Zamora POV

I knocked on Flinas door

”You may come in ” She says from the other side of the door

I entered then noticed her sitting close to her window

”What are you doing there? ”

”Staring at the moon and the stary sky,do you have an issue with that ” she said without giving me a glance

”I know you
e mad at me for what I did… ”she cuts me off

”Zamora you don need to justify what youve done,just why are you hear? ” she finally looks at me with those red eyes

”Im sorry, we are sisters…we shouldn fight ”I tried to console her

”Okay ” She says staring back at the sky

”The reason I came here Your Highness,he said he has something to give his daughters at breakfast ”

”Im not coming ” she gave me a stern glare

”Wait Flina, let me finish… I know you don want to eat with us but you can at least just show up ” I paused for a while waiting for a response

”Father would be glad if you came ” I said trying to convince her

”So the reason you came want to apologise but this- ” she stops talking mid-way as she walks closer to me

”Im disappointed in what youve become Zamora, youve lost yourself all because you want to rule the kingdom ” She kept walking until she was right in front of me

She held her head high

”I don be coming thats my final decision ” she looks at me coldly

”But Flina- ”

Theres no mistaking it this time, starts this aura I feel around her, her eyes definitely glowed Im sure of it

”Please leave ” She bows her head

”Flina just listen to m me please, Im really- ”

”I said Leave ” She gives an emotionless face like shes trying so hard to hide her anger

Its best if I let her be

”Ill be back tomorrow morning ” I left her room


What should I do… I thought married will bring door kind of happiness to her

I walked slowly as I heard someone approaching


spot Zulia, seems shes on her way to Flinas room

She passed by me and didn say a word, acting like I never existed

”Pretending not to see me huh? ”

She kept walking and didn look back once…

If you two turn against me, Ill really have nobody else

I sadly walked in to my room closing the locking the door behind me

My knees weakened as I curled on the floor

Tears trickled down my cheeks

Why won you try to understand me, its not like I also want all this responsibilities

”I don …. I don ” I clenched my fists as I hit the floor harder and harder

”It hurts,my heart hurts more ” I cried more

I envy Flina who is free,Zulia is allowed to do as she please and theres ME who is bound by the shackles of the throne

My eye stings from all the crying,I cleaned my face.

Stoof up from the floor and walked towards my bed

”Im sorry Zulia,Flina… Im not as brave as you two,I can voice out again Mother ”

I laid on my bed

I gave a light scream into my pillow


I cried myself to sleep which was a daily routine

By Eimy Mabel

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