The Devil’s LilyA forbidden love

CHAPTER TWO:He Saw His Own...Heaven.

Twenty years ago.

[Earth Realm]


”I don want to lose my baby Uriel,I don want to lose her! ”Ophelia cried, holding onto her visible baby numb where her child rested,who was proclaimed to be a monster that would destroy the world once its born.

The tears couldn stop dropping down her porcelain skin,as she literally saw her death right infront of her at the thoughts of losing her child.

With the strong wind that suddenly started acting up in this chilly evening,Ophelia was strongly convinced that they were here.


The executioners,Micheal and his men.

They were here for her, for her child.

”We are not losing our baby Lia, listen to me ”Uriel grabbed both her shoulders,but she was seriously out of it to even listen to him right now.

He was an angel,soon to be a fallen just like his brother Lucifer,who would be cheering right now at their fathers failed attempt to raise him to meet his standards.

Just standing here,watching the woman of his dreams crying and in deep fear for her life,and that of their child who was innocent in all these,had him going crazy.

Their baby is Innocent.

She committed no crime,the only crime she committed was being the result of his affair with a human from earth,thats where he broke the rules.

Intimacy between a human,and a nephilim was forbidden where he came from,even his father himself had condemned Lucifers soul as many times,he was in his presence for associating himself with them.

Years back,he had been one huge support of that,after all the human realm was quite different from their world.

They were vile creatures,who only do things selfisly for what they stood to gain,and that had being where his line of work had being.

Making sure that no Angel on the outer realm has any sort of relationships with any human,and he was a spectator to the punishment that comes to those who goes against that rule.

Well that was until he met her.


The very first human to catch his did not only stop with him saving her, from thugs who had stolen from her on that fateful day.

It was just like the humans call it,first love at first sight.But shes not first love ,nor did he intend on having a second love.

Ophelia is his soulmate,and right now he will do anything to save her and their baby growing in her,even if it means fighting against his family,he will protect her!

”Lia nobody,I mean no one is going to kill either you or our child,now you listen to me… ”

”They called her… a monster, ”Ophelia cried the more,at the thoughts of his fathers words ringing in her ear.

”They called my baby a mon..ster ”

”My father was only trying to convince you into killing the baby,Lia.You need to stop harboring such though… ”

”But what about the prophecy? ”She cut him off,and this also rendered him speechless,the Seer,had also been right in everything he saw until now.

Until now, he was caught inbetween believing what was said about their childs destiny,and what he ought to do to stop Ophelia from putting much thought to it.

”Uriel you can let her die,you have to do something ”She grabbed onto his arms as the wind got more harsh against their skin,they were oblivious to the incoming creatures that just graced the earth realm.

They will soon be here for her,and thats as a result of Uriel failing to bring her in for the extermination of that thing in her womb.

”I have to get you out of her Lia,thats what i have to do ”Uriel said,he went for her right arm but she snatched it away from him immediately.

”Until when do i have to continue hiding? ”She asked, touching her stomach as if she was reminiscing her last moments with her child.

”This is not time for this Lia, Micheal and the rest of his men will be here soon and this is not going to end well ”

He went for her hand again,but Ophelia can be quite stubborn at times but right now wasn time for that.

”Im not leaving until i have the spear of destiny with me to ensure my childs safety,don you get it?! ”

She shouted,almost losing her consciousness from stressing herself out, but Uril was quick in holding her before she reached the floor.

”I can do that Lia,thats too dangerous for our baby and you know that too? ”

”But i dont care,don you get it? ”She asked, refusing to listen to any sort of excuses he will try to give so as to not heed to what shes saying.

”I will rather change her destiny, than live with my baby being called a monster.We have to change her fate Uriel,so please… ”she begged.

It was a suicide mission going into the hall of the fallen to get that spear,a forbidden treasure that had only done harm than good to anyone who possesses that.

It was said a long time ago that the Queen of heaven used that to change her fate,after she had fallen in love with a human who only ended up killing her, after witnessing the power of the spear of destiny.

One can control both realms if they had that in their possession,but what Ophelia wanted to do with it was different from what others wanted with it.

Its not just called the spear of destiny all for nothing,one could change their destiny with it,just like the queen of heaven had done that and turned to a human being.

She gave up her immortality and that was the price to pay for it,until she died a pathetic human who died by the greed hands of her human lover,who wanted the power of the spear for himself.

That was the main reason why the human,and the celestial beings relationship was highly prohibited.

But with what Ophelia was talking about doing the same with the spear,even while knowing what it did to the queen of heaven,Nimue was quite scary.

”Uriel! ”

The shrill voice of Micheal,shaked the ground from how loudly he had called for him.

They were here.

”We have to leave right now ”Uriel helped her up, looking with his enhanced sight for any of his brothers, but they were not here yet,they were only closing in on them.

”I have to get my hands in that spear uri.. ”

”But you wouldn live another day to do that if we don leave right … ”His statement was cut short by the sudden lightning force that struck him, sending him flying away from where she stood abit.

”Uriel!! ”Ophelia shouted, holding onto her stomach as she watched her man groan in deep pain from the attack.

He had lost some of his powers all thanks to his dad,who had taken that away from him as a sort of punishment.

”Finally,I found you ”Micheal grinned, looking at his brother,who struggled to stand up,and then over to the woman who caused all these.

”Ophelia ru..n ”Uriel said, immediately he tried to stand up but his body failed him by falling right to the ground as if some force was holding him still.

A force…thats Michealss doing,their fathers second favorite son after Gabriel,at the thoughts of Gabriel who he didn see he knew that something was wrong.

That he wasn here only means that he was probably back home, pleading with their father to have mercy on him.

Micheal had always been coldhearted,and a filial son to the dot,he would do anything for their dad even if it meant giving up his life for him.

”Theres no point doing that you pathetic human ”Micheal cursed,facing Ophelias who he used his power on and trapped her in the sake spot she was.

”Leaving her alone,you jerk! ”Uriel cursed, fighting against the hold on him, but Micheal only laughed at him before racing up to where Ophelia was,and circled his hand around her throat.

”Please…my baby ”Ophelia cried, ”Shes innocent, don kill my.. ”

Shut up!Micheal shut her up,by landing a punch right at the center of her stomach and that made Uriel see hell at Ophelias loud wails in pain.

”Ophelia! ”He called,using his last of his powers to break down Michealss hold on him, running up to where the both were,he gave Micheal a sucker punch that landed him away from his woman.

”Lia stay with me ”He begged, cupping her face to look at him while she was slowly losing consciousness, ”Im so sorry Lia,don close your eyes ”

”You know she was meant to die with that thing living inside of her brother,no hard feelings but this was the right thing to … ”

Michaels statement was cut short by the incoming blow by Uriel, but this time around he was fast and dodged his attack,by sending a swift kick to his abdomen before using his powers on him one more time.

”Father would be really proud of me for getting rid of this pest,and finally… ”He trailed on,moving ahead to pick Ophelia up from the ground.

”Leave her alone! ”Uriel shouted, struggling to set himself free, but this time around there was no way out for him,nor Lia.

”Spar..e my baby pl..ease ”Ophelia begged one more time,as she felt the droplets of liquid dripping down her legs.

”I will be doing earth a great deal getting rid of her too, at least there would be enough oxygen for the new lives coming ”

He said,with a hysterical laugh leaving his lips,as before their very eyes Ophelia started floating in the air.

”I will kill you Micheal! I will kill you! ”Uriel shouted, watching the tears leaving Ophelias eyes as his brother raised his hand up,a strike of lightning appeared before the center of his hand, ready to kill her.

”Please ”Ophelia begged one more time,as she felt her breathing being blocked,she watched as Uriel begged with no hope of his brother letting her and her baby leave.

She placed her hand on her stomach,using it as a point of contact with her child, ”Im sorry ”

With her giving up to her fate,she felt her breath leaving her with every passing seconds.She was ready to accept death just like they all wanted.

Until it happened….

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