The Falling Darkness Series

Explanations and Devastations

Sue and Crystal stood silently gaping. This was not what they expected on their way home from school, especially not in the abandoned district of town. They looked around for anyone suspicious that could have hurt this unexpectedly beautiful person. Sue quickly scanned the half-demolished and dilapidated buildings, but saw nothing, or preferably no one of interest. Crystal kept her attention on the street, deteriorating with cracks and potholes, and she spotted two homeless men coming their way.

”Hey, Sue, we have guests! ” Crystal spoke with sarcastic caution, pointing down the street.

”Yeah, ” Sue answered and stood up straight, examining the approaching men. One had a limp and grinned with missing front teeth. His clothes looked more like rags, covered by a shredded long black overcoat. Still, his confidence portrayed that of a commanding presence. The other homeless man appeared to be much older. He hunched over, swaying from side to side and laughing wildly, conveying the sense that he was drunk.

Sue quickly took a defensive position, in case they had mugging on their mind, or worse. The men stopped short. The ”sway-er ” turned his head down, adjusting his hat.

The homeless man with the limp examined the two girls. The one had long black hair pulled back into a ponytail. She had extremely light brown eyes and fair skin. She wore what he thought was a school uniform, a blue poncho that hooked at her black tie. The poncho had a schools crest placed on the left breast. Her black skirt stopped right above her knees. Boots covered the rest of her legs, revealing only her kneecaps.

He took notice that she also wore a strange, light-silver glove. Her palms were open, but the glove covered the rest of her hand, including her fingertips. The other hand sported an ordinary black leather glove that covered her whole hand. She formed a fighting position with her fist drawn. He did not blame her.

Now the other girl had long red-orange hair and dark brown eyes. She wore a pink jacket that matched her short pink skirt. Her brown boots skimmed the edge of her kneecaps, too.

Students, the homeless man thought. Good, with everything going on, that some young people can still be interested in getting an education.

The girl with the orange hair called out, ”Hi, my name is Crystal, and this is Sue, ” she pointed to the black-haired girl and continued, ”Did you see what happened? ”

Sue looked dumbfounded at her friend and whispered, ”Don call them closer or tell them our names. ”

Crystal giggled with delight. ”They
e just a couple of old men. Lighten up and besides, ” she looked down at Creed, ”where should we hide him? ”

”Why? ” Sue asked, staring at her quizzically.

Crystal took one look at the old man approaching, then turned her gaze to Creed and whispered, ”So no one can marry him but us. ”

Sue gulped, ”Hmm, we can do that. Im pretty sure its against the law. ”

Crystal threw out her arms and yelled, ”What law? ” Then she turned to face the man with the limp, who had stopped walking.

He laughed and greeted the girls. ”Good evening. Yes, we did see what happened. It was quite the sight. But I highly doubt you will believe us. ”

Crystal squatted down, tired of standing and not wanting to reveal anything. ”Thats okay. Did anybody else see what happened? ”

The drunken one began to murmur to himself.

The other answered, ”I do not know, truth be told. You will have to ask the ones that hid themselves away in those buildings. By the way, my name is Baxter, and this old drunk fool is Louie. ”

Louie turned to face the street, yelling, ”I know you saw it. We aren crazy! ” Trying to suffocate a surge of hiccups, he stammered but went on, ”A ma-an, no-o, a demon fell and landed from the sky. I watched it fall. ” He pointed to the sky.

Baxter smiled apologetically, not wanting to scare the girls.

Sues mouth hung aghast. ”Sir, I think you had too much to drink. ”

Louie spun around laughing, and then spun again. ”No, no, sweetheart, there isn enough booze or firebird whiskey to make me forget. I may be drunk, girly, but Im no fool. ”

She looked over to the other homeless man, pleading for help.

Baxter spoke up. ”I saw it, too. This is the first time I saw an angel before. ”

Louie pointed to Baxter, and with his slurred speech, he screamed out, ”Now you and I know that is no angel. Its a demon, I tell you. Its a demon, a demon! ”

”Now, Louie, calm down, you drunken fool. You
e scaring the young ladies. ”

”No, ” Crystal replied, ”Im fine. ”

Sue looked down at her. ”Are you crazy? ”

”No! You calm down, Baxter! ” Louie threw his bottle of firebird whiskey, nearly hitting Sue. She fell to her knees and began to cry.

The old men turned to look at her. She held her head down, letting the tears slip away. Baxter, now a little upset, yelled at Louie, ”Now look what you did! ”

”Don cry. ” A hand from Creeds body covered her hand. Crystal was so shocked that she fell flat, and Sue was so stunned she froze. She began to quiver in fear, but her tears had stopped. Creed sensed Sues fear and Crystals amazement.

”Do not be scared, okay? ” Creed weakly whispered as he lifted up his head. His eyes kept shifting to display the pain he felt. He managed to calm himself.

Baxter noticed something strange going on with the angels eyes but said nothing. ”I am Baxter. Nice to meet you, ” the man said, without flinching or getting too close.

Agitated, Creed quietly murmured, ”Nice to meet you, too. ” He pushed himself up with his arms and then let his legs do the rest of the work.

Louie became terrified. He did not want the demon standing, let alone be this close to him. He ran off, screaming about the demon.

Creed stared up at the sky as he used his full admission ability. He needed to heal quickly. Then opening his mouth, he smiled and said weakly, ”I am Creed. It is a pleasure to meet you all. ” He bent down to pull Sue up.

She reluctantly took his hand, saying, ”Oh, thats all right. Hi, Im Sue. ”

Then Creed bent down, helping Crystal up. She stared into his eyes and immediately became transfixed, stunned by how pretty Creeds eyes were.

Baxter coughed, trying to get their attention. ”By the way, young angel, do you have anywhere to stay? ”

Creed closed his eyes, thought about it and replied, ”No, and by the way, I am not an angel, but a Casalyian. And whats an angel, anyway? ”

Baxter coughed again, this time for real. ”I beg your pardon, but thats what you are – a guardian of the people that has wings and serves God. ”

”Sorry, I know of God, but not of angels. ”

Sue cocked her head curiously and said, ”How do you know of God and not of angels? ”

Crystal thought Creeds clothing seemed strange. His coat was long with large buckles going down the front to the midsection. His appearance seemed somewhat normal, though. She thought maybe he came from another country.

Creed replied, point blank, ”In Casalynn, it is said that God created Casalyians, Humans and the Nards. ”

”Well, I also have another question. Why were you like that, all passed out, and who wounded you, and what are Casalyians? ”

Creed frowned. ”Look, I don know your customs, or where I am. I need to find a place to stay. Then I will answer all of your questions and more. ”

Crystal smirked devilishly, like she was about to do something heinous.

Creed raised an eyebrow, while Sue shot a warning look to Crystal, but to no avail. The wheels were already turning in her mind. Her prying curiosity continued. ”So, if you have a place to stay, you will answer Sues questions? ”

Baxter cleared his throat. They all turned their attention to him. ”Angel, well, Creed, I would suggest you stay with me, but these streets are very barbaric, and I have a feeling Louie might try and kill you. ”

”Sue! ” a man called out, walking up the street toward them. He looked thin but far from frail. Heavy breathing gave away his age, late forties, early fifties maybe, with his graying hair and mustache. He resembled an old movie star, wearing his black motorcycle vest, white t-shirt, and blue jeans. ”I was worried, thought I would try to find you. ”

”Dad! ” Sue called out excitedly, ”these two gentlemen are new acquaintances of mine. ”

Sues dad faced the two men. ”Well, a hobo and a friend . . . ” he stopped himself short, examining Creed instead of finishing his sentence.

Creed politely bowed. ”Sir, I am sorry to bother you, but could you possibly tell me where I could stay? ”

Sues dad grunted, ”A hotel would be nice, but thats only if you have money. ”

Creed shook his head, thinking that would not do. He highly doubted that anyone here would take Casalyian currency.

Sues eyes lit up with what she thought would be a good idea. ”Hey, Dad, remember when you said that you would never leave a teen out on the streets because its so violent? ”

”Yes, Sue, I remember. Tell me what you
e getting at. ”

Sue hesitated at first, but continued slowly, ”He could stay with us if he were going to school, right? ”

Her father stroked his mustache in thought. ”I suppose so, but he must attend the same school as you. ”

”So, ” Crystal looked at Creed, crossing her fingers behind her back, ”What school do you go to. ”

”Capital Academy, ” Creed replied.

Sue smiled, gleefully exclaiming, ”Thats the school I attend! ”

Her father grunted in approval, but added skeptically, ”I do have some questions for him. ”

Creed studied him intently, but could not make out any of this mans thoughts. ”I promise to explain everything when we get to your domain. ”

”Very well, follow us. ” Her father began walking ahead of the teenagers. Then, speaking over his shoulder, he said, ”My name is Gin Azure. ” Sue and Crystal caught up with Gin while Creed followed behind them, not wanting to offend anyone. The girls chatted excitedly among themselves while Gin led the way.

Creed began studying his surroundings. He could not imagine that anyone could live in those decrepit conditions. He had completely forgotten about his brother Vincent until now. He began to lag behind them. Sadness overwhelmed him. He completely missed the change from destroyed scenery to a clean-cut town.

Sue noticed Creeds change in pace and dropped back. ”Whats wrong? ” she asked and wondered why she did not notice how solemn Creed acted until now. ”Whats wrong? ” she asked again.

”My brother, ” he said softly, lowering his head.

”Yeah, whats the matter with your brother? ” she asked, concerned.

”They took him away. I have no idea if he is alive or dead. I want to scream to get this pain out. ”

Now Sue lowered her head, ”Then scream if you want. ”

Creed looked at Sue, trying to decipher her emotion, but he could not see her face.

”I said scream! I know the pain of losing someone close to you! ”

”How would you know? ” he asked bitterly.

”I was adopted. My real family all perished in a fire. I was too young to do anything back then, only cry. So I do know what its like. ”

Creed sighed, ”Im sorry. ” Then he let loose a terrible shrieking sound that filled the ears of everyone within a mile radius.

[The Ensemble is a scream that teenagers and children are capable of. They outgrow the scream when they hit twenty.]

Crystal jumped, startled, and fell to the ground.

”What the hell! ” Gin managed before he hit the ground without warning. Then Sue dropped. People started to panic, one or two at a time, they were collapsing.

Creed finished his shriek and looked innocently around. He realized that they were in a shopping bazaar. He noticed a stone wall beside him and leaned heavily against it. He thought about how much this area reminded him of Casalynn with their clean, open-air stalls. He closed his eyes, trying to ease his sadness. When he did, he heard a familiar voice calling his name. ”Creed, ” the voice said quietly.

”Vincent, ” Creed replied with joy, opening his eyes. But Vincent was not here. He wished his brother were here, instead of not knowing. The unknown was slowly killing him inside.

Creed closed his eyes and heard Vincents voice again. ”Do not open your eyes. I am using the ability to transcend. It can only be used by blood relation over this amount of distance. I wanted to tell you that I am all right and that the council needed me in their plans. They are planning to give me the Darkness of Casalynn, in hopes that it makes me destroy you. But I will not let it control me. ”

Creed wanted to hold onto his brothers transcending image for a little longer. ”What is the Darkness of Casalynn? ”

”An orb that is forged with Casalynns greatest sins. Sorry, I must take leave, but I am all right. ” Vincent spoke a few more words before he disappeared from Creeds mind, ”Do not worry, I will escape on my own. ”

Creed nodded his head and opened his eyes. Sue was the first to stir, then Gin and Crystal. Sue stood up and helped her father and Crystal get to their feet. Then she noticed Creed leaning against a wall.

Gin finally spoke, ”I have a major headache. Will someone please tell me what just happened? ”

Sue shook her head. ”I think we will get the answer when we make it home, so lets get moving. ” She motioned to Creed. As the rest of the people began to stir, Creed reluctantly moved toward them.

Gin walked up to Creed and spoke directly, ”I expect a good explanation out of you. ”

Creed nodded, knowing that this was also something he will have to explain.

This time Crystal hung back with Sue, who carefully watched Creed. He seemed somewhat relieved. ”Did screaming take all that away? ” Sue asked.

Creed reluctantly replied, ”No, it did not. My brother contacted me. ”

Sue coughed, ”How, a cell phone? ”

”No, by using transcend. ”

Crystals curiosity got the better of her. She had to ask, ”Whats that? ”

”A mental message sent from one Casalyian to another. But only blood relatives can use it in the amount of distance that he did. ”

”Is he all right? ” Sue asked.

”Yes and no. ” Creed began to notice that all the streets they had passed had no names. He grew nervous. ”How do you know where you are going? ”

Crystal replied, ”Memory. Without it, around here you would be lost. ” They walked straight for another five minutes, then turned down a street with a huge tree growing out of the center of it.

”Are your trees scientifically grown? ”

”No, ” replied Sue.

Creed was flabbergasted. ”Then how? ”

”Trees grow naturally. ”

They continued down the street a little farther until they reached a house, all wood and painted a dark cherry color. Gin walked up through the gate and unlocked the front door. Crystal followed him inside.

Creed stared at the house. ”What is it? ” It looked like a square with a triangle placed on top. It was different from the cylinder shaped design he was use to.

”A house, ” replied Sue, not paying attention to what he had just asked.

”Do you live in it? ”

Sue looked at him, ”Yeah. ” She went inside, and Creed followed her.

Inside was different too Creed. He had never seen a house that opened up to what he guessed was the living quarters. But it had a long comfortable looking thing in there and a table.

Creed asked curiously, ”What is that? ” He pointed to the comfortable thing Crystal had flopped down on.

”A couch, ” Sue replied.

”Is it comfortable? Can I sit on it? ” Creed asked.

Sue replied, ”Yeah. ” She was seriously starting to wonder about Creed. Gin just shook his head, wondering if Creed was an alien or something. Creed gently eased himself into the couch, opposite of Crystal. He was surprised. This was somewhat relaxing. Gin quickly walked to his bathroom, and Sue took a seat beside Crystal.

Gin returned a few minutes later and sat beside Sue. He grunted, ”Now, please begin. ”

They waited intently for Creed to begin.

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