The young mans eyes widen in horror upon seeing Harrys murderous gaze. He shivered and scrambled to his knees, apologizing profusely, ”Im sorry Mr Zelkowicz. I.. I didn know she was yours. Please spare me ”

Despite the cool breeze, he was soaked in sweat. His previous arrogance had completely disappeared. Who doesn know the Zelkowicz family.

In this city, the century old noble family was the most powerful and can cover the sky with one hand. Their multi-billion empire is one of the worlds top business conglomerate and the man in front of him is the crown prince of it all.

He can make him and his entire unable to live anymore with such a few words from his mouth. He has always been a domineering and spoiled child because of his family background but his father had strongly warned against ever messing with members of the Zelkowicz clan.

”Get lost ”.Harry uttered coldly.

Nodding his head like a chicken, he quickly run away with his tail between his legs. When everything has quiet down, Harry looked down at the girl hugging him tightly and different emotions flashed in his eyes. He couldn believe she was so close to him.

Tentatively, he raised his arms to embrace her back but before his hands could pay her back,Reina left his embrace. A look of loss appeared in his eyes but he quickly hid it.

After taking a few deep breath, Reina raised her eyes to look at her savior and was awestruck by his handsome face. Seeing her dazed look, a smile flash in his eyes and his gaze became more gentle.

”Are you okay? ” He asked. His magnetic voice brought Reina back to her senses. Embarrassed, she blushed, bite her lower lip and nodded shyly.

”Thank you for saving me. If you didn come l don know what wouldve happened to me. Ill be eternally grateful to you. ”said Reina. She thanked him profusely for a long time.

Harry only replied, ”Its good as long as you are well ”.

Reina left from there to go home. In a dark alleyway, Reina slowly made her way home.

”Annie lets go inside. Its late and cold. What if you catch a cold? ”. Axel was trying to convince a persistent Annie who insist on waiting for Reina to get home.

”No l don want to sleep. l want to wait here for my sister. I can sleep without sister reading me my bedtime stories ”replied Annie.

She has no intention of going back inside the house. Walking home, when Reina saw the figures of her siblings awaiting her return home, something simply snap in her.

Crumbling onto her knees, she broke down crying bitterly. She is just eighteen years old but has more burden on her shoulders than most of her age mates. Shes not complaining about her lots in life but sometimes everything feels so heavy and difficult to bear. Silently shedding tears, she cried for a long time unaware of a lone figure watching quietly in the dark. After a while, Reina stopped crying, wiped away her tears and took in deep breath of fresh air before putting on a cheerful smile again.

She walks home to her family. The moment Annie saw her, she happily run into her arms, ”Sister you
e home. I had been waiting for you ”.She said.

”Silly child. What if you get a cold. Its so cold out here ”. Reina kissed her cheeks while Annie giggles.

”I don care about the cold. Ill always wait for sister to come home ” Reina beams with joy, ”Oh so sweet. Our Annie is so sensible now ”.

”Come on. let go inside ”. She said. Annie nodded and held her hand to lead her inside.

However, Axel pulled Reina towards him with an intense gaze. He looks at her and quietly started checking her body for injuries without saying anything making Reina feel anxious.

”Whats the matter?. Why are you looking at me and not saying anything?. She asked but he didn reply.

”Don tell me that you missed me? ” she joked.

”You cried ”.Axel stated as a matter of fact.

”Who bullied you? ”.He asked. His eyes fierce.

”Big brother is mistaken. No one bullied me. Sand got into my eyes. Nothing serious ”.Axel clenched his fist knowing shes lying. Hes a taciturn and appears cold on the outside but hes very protective of his family.

The three went inside the house together. Watching from a distance, Harry turned to leave after Reina and her siblings went inside. He sat in a black sedan where his flamboyant friend Darwin is waiting for him.

”Do you like to be tortured this much. Don say l didn warn you. From my research, that boy is not related to her by blood and seems to treat her very special. ”said Darwin.

”Don say nonsense. They
e just siblings ”. Harry rebutted.

”If you say so. That boys gaze towards your beloved is definitely not that of a brothers love. They
e so close to each other. Living in the same house, anything can happen. ”Darwin nonchalantly said all the things that could go wrong.

Finally bothered, Harry asked ”How can l keep her by my side without putting her in danger. I want her ”.

Zelkowicz Mansion

A beautiful young lady sat in front of her vanity mirror as a maid assisted her in getting ready for bed.

”Where is my husband? ”Sasha Zelkowicz asked the maids.

”Madame, the master is in the house by the lake house ” the maid replied. A helpless look appeared on her beautiful face. She looked at beautiful face with delicate and exquisite features in the mirror and spoke sorrowfully,

”Hell rather stay there than come to see me?. It was just a momentarily mistake. I didn mean it but why can he forgive me. I love him so much. All my life Ive only had him in my heart but he won even look at me ”.

The maid at her mistress and felt bad for her. She has been married into this family three years ago but the number of times, the master visited the lady can be counted with her fingers.

Hes always busy with work, often going on long business trips and the times hes at home, hell be spending time at the lake house. No one is allowed to go to there without permission. Not even the madame.

At the lake house, Harry was taking a shower but his mind was full of the images of Reina dancing seductively and how her soft body was pressing his body. What the mind is thinking is what the body shows.

Filled with lust, his hard rod was already standing straight. Unable to help himself, he held his shaft and started to pleasure himself while he murmurs Reinas name throughout. After a long time, he shouted her name and released.

Finishing with his business, Harry later laid in bed with a satisfied smile. Very soon, shes going to be with him and he can fulfill all his desires on him.

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