The Crown Prince’s Exchanged Bride

Wishing You A Miserable Married Life

Marcy had wanted to say something, in fact, there were so many words she wished to say to Gavin but she could not because she knew this time she was the cause of their present predicament and they no longer had time.

Her Jade green eyes stared blankly at the soft features on his face, how dearly she would miss this understanding man. He was so understanding that he was willing to let her marry the prince for the kingdom and for her desires to come true.

” Gavin…. ”, she uttered in a longing voice, her eyes filled with nothing but pure sorrow. His slender fingers came straight for her lips as he traced the bottom of her lip.

” The wedding night…. will it happen? ”, Gavin asked in a soft but miserable tone. She still had her back pressed to the door and every other object in the large room seemed invisible.

” It definitely will not Gavin…. I have spoken to Lady Eloise and she had given me her word that even though it hurt her to say this but The crown prince Ashton only sees Aurelia as a means for settlement between the two kingdoms and not as a wife ”, she said in a matter of fact tone, she couldn bare the thought of him thinking she would actually spend a night with the prince.

Sir Gavin Woods, Knight of Rizzan Kingdom, was a tall and well built man, with black long hair which was held up in a ponytail and black lovely eyes which she knew she could stare at all day and still see only her reflection in them.

This man was also one of the most treasured knights in her village. He was one of the top sort out men by ladies and she only got his attention because she was once his student who had to learn swordsmanship and at that time they were always arguing.

He was a little soft spoken and silent and she was strong headed and blunt thus they would always get into arguments. He would say, Knights do not need to say too much, they talk with their swords and she found him too indulged into his work.

But somehow they ended up getting along and from master to student to admirers and then proudly lovers. When many girls heard that his heart was already stolen by her, they fussed a lot about it but due to the fact that she had always had a sharp tongue even while growing up, they never brought up their disappointments before her.

He finally moved from the door and she followed him further into the room. The patio doors were open and he took her straight to the patio with their hands entwined.

” Gavin please do hasten your search and make sure the princess is found and returned safely, else I would have to stay in Arania Kingdom pretending to be her for a long while and time moves faster than we notice ”, Marcy exclaimed in a thoughtful way as soon as they reached the patio and the evening sky came into view.

All through her relationship with Gavin, they had never done more than hug each other or hold hands and surely she would not wish to do the things that married couple did unless they were married together and surely, she wouldn let someone else have his right.

” I promise to remember and do all you have told me my dear Marceline. Even your parents will be well taken care of by me, I will see to it that they do not miss you after your departure ”, Gavin said encouragingly as he drew her towards his huge body and enveloped her in another tight hug.

” I Love you so much Marceline ”, Gavin announced warmly, his hand tightening around her waist as he kissed her forehead lovingly. Marcy smiled sadly, she would miss him dearly, she would miss his calm and sweet nature.

As she looked on to the far away land beneath Aurelias room patio with her head placed carefully on his chest, they heard the door being knocked on and a recognisable voice soon made its way into the room.

” Lady Marceline, are you in here? ”, inquired Lady Eloise who suddenly pushed the door open and walked in. At the same time, Marcy and Gavin walked into the room as well, their hands once again entwined.

Lady Eloise stared blankly at their entwined hands and as if now noticing it, they quickly left each others hand.

” Just imagine if a maid or a lady of Noble status was to walk into this room unannounced, this could obviously lead to a scandal ”, Lady Eloise said in a sharp and ugly tone.

It was really rare to not see her angry, she was always angry every time, only today at the wedding did she look at Marceline ever so lovingly.

” Lady Eloise may I remind you that I am clearly not your niece, I am merely her lookalike and I had a life before you found me so just because I am willing to take up her place in the Kingdom doesn mean I have to do so forcefully ”, Marceline replied her back in a much calmer tone.

She was starting to feel suffocated by this pretense and if care was not taken she might just let out her thoughts about all this to the entire people gathered in the reception.

Marceline was someone who could never pretend for too long. At a point in time even normal human beings would feel suffocated if they were being pressured on something all the time.

” You better watch your tongue young lady. We are all in this together, no one was forced and no one was pleaded with to indulge, you have your needs and so do we, what is wrong if I want the outcome of what Im investing in to be perfect ”, Lady Eloise said in a manner that brought no room for excuse.

Marcy stepped forward leaving Gavin to stand on his own. Her gloved hands holding her gown up in order for her not to trip and fall. She approached Lady Eloise with a gaze as fierce as the gaze of a warrior. Neither too close nor too far away, she stopped her movements.

” I am not your niece Lady Eloise. I am my fathers daughter, Marceline Augustus and I do not need to be perfect for I am the way I am and if you can bare with it, find someone who looks and act like a princess and do not bother me ”, Marcy let out with a warning look that she would not be afraid to back down even though there was an agreement in between.

She had more to lose in this bargain. Yes her needs would be fulfilled, that her village be developed and every man had a fulfilled source of income was her desire but for that she had to sacrifice so much.

Marcy had to leave her parents and the place she had been brought up in to live somewhere she had never been to.

Not to talk of the fact that she would also have to part ways with her lover and then would play the role of a deceiving princess.

She was actually the one making the most sacrifice in this arrangement and she wouldn be any less glad to walk away from it, if it meant she didn have to lose so much. Her self respect, her family and her love.

Lady Eloise saw the look in Marcys eyes and it was clearly one of indecision. She obviously did not want Marcy to back out so she immediately dismissed the matter before it got out of hand.

” Ok fine, fine, fine, fine, lets not get carried away now. Your departure with the prince and the rest of the royal family is to take place tomorrow sunrise and it seems you didn notice but you and the prince will be spending the night here in this very chamber. Try not to let anything happen Lady Marceline, that right clearly belongs to my niece Aurelia ”, Lady Eloise said in a more reserved manner as she walked out of the room.

Marcy turned to stare at Gavin longingly before hurrying after Lady Eloise. This day couldn get any more endearing.

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