king young man dressed in branded casual wear. He has a more amiable and easygoing aura. Sipping on his wine, Darwin looked at his friends intent gaze and chuckled.

”If you could look at your wife with the same intense desire you
e showing right now. Im sure shell be the happiest woman on earth. By now, you two will be having as many babies to form a basketball team and your old ladies worries will be over ”.

Being teased by his friend, Harry turned his gaze to glare at him. ”Chill bro. Its been two months, five days, six hours and two minutes since youve had your hooked by this girl but youve not even made a move. She doesn even know you exist. ”Darwin spoke. ”You could get her with a snap of your finger. If she knows who you are, trust me shell be more than willing to stay with you. ”

”You talk to much ”. Saying this, Harry stood up and walked away.

Darwin shouted, ”Hey l was only trying to help. You value your words like gold. If you don speak out your desires, youll really cry in the end ”.


After work, Reina was walking to the bus stop when a lamborghini luxury car blocked her path, a young man stepped out the car with a sleazy smile. Reina looked at him wearily before ignoring and walking away.

The young man smirked. Playing hard to get? he thought. He quickly rushed to block her path again.

”Hey beautiful. I saw your moves back then and l must say that you
e good. How much does it cost to spend the night with me. Ill make you feel really good ”.He said.

His eyes stared lecherously at her body as if he could see through her clothes.

Uncomfortable and disgusted, Reina replied, ”My body is not for sale. Im not interested in your nonsense offer ”.

”Oh come on, everyone has a price. How about 20000 bucks for a night. If you make me happy Ill offer you a lot more. You can be my woman and I can make you the happiest woman in the world. Be a good girl and anything you want will be yours ”. He made a tempting offer.

Reina rolled her eyes at him. ”Even if you
e the presidents son l still won be interested in you. You and your filthy many disgust me ”.She coldly told him off.

Angry at being rejected, his eyes turned dangerous, ”Bitch!. I always get what I want and nothing can stop me. You
e going to be mine whether you like it or not ”.

He pounced on Reina, cornering her against the wall as he tried to take advantage of her but Reina was a fighter and she was struggling with all her might while screaming for help.

”Get off me. You
e disgusting. HELP!!. HELP!!. ”

A strong forced pulled the young man off Reina and before he could tell whats happening, a hard punch landed on his face which send him flying off.

Fearful, Reina instinctively rushed into the arms of her savior, hiding in his embrace. Her eyes filled with terror at the encounter. If he didn show up, only God knows how long wouldve happened.

Harry looked at the young man lying on the floor with an extremely furious and cold eyes. His gaze says it all. He couldn wait to tear him into shred.

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