ght was horrible.

”Misha, strip. ” She said with a disgusting grin. Misha hesitated but the slave collar started shocking her. She started slowing taking her shirt off. revealing a bright pink bra with a black outline. She stopped and the princess, Natasha, said in a stern and raged voice ”Continue! Now! ” Misha gulped and started taking her bra off while covering up as much as she could. Taking her bra off and showing her ginormous naturally bouncy breast.

The small pink nipples on her carmel skin. She had no tan lines or really any blemishes on her body at all. She tried to cover up but the only thing she covered was her nipples. Natasha getting impatient started taking her clothes off. Her short black hair moving slightly as she took her shirt off showing off her small boobs with tiny brown nipples. Misha thought she was beautiful but didn want to be with her. She was cruel and mean. Misha slowly took her pants off showing her matching panties of pink with a black outline. Misha didn take her panties off as she watched Natasha take her pants off revealing she had no underwear on. She had a thick dark bush and her ass was bigger than even Mishas ass.

Which is saying something since Misha was known to have the biggest ass in the kingdom. Natasha walked seductively up to Misha. She leaned foward and grabbed Mishas boobs one hand on each breast. Natasha whispered ”Now this is why I made my father give you to me. Ive waited 5 years for that old man to die so I could touch you. ” Natasha locked Mishas neck and kissed her then sucked on her right nipple. Misha let out a small moan as the pleasure hit her No! I don want this! Misha yelled inside her head as Natasha moved her left hand down Mishas body and into her pink panties.

Misha felt extreme pleasure unlike anything she felt before. She didn know why though. Until it hit her The slave collar. she thought in her head as Natasha grabbed mishas right hand and forced it onto Her pink pussy. ”Misha you will ** me first. Then I will ** you. we will do this every night together. Unless I tell you no. Understand? ” Misha nodded. Not wanting the Pain from the slave collar to hit her again. Natasha pulled Misha to the bed and Natasha sitting on the bed pointed to Mishas mouth and then pointed to her hairy pussy ”Eat. ” was all Natasha said before Misha got on her knees and started eating.

The thick black hair tickled at first but she got used to it. After a couple of hours of ”Eating ” and Grinding Natasha had orgasmed 3 times. Natasha was a squirter. Thier was cum everywhere. It was Mishas turn now. Her body moving on its own she laid with her back on the bed. Natasha grinned sinisterly and then started eating Mishas pink bald pussy.

Misha always made sure she was shaved down there. Since Natasha ordered her to shave every 3 days. Misha felt pleasure as Natasha ate her pussy out. To Mishas surprise she also squirts when she cums hard. Natasha got ravenous and started going harder and harder. She threw Misha over and started playing with her ass. Fingering it and eating it while slapping it hard. The slaps hurt but Misha couldn say no as it would shock her body.

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