t and got them into so much debt.

He also took half a million loan from Mr Smith and run off to europe with another woman leaving them to pay off the mountain of debts.

In a span of two years, the loan has increased to three million due to its unreasonably increasing interest.

To make matters worse, they have to save money for Annies treatment. She has acute leukemia. The family does all sort of jobs to generate money for the expenses weighing down on them.

In a shared bedroom, Reina gently tucked Annie in bed after giving her medicine. She gently stroke her bald heard and lovingly kissed her forehead, ”May the angels keep you safe Annie. ” she prayed and laid down beside her.

Looking up at the hanging artificial stars on the ceiling, ”Im sorry ”. She apologized in a quiet voice.

”Im sorry for being a liability to everyone. Because of me, we are having a hard time ” She continued, a lone tear fell from her eyes.

Hugging her, Reina shook her head, ”Don say that. Its not your fault. Don worry Ill make everything better ”She spoke comfortingly.

”Some day well be very rich and youll live like a princess. Well live in a big mansion with servants all around. Taking care of your every need ”

Smiling, Annie spoke, ”Sister, you dream a lot but I love you ”

”l love you too baby ”.

Together they got lost in their dreams, momentarily forgetting all their worries.

In a luxurious mansion, lying in bed is a weak old man with silver hair who was hanging onto life thanks to the life support machines attached to his body.

An elegant and sophiscated old lady who seems to be in her late sixties was dressed meticulously in a luxury designer clothes, exuding nobility sat beside the old man. However she didn have the benevolent expression old women usually wore.

”Arnold, whatever it is you
e planning. I won let you succeed. l will not allow you to bring shame to this family. Those people have no place here and they never will. I won allow it ”.The old lady spoke fiercely, hitting the floor with her walking stick to show her indignation.

”Nuria. How many years has it been? After all these years, you
e still very bitter about the past. Set yourself free and let it go ”,said the old man with labored breath.

Teary eyed but with a firm expression, she spoke through gritted teeth ”, Everything belong solely to my grandson. I will not allow others to have it. Im the one you should compensate. I will not allow it. I will not ”.

Getting up from the bed, she walk towards the door but paused when she heard, ” My Zelkowicz family can be without a heir. Bring the next heir apparent and Ill compensate you. Without it, you can blame me for being unfair. ”

”I won lose. ” She uttered coldly and left

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