Soon she created a turmoil of her bed, behind the head end of the bed, she found a thumb turn! A narrow door knob, but it isn round. Its like it is fixed with an intention, that no one could see it. The decoration of the knob is like a long lizard with sharp scales in gold brown color, more precisely, a dragon? That was a great art, yeah, something like miniature art.

But who made it? Why a thumb turn?Why in her room? Why at such a place? Does that room belong to someother else before her? Slowly her thoughts wandered wildly on a mere sight of the knob. As she once unknowingly read a fantasy novel in their library which is only one and noone knew its presence, she was exicted to see it happening in real life. The knob like thumb turn attracted her with its art and presence that she never noticed.

Violet abruptly caressed and pulled the knob like thumb turn. She pulled it towards her. A loud thud sound came suddenly behind the wall. She stepped aback. She murmured tensely while scrutinizing around, ”What is that sound? A door will open now? ”

Its obvious that, if a handle is there, won there be a door? If it is correct, then where is it? What will be there on the other side of the door? Despite of her attempt of pulling the door knob and the sounds, nothing happened. Her anxiety roared.

Violet jumped down the bed. Placed the dagger in her hand, on the bed. Pushed the bed aside, away from the wall to take a clear look over the wall. Her eyes started searching while her hands messed with her hairs. Whilst her attempts to bun up the hairs, her long white hair touched the wall slightly without her notice. Now she is more irritated to go to the depths of the weird things happening with her.

Door! Where is it? The door isn something to be seen casually. It is blended with the design of the wall. A painting on the wall. She never saw the painting on the wall in her room, which she has been residing for a while now. The wall is with a painting of a white haired woman and a big, brownish green shaded lizard like creature as depicted on the thumb turn of the door. It is double the size of a normal adult man. And the woman in white hair is on the ground, facing the creature sitting on throne.

”The woman is she, Angel?… ” Violet murmured faintly while lifting her hand to touch the painting on the wall. Before she could notice, her attention shifted to the beast like creature, ”Is it beast or orge? ” Though the green shade felt gross she can help to turn away her gaze away from it.

Soon her eyes welled up on the sight. The painting is filled with agony. Her heart felt heavy. So much heavy that she could die if she won let her tears pour. As she keep on looking at the painting, the gross beast like creature appeared as a bulky athletic human with horns in brown skin tone. The woman on the floor, shedding her tears at the sight of that beast. That was breath-taking! Violet was like hypnotized. Her eyes are pouring down continuously. Shes going insane.

”Door! I need to find it. Where is it? ” She started searching for the door. Precisely it was much difficult to rule out the door. She tried touching the wall continuously, to trace something with the touch but it was like out of the world. After giving a brief thought, she just turned the thumb turn to the left. The door unlocked. When she pushed at the lock region, the door creaked. She pushed it further.

The door is now opened, revealing dark inside. The door length is half of the height of an adult. Though she is a 10 year old girl, she has to bend her head a little to go through. While bending her head, she took a breath and peeked inside along with her dagger.

Now she came to a realization. The white haired woman on the wall in the painting and the white haired woman in her dreams, look similar.

”Don tell me they both are same. ” She spouted rudely as like she knew and despised her from the very beginning.

Whether the loathe towards the white haired woman is because of that weird dream which made her wrecked or the painting? Are they related?

That weird dream made Violet to cut her hair out and made herself go bald. But that didn last long. The very next morning the hair came back with exact amount and length it used to be. She thought it was also a dream. At last, that wasn the actual thing.

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