William walkers last moments on earth was watching his mother, father, older brother and younger sister die in front of him. With tears streaming down his forehead as he screamed bleeding out ”WHY?! WHY WHY WHY?!?! WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?!?! ” He gave his last breath before falling unconscious. He woke up to the bright clouded room. A little desk only 2 feet in front of him. A woman with shining gorgeous long white hair with Bright blue green eyes and pale skin. She had no wrinkles and looked to be no more then 20 years old. She was short and curvy. The woman was gorgeous. The most beautiful being he had ever seen. She blushed reading his mind. ”Thank you, William. I am Sorry. What you witnessed was my fault. I made a mistake. That mistake cost you your life and forced you to watch as… ” She stopped as Will started crying. How could she be so foolish! The boy is only 12! She thought to herself with anger.

”Im sorry. I want to offer you something. 4 more lifes. One for each of your loved ones. I know this won make you forgive me. ” She said with a soft and comforting voice. She waited a few minutes for the boy to calm down. He shook his head and looked up with determination that she hasn seen in any being in mellinium. She was happy to see him be determined. She shook her head and opened a portal. ”I will give you the power to live a great and amazing life in this world. You will ne born again as Asmodeus Deathnell. A noble and grand family. ” She said as he walked into the black shadowy portal.

Will awoke on the soft grass and sweet smell of the fish air. He sat up and walked to the nearest water source. A pond probably 1 mile in length and a half a mile in width with that led to a river. ”The water was pure and clean. ” He said out loud. William didn know how he knew that. The information of this world came to him a moment later. It felt like a huge weight being lifted and he looked into the water seeing a young boy look back. The boy had short black hair and tan skin with dark brown eyes. He had a small scar above his right eye brow. He had a dirty gray shirt and brown pants on with sandals. He didn care much about how he looked. His new name came to him ”Asmodeus Deathnell. The son of a Duke. ” He would be heir. he understood this world. More than anyone living on this planet. The Goddess gave him everything he needed. ”Status board. ” Asmodeus said in a higher pitched voice than he had before. A green status board popped up in front of him. On it he saw his level and name along with race and abilities and skills. He was surprised at his level ”Level 31 warrior knight. ” He saw underneath in the profession tab he had ”General level 5 ” He was amazed. He finished looking at it and studying his abilities for a couple of hours before he stopped and walked back home.

He walked back to the mansion he lived at and got clean in the tub. He noticed he had a few more scars on his body. All of them had different lengths and looks. Some were old while other were fresh and only a few days or weeks old. He knew why he had all of these scars. He was a knight. The youngest knight in history. At only 13 he had won battles and was known and respected by most. ”Young Death ” was his nickname. He spent the next 15 years living a normal life as a noble and knight. By 29 years old he was a master swords man. He loved learning about this world and meeting other people. He was happy tha goddess saw.

Asmodeus now 30 years old was ready to settle down and find a wife and make a family. Fate would get in the way though as the Goldenstien Empire captured him. He was forced to work for them and do the kings bidding. He spent the next 95 years as a warrior slave to the Empire. During those years he accumulated tons of scars. At 42 years old he got his tongue cut out for trying to talk to a woman. At 60 he lost his left arm. He still fought and was leaps and bounds stronger and better then any other warrior. He grew to hate humans and resent his abilities. At 90 years old he finally got retired. He had one leg, eye and arm gone. He hated life and finally died at 125 years old.

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