So… I died and I mean I don really care anyways since Ive got nothing to live for.

But here I am, somehow still conscious and still standing… All that is surrounding me, are weird tree like branches, a bunch of bubbles floating around them, with what appears to be galaxies inside of them.

”Hello. ” Speaks out, a strange voice, practically sounding unnatural.

”Hi…? ” I ask in a somewhat questioning manner, almost freaked out.

”I will be frank and get to the point. You have died as it is obvious by now you will be given certain advantages in the new world youll be going to. ”

”That is nice… But where am I going? ” I ask.

”What you would consider a fantasy world. Full of magic and mystical things, and much, much more. ” Says the Voice.

I grin, nodding understandingly and say, ”Not going to lie… thats pretty neat. So, when do we start. ”

”I like your enthusiasm. ” says the Voice.

He then continues by saying, ”Lets start by you choosing your race, then customize your appearance, as you are being transmigrated and not reborn. ” says the Voice.

A large screen like window popped in front of me, showing race choice and a normal genderless body.

Gender… definitely male…. Race? I think to myself as another screen pops up, with different races.



High Human


High Elf

Dark Elf


High Dwarf








High Orc








Archdemon (locked)

Fallen Angel (locked)

Draconic Angel (locked)

Fallen Archangel (locked)

Archangel (locked)

Deity (Locked)

Divine Angel (locked)

Demonic Angel (locked)







Looking at all these races, I am excited yet confused.

”Why is there some which are locked? ” I ask curiously.

”These are powerful races, you can get them now, but it doesn mean later you can . But think before you decide to change to a powerful race later, why? Simple, races which you can choose now, majority of them have an evolution, allowing you to develop and advance them, which changes or adds things to your appearance, skills, power, knowledge, and etcetera. These are achieved either through extremely hard work, sheer willpower and determination or other means such as rituals. But you eventually hit a limit and evolve to another race.

But if you are already a powerful race, then you can evolve. For example, if you choose to be an Angel and later you decide to change your race to lets say an Archangel and then Divine Angel which is more powerful than a Fallen Archangel, you will not be able to evolve your race. Lets say instead you went with not choosing another race and kept the Angel race.

Developing it, making it powerful, refining and strengthening yourself even though you can evolve. Then lets say youve reached Archangel, here you would think you can evolve it. No because you were an Angel who with blood and sweat became an Archangel. Means if you take the longer path, the harder and more difficult path the more rewarding it will be. ” says the Voice, making me even more confused.

From what I understood is there two ways to evolve. The easy path… well kind of easy. Example I choose Angel, then I can with some method, unknown to me currently, evolve to a race without many hardships. The other way, the difficult path, but more rewarding, is done by developing myself, everything about me, and eventually I will evolve naturally, somehow. Like my being, my power or whatever, forces me and pushes me in to the evolution phase.

I smile and say, ” Well Ill just have to work crazy hard. Nevertheless, can you tell me what is stronger, Divine Angel or Demonic Angel? And what the hell is a Demonic Angel.? ”

”The Demonic Angel is more powerful. ” says the Voice, surprising me. ”A Demonic Angel has a perfectly combined bloodline of an Archdemon, Fallen Archangel, Draconic Angel and an Archangel. When Archdemons eventually reach a high evolution, they can choose to become Fallen Angels. Instead of continuing down their more demonic path. Thus, they lose their demonic side and powers that come with it. Still Fallen Angels have a more of a dark side, like dark magic and etcetera.

They are naturally dark, but no to a degree that is similar to the Demons. The Demonic Angel combines these bloodlines perfectly, balancing themselves into a new, more powerful race, combining all of the aspects, advantages, benefits, and powers from the four races. Not many have been able to become one because its extremely painful, tedious, challenging, and you could even say tricky, because you have to accomplish certain conditions to become a Demonic Angel. ” Says the Voice.

”Is it possible for me to reach it? ” I say excitingly, holding on for even a shred hope.

”Yes, it is. If you choose one the three races…. and the only one that will give you the highest possibility of success, is the Demon. But even with that its implausible. Although, if we
e talking about you then yeah, you might be able to do it. But it will come down to what you will ask for your powers. ” says the Voice.

”Alright, then, what about the other races, like the Elves and Orcs? ” I ask curiously.

”Their evolution is completely different to demons and angels. I would say it is impossible, but it is definitely improbable for them to evolve. Lets say an Elf becoming a High Elf. One way is if they have a lot of ancestors who were High Elves. Same goes for the rest. It also goes the same for Demon-Kin, it is generally unlikely for them to become a Demon, without external aid. As for the Nephilim, they are a whole different story. ” Says the Voice.

I nod understandingly, then grin and say, ”Alright… Demon it is then. ”

”Good, but one more thing before we continue. You will be put in a dimension, a dark one at that. There are many dimensions of the world you are going to, some are bigger than the world, some are as small as a… convenience store. So, are you certain about your choice? ” says the Voice.

”It can be that bad… right? ” I ask, hopefully.

”Nothing is bad or good, it all comes down to how you choose to walk your path. The choices you make, although it won be easy. ” Says the Voice.

”Well. It never is easy, never is supposed to be easy. And wouldn that just be… boring? Also, what do I have to lose, except maybe die again. ” I say, laughing lightly at the last part.

Then the Voice speaks out with a boom, in an amused manner somehow, ”That is the spirit. I expect nothing less from you. Now, choose your appearance. ”

After a while you can see a man, with a light naturally tanned skin and Caucasian features. He has medium hair and medium beard, both the color of black. His irises are fiery red, as if the fires of hell are contained within and his sclera is black-grayish (or just dark gray). {A/N : Check the paragraphs comments for the pictures.}

The mans body is very muscular and extremely shredded. To the point where you would think his muscles would shred themselves to pieces. {A/N : Check the paragraphs comments for the picture.}

Looking over it again, seeing if I missed anything. Then I say to the Voice, ” I am done ”.

”Alright, now choose three powers. I will also give you two little extra gifts before I send you off. As you see there is a screen in front of you with search options and many categories. These are powers you can choose. ” The Voice says, and I whistle looking at the crazy category of powers available.

He then continues by saying ”The powers are already perfect as they are, I will not limit them or strengthen them. Thats already have been done in a way that even if it was limited, it will still reach its full potential. You can also ask for a power of your own choosing. ”

Before choosing I ask him a question, ”What powers will I have as a Demon… just to be sure. ”

”You have Demonic Magic, Demon Transformation, and Demonic Presence. And, as you are obviously a Demon, you are physically stronger and faster, your durability, reflexes, and so on is much greater than majority of other races. Also, you will have natural instincts on your powers, such as how to use them and control them. The more you battle and fight, the more you seek stronger opponents and the more you strain and pressure yourself, the more powerful and stronger you become, as well as your powers. They can change and evolve too. ” Says the Voice.

Nodding, I grin and start scrolling through the transparent like screen, searching for the powers I want.

After minutes of searching, I have found the powers I seek. But I want one that is special… and I am sure the voice might decline. I brace myself and ask ”I have chosen my powers. But I want one that is unique, it is not here. I want Adaptive Learning… ”

”That is fine by me, but It will make the rest of your powers useless depending on what you choose, as you can learn them easily when you go the world. Which means you will waste your chance of acquiring good powers that can be learned. So yes, I will give it to you, but think carefully about the other powers, powers you can have or gain now. ” The voice says.

I nod and continue thinking and searching for minutes. I finally make my decision and say ”The powers I choose are Adaptive Learning, Angelic Power Immunity, and Fear Empowerment. ”

”Those are good choices, with Adaptive Learning, you can have an even greater chance of reaching the highest evolution, as well as learning and gaining many powers along the way. With Angelic Power Immunity its already obvious, you will be immune to most and majority of Angelic Powers, which are practically all Holy. Thus, making you immune to the Holy element. A demon with that power, is dangerous. Finally, Fear Empowerment will not only let you gain strength and power through the fear of others, but even yourself… if that ever happened. ” Says the Voice.

He then continues by saying ”Well that is it, and before you go… to a world full of opportunities and mysticism beyond your imagination. Here are my last two gifts. First, you are a child of fire and darkness. You are more attuned to these elements. They love you; they protect you; they are there to serve you. Thus, you are Born of Fire and Darkness. Last, mana is always around you, empowering you and guiding you, it seeks you out. Thus, you
e The Child of Mana. ”

Then everything went dark…

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