Rodger Warburton de Aphakia, Today is the test day. What to decide? Should I conduct the test? What if she gets hurt?… Mostly importantly can see through him, like I did…? said to console himself. He sat in the big chair in his royal office. Absent mindedness occupied his day. Thinking about something worrisome. He cannot share to any person other than he himself.

Soon it became mid day. The daily noon bell rang. Rodger Warburton, waked from his absent mindedness. He hurriedly came near his room window. ”Its time already…! ” He exclaimed calmly.

”Yes it is. ” The right hand man, Casper Drake, to the emperor, Rodger Warburton de Aphakia, answered. After hearing to Caspers response the Emperor, threw a glance at him. Just like an ideal gaurd, Casper looked back into the thin air standing straight.

”…Don worry, your Majesty. Little Violet is very brave, she has taken after you. ” The Emperor nodded off Caspers words as they are fact.


Step step step step step…

Violet jumped down the steps and running. She fell suddenly!


Violet springed up from her bed. ”Pant… pant… Hah! That was a dream. Thank God. I thought Im falling down the cliff. ” She sighed.

Meanwhile, Nancy called from the other side of the door while knocking since half an hour, ”Princess! Princess, open the door. Allow me in. Your Majesty will be mad. Please- ” suddenly Violet opened the door.

Nancy politely stood holding the trolly with food. Nancy came in with the trolly. She held her hands like a maid does, and asked, ”Miss, shall we proceed with the dressing? ” It is finally the test day. Like the Emperor said prepare for the test and every one are cheering.

Nancy took a glance at Violet. As soon as she saw Violets face, she screamed, ”No! What happened to your face? ” Violet saw herself in the mirror. She is acting cool, she got a poker face as she didn make it to sleep well last night.

”On the left side of your eye, there came a star mark out of nowhere. That was small and well marked as if it formed a very very long time ago. Its like a mole which is for life long and permanent. ” Nancy explained. Violet, keep on staring at it. Surprisingly there was nothing to see. Violet blinked her eyes, ”What was it? Where? ” Nancy was awestruck by seeing it vanish, that was such a miracle, Nancy felt inside her.

”I think, that was just a hallucination. I didn slept well last night. Haha! Im sorry. ” Nancy smiled awkwardly. Violet locked her eyes at Nancy in awe, ”Don joke anymore, Im not in mood to play with you now. ” Violet said coldly.

But Violet stood infront of the mirror for a while looking and rubbing at the place Nancy mentioned, Why is it itching? Violet scratched slightly. Suddenly Violet remembered the little boy she met in the basement. Her eyes sparked, ”Nancy, can you wait out side for a while? ” Violet said while slipping off her dress from shoulders.

Nancy after seeing Violet taking her dress off, Nancy nodded off to Violet and left the room. As soon as Nancy left the room, Violet rushed to the door and locked it from inside.

Violet grabbed a bread crump from the trolly, ran back to her bed and climbed up to reach the head side where the door is hidden. She jumped down her bed. Hurriedly opened the door. She ran down the steps. Sooner than she thought, she reached down the diversion where the little boy was kept.

She peeked from behind the wall that separated them and had to take a diversion. The little boy is seen more like a beast. A well grown huge beast. Groaning in pain. She scratched her left temporal of head, beside her left eye.

Violet rest assured after seeing him safe. The beast is huge. Looking gross. The variations in appearance of the boy and the beast has some hidden story. Who knows about it? So it wasn a dream anymore. The beast appearing in my dreams and here in the basement are same. Why is he showing up in my dreams? And… now, why is he groaning? Is he in pain? Should I go to him? Violet stood silently leaning on the wall while her fell in the name of that beast as he is groaning.

What is all this? Why is it happening? Did father know about this? Of course! It should be! Without his permission nothing can enter nor can leave. Father must know about him. I will ask father later about it. But… why did father…? She didn wanted to make any conclusions. She held the bread tightly in her hand unknowingly.

”Come out. I can smell you. ” The beast spoke out loud in his heavy voice. Violet gulped her questions and walked infront him. She came and stood infront of the cage. The cage is not enough for that huge beast. He hanged down his head. Violet is Dumbfounded at the mere sight.

”Why did you came again? Aren you afraid of me? ” Violet flinched at his question. ”Oh! So you do get afraid of me. Well, thats good. Now go back to your room. Your parents will be searching for you. ” He suggested Violet very convincingly. But Violet didn moved an inch.

”You don want to leave? Just- ” before The Beast could complete his words, Violet extended her hand and showed the bread in her hand, ”Eat it! Its for you. And Im not afraid of you. Not even the slightest. ” She raised her head to see him and said as coldly as she could. Glaring into his eyes.

The Beast infront of her held himself back and said, ”Do you think it is enough for me? Anyway, do you think Ill eat such foods? ” Violet, took a hold of herself and said, ”Then what do you want? ”

”Your FLESH! ” Pressed these words while taking a look of her from top to bottom.

”For now take this. I brought this for you. ” Violet placed it down in a crooked plate, covering it with napkin the one in her pocket.

After saying and placing the bread down that she brought for him, she left him alone.

”She is stubborn. Huh! Who will eat bread? Im not. ” The Beast shouted.

Violet reached her room. Took a breath. Quickly changed into her test dressing.

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