The Devil’s LilyA forbidden love

CHAPTER TWO:He Saw His Own...Heaven.

Humans Damon grunted in annoyance and disappeared but not without hearing his father whisper.

”If only you knew ”It was barely a whisper that made him suspect that his father was keeping secrets from him,but he was right there in the scene where the pathetic woman was about to die.

They will all die eventually,so why put up a fight and make Micheal angry to the point of making this painful for her.

He pushed the thoughts aside,and with a flicker of his hands he stopped the attack his uncle wanted to rain down on her,and pushed him away from where they stood.

”What do you think you are doing you fool?! ”Micheal roared,he was interfering in his job and saving a human.

He was involving himself with that …

”I can let you kill her He stood right in front of the groaning Ophelia, who was losing consciousness with every passing second.

She cried out when the first contraction hit her,and she held onto her baby.She turned to find a young man standing in front of her,he was protecting her…

”Did Lucifer set you up for this? I should have known that a manwhore like him had something going on with her, but i must warn you to stay away or i won hesitate to kill you too ”

Micheal warned, raising his hand up with Ophelias body rising up once again,but Damon interfered by sending two strikes to him but he dodged the attack and turned to face Damon,but he was held down by Uriel.

”Save her please!Uriel begged Damon,he didn know what sort of plan Lucifer had in-store for Ophelia,but at least it was better than her dying at the hands of Micheal.

Damon helped Ophelia up,and took off before a blink of an eye and that made Micheal angry because he rolled Uriel to the floor before placing his hand on his chest,and sucked out the remaining powers off him which had been keeping him alive.

”You..Uriel coughed out blood,as he held onto his chest to feel himself empty,while Micheal squatted down in front of him.

”You were destined to die the moment you choose that human over father brother,see you in the next life .Well that would be if father considers you worthy of reincarnating ”

He said lastly,before taking off after Damon who couldn move anymore but rather stopped at an empty inn outside town as a result of Ophelias cries.

” ”Ophelia cried, holding onto Damons hand who couldn find his dad nor Azriel tracing him,he was all alone with a pregnant woman with no clue on how to deliver a baby.

” ”Ophelia held onto his hand,stopping him from standing up to leave after figuring out that he had been played by his father.

It was only a test to know if hes going to get himself involved with the humans, because he always avoids them like flies and his father had done a good job doing that.

He tried to leave, but the second contraction hit her badly and Damom used his power to see right through her to realize that the babys head was out,but it wasn crying.

Was it..dead?

He looked at Ophelias eyes,to realize that shes different,even in her death all she wanted was to save her child.

She groaned in pain,using the last of her strength to push her child. It came out right in front of Damon who stumbled back when he saw the baby…no,the mark.

A red mark was right on the center of her palm,just like he had those too when he was born.

”My baby, ”Ophelia called, smiling at her child with hooded eyes.

The sudden striking of thunder,and the change in the color of the sky which was red just like the mark on the center of her palm,which started shining brightly made him all confused.

She…was just like him too.

Yes she.The baby is a girl,but he couldn identify what exactly she was because he couldn feel any energy coming from her,just like they had said she was dangerous.

She was just…human.

”Damon!! ” He heard Micheal call his name,and felt him getting close to where they were,he stared right at Ophelia only to find out that she was dead.

The mark on the childs palm was still shining,and Michealss voice was only getting closer and closer.

Left with no other options,it was as if he could see Ophelias spirit begging him to save her child,he took the child up in his arms while cutting the umbilical cord between her and her mother.

”I know you are somewhere Damon,I will spare you if you hand over the woman and her baby ..nephew ”Micheal chuckled at his last statement,which made Damon see red at the entitlement he just used.

Since when did he consider him his nephew?

How did he know that she had put to birth?

Was it the red sky?

Damon looked at the child to feel his breathing getting abnormal,he touched her heart,she was ..dying.

Maybe that was the reason she didn cry,he could end all these by simply giving Micheal what he wants,but the mark?

He was curious to know why a mere human was carrying the same mark with him,which left him with no choice than to bite his finger,letting his blood into her mouth when it should be breast milk she should be having.


But it didn help at all,if anything she started looking pale,left with no other choice which he knew sounded stupid,he used his power to divide his soul into two before putting the other half inside her…just to keep her alive.

”I will come back for this later, little girl ”He muttered, watching his energy settle deeply within her.

An action that he might end up regretting later,but the sudden giggle that left the babys lip and her eyes opened to settle on his green eyes.

He saw his own.. heaven.

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