Misha ate Natashas ass slowly at first a lick here or a kiss. Natasha moaned softly every time and started giving Misha a hand job. Misha started eating her ass out more like she did to Natashaa pussy. Her tongue lucking and sucking as she couldn take it anymore. Misha did the unthinkable and asked Natasha a question.

”Princess I want to ** you. Can I ** you? ” Misha asked in a soft and seductive voice. Natasha shook her head yes as she got even more wet from the though of Mishas big dick inside her pussy again. Misha didn stick her dick inside Natashas pussy though. she stuck it in her asshole. The tip first, Natasha protested at first before the pleasure hit her. She said Misha do it soft and slow. your the first person to ever go inside. ” Misha nodded and then went slow and soft in and out. Moving her hips slowly and going inch by inch. it took 30 minutes before Misha could go all the way inside. Natasha tensed up and squirted all over mishas balls and thighs. Misha took that as the que to go as fast as she wanted and she did. She grabbed Natashas hips and thrusted causing Natasha to scream in pleasure and pain. Misha moaned as she **ed Natasha. Actually being loud for once as she couldn hold it in anymore.

Misha **ed Natashas asshole for 10 minutes before she came. She pulled out and came all over Natashas back then instantly went back inside. Natasha was moaning Nd being so loud that Misha was sure everyone in the castle could hear her. Misha kept going and Natasha grinned and said in between thrusts ”I… hmmm.. put a oohhh.. Magick on the… yes! don stop plesse! ” She yelled and then grabbed Mishas big fat ass and started making her thrust harder inside Natashas asshole. She continued after she squirted all over Misha. ”No one can hear us. ” She said in between pants as Misha was waiting to recover before she continued. Misha went back in that last round lasted 15 minutes. Mishas started fingering Natashas pussy with one hand and with the other she fondled her own breast She grabbed one and lifted it up to suck on her small pink nipple as she **ed Natasha. ” I…can be…mhhhmm loud? ” Misha said while moaning the last word. Natasha shook her head and Misha let loose. Moaning loudly as she **ed Natashas ass. She couldn take it anymore after 20 minutes and pulled out. Natasha wanted to taster her cum so she instantly grabbed Mishas dick and stuck it in her mouth and started sucking.

It only took a couple of seconds before Misha came inside of her mouth. Natasha swallowed it looking at Misha happily smiling. ”I love you Misha. I know you don love me. But Im gonna keep **ing you. And you will keep **ing me. theres nothing you can do about that. ” She started sucking Mishas dick again and made it stiff. She looked back up at mishas blue eyes and said ” thsi time I sit on top of you. ” She pushed Misha onto the bed and sat on her giant dick. She was ready and wanting it in her oussy again after 40 minutes of it not being inside. She moved her hips slowly and gently as Misha moaned and tensed. Together they came for the final time that night. Natasha started sucking Mishas pink nipples as she told her ”We can get pregnant from this. ” and fell asleep. Misha on the other hand was wide awake. She had came in Natasha 4 times. and Natasha inside her 2 times. Well shit Misha thought as sleep took her.

Natasha woke up on top of mishas naked body. She finally realized the difference in size. Misha was 6 0 tall and 150 pounds of boobs and ass. she had no muscle definition and no waist. she was perfect. While Natasha was only 5 0 and 80 pound. She had a fat ass actually it was a huge ass but that was all. She wasn flat chested but definantly didn have big boobs. She started kissing Misha softly then got up revealing Mishas naked and hairless body. It turned Natasha on. She like the dick that they had but she liked Mishas natural pink and pretty pussy more. She leaned towards that gorgeous pink and wet hole then locked it softly. Misha moaned and twitched a little then relaxed. Natasha tasted Misha again. She tasted sweet. Like literal sugar. Sheneeded more and started slurping Mishas juices as she massaged her own pussy. Misha woke up and pulled Natashas face toward her own and kissed her. ”More? ” Misha asked her master in a sexy and lazy voice. ”Yes. ” was all Natasha could say before they made love again.

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