ished. Now what am I supposed to do? ” She screamed.

The path is so challenging to her to tolerate and step any further. The eerie of the path gave her goosebumps. It felt like the things down the end are beyond her imagination. Every thing around turned cold and dark. Her rods and cones were no longer working like they should. Smooth, soft cold air blowed to her ears.

”What is it? ” She scared and shrinked into a wall, where she fell. ”Who is it? Face me! ” Her fears came out much bravely. But luckily, nobody were there. She opened her eyes. Its sad but true that she can see anything. She turned her head. The air gave chills down her spine leading her to the end. She wanted to go back. But she never left her work unattended.

Aaah! Haaaaah!

Slowly a voice in pain was heard. Hearing to it, her eyes welled up. She sniffles and started talking, ”Who! Who is it? Why are you crying? Are you the same person who is making me worried in my dreams? Are you down there? ” She started going down like a toddler going down on the stairs using her legs and fore arms.

She felt warmthness near her. ”Is it the end? ” She mumbled. She wiped away her tears. Steps ended. From there plain land is felt down her feet. She cruised along the wall. Her destination is neither heard nor seen. Only the walls and some unexplainable sensations leading her.

After a while, she saw light. She tried to run towards it. Then, Haah! A scream was heard. Some language… ”Is it some foreign language? ” She pulled her legs to halt. She walked into the light. Though it was dim lighted. She recognized that she reached one of the basement of their castle. She became more and more curious seeing her questions unraveling.

She saw a shadow over the turn on her left. The shadow resembling to a little boy? A boy? She got excited and ran over the diversion and saw little bit bright orange light. That light blinded her slightly. Soon after regaining her sight, she saw, a shivering little creepy creature!

She fell back in… disdain. Disdain? Shouldn it be disgust? May be not.

That creepy thing is shivering in pain. Crouched in corner. What is it? She just now saw a walking healthy little boy, how come he turned into such ugly thing?

She analyzed the situation, rusty cage, cold floor, dim but bright orange light which is just to let us see what is enough, crooked metal plate and spilled water. She moved near the cage, using her four limbs like her legs and palms.

She held the cage with her 2 hands firmly seeing the little thing in corner who is crying. Her broke at the mere sight.

”Hey! Who… who are you? ”

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