood up.

”No, stay, Im fine. I just need a minute! ” I reassured her and wobbled down the hall.

Shit, I was drunk. I could barely stand up straight.

Thats the problem when I sit for too long while drinking: I can never tell when I had enough.

I had a very high tolerance for alcohol, nothing I am too proud of, really. But I had a rough time in high school where alcohol became a solid friend at fifteen.

I wanted a fresh start in college, turn over a new leaf. But I quickly learned that Jessie and I had similar drinking habits, and that Dorian, who became my boyfriend, never turned down a drink. So I was soon back in my old ways: drinking until early mornings.

But I always managed to stay on top with my school work, and I was never late with turning in a term paper. I was a quick learner with an identical memory, which gave me the upper hand.

I did my business on the toilet and then fixed my lipstick before checking my phone.

Of course, ten missed phone calls from Dorian, and eleven texts. I browsed through them quickly before deleting them.

It wasn anything I hadn heard before, but I could tell that he was getting desperate.

Whatever, I made my way back to the table on unsteady feet, and I was getting a bit cocky with myself for not tripping, which of course tripped me right into the arms of a very, large, muscular man.

”I am so sorry! ” I said excusingly and hid my mouth behind my hand as I tried to straighten myself out with the other one.

I could hear Jessie laughing hard at me over the table, and I couldn help but to laugh with her.

And I laughed even harder when she slid down her seat and down under the table.

I almost fell over from laughing, and I thanked myself for emptying my bladder just before.

I felt a strong hand supporting my back, and I wiped away the tears from laughing before I glanced up at the man next to me.

”Im am very, very sorry about this. Hey, Im Annie, ” I said and shook the mans hand.

”Im Zeke, the owner of the club. ” He replied and looked down at me with a puzzled look.

”Oh, right. Zeke. Thanks for having us this evening.This place is amazing. ” I continued and reached out to grab another shot from the table,

” I think you had enough, ” Zeke said and grabbed the shot from my hand.

I was baffled? He must be joking with me?

”Haha, very funny, ” I replied with a laugh and tried to grab the shot from his hand.

But he held it above his head and I was to short to reach it back.

The atmosphere drastically changed, and an awkward silence was spreading over us.

”Hey Annie, lets go downstairs and join the dancefloor! ” Jessie climbed over Lorentz and grabbed my arm to remove us from the situation, but Zeke grabbed my other arm and pulled me back.

”What the hell is your problem? ” I shouted and I tried to free myself.

”Yo, man, I don know whats up with you, but you need to let her go? ” Lorentz added and a hand at Zekes shoulder.


Zekes Pov

”Right, sorry. I zoned out for second, have fun girls! ” I replied and let go of Annie.

e alright man? ” Lorentz asked and invited me to sit down at the table.

”Yeah, I just need to speak with Laura real quick: Ill be right back! ” I mumbled when I spotted Laura over at another table.

”What up beastie! ” Laura greeted and jumped up into my arms. ”I missed yooooou! ” She continued and pinched my cheek.

”Whos a good boy! ”

”Yeah, yeah, ” I replied and pushed her aside,

”I really need you to sober up for a minute, Laura, this is serious! ” I said through the mindlink, letting her back in.

”Wooow, come with me, ” Laura said and dragged me down to the toitlets.

”You are overheating, Zeke, ” Laura mumbles and wetted a paper towel and pressed it against my forehead.

”Are you sure? ” She continues as I let her read my through my thoughts.

Something only another pack member could do. Yes, she was a werewolf too, daughter to my fathers beta, the second in command.

”Yes, she has to be, because I have never felt this way before, ” ”But shes human? ” Laura frowned at me, trying to make sense of this as much as I did.

”Yes. I didn feel anything super natural about her, other than that she smells amazing. I had to compose myself when I let go of her. But now, staying up here while shes down there in the crowd, unprotected, makes me go wild. ”

”Hey, calm down, Zeke. You can just claim a human like thats a normal thing? Humans don know of us, and that poor girl will freak out if you start acting possessive over her: and she will probably file a restraining order against you. ” Laura padded my forehead, trying to calm me down.

”I honestly never imagined you mated to a human? Thats so weird. I know its possible, but I never saw you with someone so ordinary. ”

”Shes not ordinary, ” I growled and pushed Laura back.

”Wow, okay. Lesson learned: never insult your beast friends girl! ” Laura replied with her hands in the air,

”Sorry… I don know whats going on with me. Im just so overwhelmed I guess. I never thought I would cross paths with her here, tonight? Or that she would be the most beautiful girl I have ever laid my eyes on. ”

I continued, and Laura shrugged.

”All I know is that you need to compose yourself, Zeke. You can stormed down and be all over her. You need to play it cool, okay? Buy her a drink, be charming. Human stuff! Okay? She doesn feel the same way you do. Thats the tricky part with humans. ”

”Yeah, I get it now. But I think I need you to stay close by, just in case? ” I asked, and Laura nodded, ”Of course, I got your back! ” She smiled and nodded towards the door.

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