In the dining room.

All the brothers sat in order. From the left to the emperor, eldest son and follows to the fifth son. Facing the fifth son, opposite, 6th son and there follows to the 9th son and ends the circle with Violet, on the right side to the emperor.

As soon as the servants left the room, the originality came out. All relaxed and started eating as like they wanted. Neither etiquettes nor decency. Slouched in chairs and folding up their sleeves. Eating with spoons and forks. Stuffing their mouths with food.

”Ah! I knew, you all will be like this. When will you all learn? Behave like a royal family atleast. ” Shouted the emperor. Though they all fear their dad, sometimes they can help but laugh. So, All laughed at his soft words. ”Thankyou, my children. You all mean a lot to me. Be good and do good. ” Are his blessings.

Swiftly, a sudden laugh bursted out, ”Father, that was a fabulous acting, previously. I was dying to laugh out. ” Screamed Violet. All are happy. Enjoyed their time together. But, Why! Why do they have to act like that infront of the servants? What are they hiding? No one cares after all.


After the breakfast, the emperor, Rodger Warburton de Aphakia, announced about conducting a test and that is the next day.

”Test! ” Shrieked the youngest son, BLAKE Rodger de Aphakia. ”What is it? Again with killing any beast? I don wanna join!!! They are gross, ewww! ” Even before the briefing, he exclaimed his objection. But nothing can be helped. Once the decision is made, so made. Objections are overruled. Who can say against the emperor? Not even his own children. Thats how the strictness is taken. Emperors single gaze is enough to make all of then stay silent. So did happened here with the 9th prince, Blake.

”Ok, still anybody wants to object? ” Asked the emperor. Obviously, the answer will be, ”No. ” From all the sons and the daughter. ”Violet, this whole thing will be concentrated on mainly you. So, get prepared and don let me down. ” After saying these words the emperor left the dining room, neighter did he asked for her opinion nor did she shown any interest to speak out.

As soon as the emperor, left the room, all her brothers came to her. Violet, she is just 10 years and the emperor wants to take a test. What might be the test? All are anxious for their little sister. But nothing can be helped as non of them have any further information about the certain test. ”Its ok, you are the best for your age. Im sure you will pass out this test without any fail. ” After saying these comforting words, the first prince, Jermin left the room, after giving a small pat on her shoulder.

The 2nd prince, Robert Rodger de Aphakia, ”Violet, what do you think? Are you scared? Father is just taking a test, just like we have one every year. But this is a few months soon, thats it. Don worry. Ok? ” And he left after giving her a hug. And so goes with all her brothers, saying comforting words and cheering her up without any reason.

But the 3rd prince, Alan Rodger de Aphakia, is the only person didn mind to give a damn about the issue. He just stood silently watching all and giving. a clean thought about the things and observing the only lovable little sister. Though nobody noticed his silence. Soon they all left. And Violet, returned to her room without uttering a word.

As soon as she came to her room, she locked herself in her room without anyones notice, not even her maid noticed. She jumped on to her bed. Started a laughing mysteriously. Her eyes gleamed with evilness. Snickering while digging into her pillow.

After a short while, when she had enough, she fell into her thoughts. What a waste of time. Her brothers really don know about her. They are thinking too highly of her and her nativity, and thinking all sweet about her. But, isn she little girl who will be afraid of ugly and scary things?

Obviously! Her brothers never saw her having a combat with beasts. Her eyes beamed whenever she start fighting with those beasts is what her teacher always complain about and asks to hide her desire to kill.

Of course! But how can she control herself and restrian to kill. She love hunting beasts. She like to see their blood flowing out of their veins. Though she seemed to be harmless and naive, when she see any beasts, she herself becomes a beast that is in hunger to kill those ugly creatures ruthlessly. Not only, because she hate seeing those things but taking her father as a paradigm she want to evacuate all those worst creatures. And Give a peaceful life to the man kind.

Now, Im excited to know what will be the test that is going to be concentrated only on me. It might be fun. Its good if I can fight even more beasts. She exhausted and fast asleep as she had a lot on her plate.

What is this! The princess isn sweet but hot! She love to kill! Love to see the blood! Though she is 10 years, she is so so so, ruthless!

The emperor is her inspiration? Of course, it should be. Because he is the one, who started to kill the beasts as a duty to keep his empire safe and sound. He nearly spent his 50years of life in battlefield, hunting and killing those harmful creatures.

After a short nap, she woke up because of some disturbing noise of crying. She sit up on her bed with amusement. ”Who is crying? Why am I hearing it? ” Saying these words, she got up and stood on her foot. Concentrating on the crying voice, ”It is so painful. ” She closed her eyes and tried to locate the sound source.

She tried so hard, she opened the door to her room, windows and went to the backyard, garden, all around her building. She didn find a single thing. She left in despair and came back to the room. She can forget that voice. Its still ringing in her ears. ”Am I delusional? ” She smacked the pillow with her hidden dagger in her dress and covered her ears.

But she is still hearing that voice. Neither it is dream nor the cry is somewhere she can locate. Where is it coming from?

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