The Devil Among Men

The Incident 9 years ago.

5 am at the morning as i casually wake up from my bed. ”Todays monday huh, looks like school is about to start again ”

I slowly wore my clothes then went to the kitchen to prepare my meal for i am living alone in this apartment, after cooking i set my meal on the table and eat, living alone really is lonely, after eating my meal i went to the sink and wash it, brush my teeth, went to the shower, then wear my casual clothes, unfortunately the school has not prepared our uniforms yet.

I went out and lock the door to my room, i went down via the stairs since the elevator is still on maintainace after taking the stairs i walk outside after 2 weeks of staying inside my apartment room ”its hot outside ” thankfully i wore shorts that is just above my knees and a light t-shirt, i then continue walking to the street heading out to the terminal.

As i walk ahead i was approach by a man who seems to be in his 40s, ”hey lady mind if i can take you to where you are going? ” he said with a creepy smile in his face ”no thank you mister i am old enough to go to my own destination ” i said while glaring to him ”i see lady then be careful last night a rapist was arrested by the authorities ”.

”i see then id be careful mister ” after saying that i quickly walk away from the man, a rapist arrested last night?. As i recall their was no information about a rapist getting arrested last night if their was then that would have been on the news this morning, i finally reach the terminal i check the monitor from the far right of the station and it seems my train should be here at 2 hours, i sat at a nearby bench that i saw a while ago before talking a look at the monitor.

I grab my phone from my purse and open it surfing throught the internet, 1 hour pass as i was busy scrolling through my social media when a stranger caught my eye strangely enough he was familiar as if i saw him from somewhere, those sharp eyes, the black hair, his hair is casually messy but looks decent of him, the only difference is that he has a earing on his left ear, he was standing just 5 meters away from the bench im sitting, i find myself staring at him suprisingly for a hour suddenly the train came in with the loud sound that deter my sight away from him.

As i hop into the train i look at the stranger for a second and immediately continue to walk through the trains sit and sat ”why does he remind me of a certain criminal 9 years ago? ” i whisper to myself. The incident of the serial killer Jing Avone when i was 6 years old a incident happen in Manila City Jing Avone, male, 27 years old was killed inside the white house, he was known for killing 134 civilian nationally, he is also a psychopath, i find it odd why this information was only presented to the public after his death regardless the stranger back at the station has similarites to the psychopath.

The train finally stop at the destination, i went out and head out to the street again while walking i notice a beggar on the street bowing with a cup infront of him as he was begging for money ”poor man ”

sometimes when think about this beggar on the street you would wonder how they ended up like these though their are different reasons why its just sad that a lot of people would ignore them without even droping a single penny, i walk up towards the beggar and drop a 15 pesos to the cup (15Php=0.27dollar=35.98yen)

then get up and walk pass the beggar again.

I finally went to school and went inside, its a hassle that i have to go to the 4th floor since thats where my class is located i went into the elevator and up i go to the 4th floor i then proceed to my classroom and as soon as i entered the class i was greeted by my friends Alisa and Nina, we chatted about our 2 weeks break and went to our seat. The class start as the professor came in the class

i then turn my focus to the subject.

||Strangers PoV||

I was standing inside the station when i spotted a bench just 5 meters away i was suppose to seat their when a teenage girl sat on it, ”well looks like ill just stand here then ” i whisper to myself while breathing out a sigh, after 30minutes of standing near the bench questioning myself if i would sit or just stand in the end i rather stand, i felt her staring at me for an hour before leaving for the train. ”whats that about? ”

i never knew the girl as i only saw her today.

I went in to the next train after about an hour after the girls departure, i went into the train and sit on the nearest chair just beside the door, i plug in my earphone to my cellphone and begun listening to music, after 47 minutes on the train i heard a commotion happening at the edge of the train even with my earphones at full volume i can still hear whats the commotion about, it seems 2 adults have been badmouthing a beggar who is already at his 70s, i also hear people stopping the 2 adults from assaulting the eldered beggar who i hear is crying, i plug out my earphone and and slowly open my eyes to take a look at the commotion

”jeez get this old man out of the train he stinks like hell ”, ”hoy beggar if your hear begging for money i wont give you even a penny you got that ” as the 2 adults who seems to be on their 30s.

Normally i dont want getting involve into these trouble, since once i get involve its hard getting out of it, i just continued to watch the verbal assault of the 2 man to the elder, finally a bystander scolded the 2 men ”if you got a problem to the beggar then it would have been better if the both of you just get out or even went into this train in the first place ”, he said while blocking his own body inbetween the elder beggar and the 2 men, the elder beggar thank the young man who defended him, as the commotion stop so then the train has reach its destination, i walk out as soon as the door was open and walk myself out of the station.

||The Truth||

I continued walking till i reach a public library, i went in and search for a book that looks interesting unfortunately finding some of the classics here is rare as they are replace by new ones, i saw a article pertaining about the Jing Avone Incident 9 years ago, i began reading the article and as i suspect the government did not show nor tell the media the truth, for i am a witness of that incident, i by far only one who knows the truth aside from the government and the company that held liable of Jing Avone and me.

The only real information about this topic is Jing Avone is really a psychopath and thats the only real info, i was their when he was killed right infront of me, he was shot 17 times all over his body, stab 20 times, then beaten up while chained into wall, i saw this happening as a child, he died not only as a pyschopath but also a asronist, and one important description of him, he is also a subject by the organization that took me in after his death, he was subjected by the organization as a attempt of making a human who surpass the limitation, in the end they failed and took me as a replacement unfortunately by the age of 12 i luckily escape the organization, and here i am living freely.

I survive the torture by the organization that treated me not as a human being but a subject of experimentation, this organization called Gods Hand is a organization that took orphan as their subject and trained them to surpass the limits of the human being i was the only survivor of the 6th generation, why? you asked my fellow subjects were killed on the process and the 6th generation was the most cruel one with a death rate of 96% i was lucky to escape the organization and since then never heard any from them. I closed the newspaper then put it aside as, i walk across the libraby looking for a book that looks interesting then i found a classic i grab the book then walk

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