Vincent closed his eyes and leaned back. He pinched the bridge of his nose and began to rub. It had been a very long, tiring week, trying to get Creed withdrawn from St. Kingstons High School for the Advanced in Mystical Arts. Somehow getting him enrolled in a Humanoid high school was far less taxing.

Vincent ceased rubbing his nose and folded his arms against his chest. His lips curled at the thought of Creeds professors, but relaxed at the thought of Creed leaving. He felt his brother was ready for his new venture. But it would still be a worry, and not without significant danger.

According to their legends, Casalyians were descended from a group of explorers that survived a fall from the sky. Humanoids found the explorers and for awhile helped them get established in their world, some even developing affection, mating and families.

Eventually, the Humanoids became jealous of the Casalyians superior intellect and extraordinary abilities. The Casalyians resented the Humanoids emotional enthusiasm to life. Feeling co-existence disintegrating, the Casalyians decided to put their superior intellect to work. They secretly began building Casalynn from memories of their home base. Materials were limited and hindered their launch. They could not escape the gravity and heavy atmosphere of the Humanoids, but with effort they could remain aloft and hidden.

Of course, this was just one legend, the one that Vincent preferred. There were others, but they all ended with enmity between the races, which exists to this day. Creed hopes to resolve it. He also plans to seek out any reference materials that may supply information on Casalynns existence.

A sudden bang interrupted Vincents thoughts. He threw a dirty look toward the metal ceiling.

Again, Vincent considered his brothers burdens. Casalynn was never a good home for Creed. Everyone knew what he was. So that meant no matter where Creed went in Casalynn, he had to put up with other Casalyians staring at him, throwing objects, and saying vile things. He was also continuously being undermined. It was a lot for his brother to bear.

Another loud bang echoed.

Tired of waiting, Vincent heaved a deep sigh and got out of his chair to see if Creed had finished packing. He crept to the central air funnel of the tri-level domain he shared with his brother. Spreading his wings only slightly, he silently drifted up to the second-level landing. The stone wall immediately morphed, allowing Creeds doorway to manifest.

Vincent hoped Creed would not notice his plan to intrude. He slowly poked his head into the light blue room, only to see an utterly amusing sight. His brother was fighting with a red-colored suitcase and losing. Creed slammed his fist down, trying to shut the overly-stuffed suitcase, only to have it erupt in front of his face. He glared at it, then slowly began to dream of setting it on fire.

”You know the best way to punish something is to put it to good use, ” Vincent said and chuckled.

Creed blushed in embarrassment. ”How do you know what I am thinking? ”

Vincent laughed out loud. This is the individual that they fear? This child who can even pack a suitcase.

Creed stared at him, then narrowed his eyes.

Vincent spoke in his fatherly tone, ”I raised you. How could I not know the inner workings of your mind? You also remind me of our mother. She would glare at things hoping they would be of some use, or think of ways to destroy them. Now finish getting ready. We leave in one hour. ”

Groaning, Creed quickly looked down at his suitcase. His mouth tilted to the side.

Vincent noticed this, held his breath and thought, here it comes.

”Why don things just pack themselves? ” Creed blurted out.

Vincent sighed and his shoulders slacked. He was certain Creed was going to ask what was the best way to destroy it. They eventually have to talk about destructive tendencies, puberty, and molting. All conversations Vincent would love to avoid.

Vincent gave Creeds bedroom one last glance. Their ten-year age difference could not be more apparent than in here. He quickly studied the area, noting Creeds messy desk, his half-made bed with the suit he wore to the council meeting intermingled on top, along with many open books. He shook his head and proceeded to withdraw himself from the room.

Returning to the air funnel, Vincent spread his wings and drifted down to the lower level, the shared living quarters of their domain. He stopped abruptly at the eating area, surveying his surroundings. When he heard a quick knock, his eyes swept over the dark stone floor, to the light-gray iron walls.

It is best to avoid the knockers, Vincent thought, while walking into the eating area. After going a bit farther, he surveyed the room. This time he paused to listen again. Sure enough, multiple Casalyians were talking in a hushed fashion outside.

Again, Vincent decided to avoid them and remembered that when Casalyians whispered, there was usually some violence intended. He ignored the knocks and whispers, walked to his table in the middle of the room and sat down. Suddenly, two very loud bangs, directed at the door, came from the outside.

Vincent huffed. ”It is going to be one long hour. ”

Finally, the whispers spoke up louder. ”Bring us the lad. He does not know his place. We must have our eyes on him at all times. He must be dealt with! He is one of them. He is a monster! ”

Vincent snapped at that last word. ”Monster, ” he muttered. ”Do they even truly know what a monster is, ” he chuckled darkly. ”Certainly not that child. I am more of a villain than he is. ”

”Jade! ” Vincent suddenly spoke with authority, summoning his servant, who seemingly appeared out of thin air. The newly-appeared monster looked at her master. Vincent seemed to be calm, but she knew that underneath his smooth exterior was a boiling interior. She watched as his bluish-black hair appeared to collect charges of particle energy that roamed around freely.

”Are you charging your energy? ” Jade asked, studying her master.

Vincent glanced to Jade, his loyal, faceless, and shapeless floating blob of saltwater. ”They are working my last nerve, and yes, I am charging. ”

”What would you like me to do, Master? ”

Vincent turned his gaze upward. ”Nothing yet, but when the time comes, protect Creed at all cost. ”

She floated toward Vincent, her concern now apparent. ”But what about you? ” Jades voice went an octave higher.

”I can protect myself. But if Creed were to try to fight back, they would demand his life, saying they were unjustly attacked. ”

”I see, you are a good big brother, but do you think the king would allow it? ”

”No, he would not, but the council would not think twice about ending Creeds life. ”

Jade floated over Vincent and sighed again. ”Even considering that if he died by their hands, another war would start? ”

”I never said that Casalyians are forgiving creatures. ”

A loud thud interrupted them, as the Casalyians who had gathered outside broke into the domain. Hearing this but oblivious to what was transpiring, Creed immediately left his chamber to venture down the air funnel to the eating area.

”Vincent, are you all right? ” Creed questioned, as his breathing accelerated. He clenched his chest, then noticed Vincent leaning back in his chair.

”Just fine, ” he responded, smirking confidently.

Creed soon noticed the other Casalyians that were gathering in their domain. He tilted his head and his eyes went downcast. ”We have guests? ” His eyes began to search the room.

Vincent let out a sinister chuckle.

Creeds eyes found the broken, dark wooden door. ”What happened here? ” he asked, trying to assess their situation.

The group of Casalyians became quiet, unnerved to see Creed. They gulped and shook, taking steps back. Everyone in the group looked at each other and clenched their weapons tighter. They began to advance toward the brothers. The group stopped after each step to look at one another for confidence.

Vincent started to shake with laughter, taking the Casalyians off-guard.

”Master, are you going to fight? ” asked Jade.

Vincent looked up at her only momentarily. His attention was then on Creed. ”Go, little brother. They will not touch you. They are too afraid. ”

”I see. ” Creed was finally beginning to understand the situation.

Vincent chuckled as he stood up and walked over to Creed. He rubbed the top of Creeds head. ”Airhead, ” Vincent murmured affectionately.

Creed let out an intimidating growl, while smacking Vincents hand away. ”I am not! ”

”Jade, follow Creed and protect him, and Creed, ” he turned his head back around, ”do not fight them. Let Jade do the work. ”

Creed reluctantly nodded. He quickly left the bottom level and traveled upward to his room.

Jade trailed behind him slowly, not wanting to lose contact with her master.

Vincent chuckled again and stood up.

The Casalyians finally snapped out of their stupor. ”Wh-where is the b-boy going? ”

Vincent slowly raised his left hand and called out, ”Smokescreen! ” Smoke immediately poured from his left hand and filled the room.

After fleeing to his room, Creed grabbed his suitcase and touched a plain-looking light-blue wall beside his desk. The wall immediately began to morph and rip apart. Suddenly a large window appeared. Creed threw his suitcase to the ground. As he drew his wings out, he motioned for Jade to follow him.

Looking back, Jade heaved a wistful sigh. ”But my master, he is my everything! ”

Creed frowned and his eyes darted toward his bedroom door. ”Please, Vincent, please be okay. I know you can handle this, ” Creed spoke softly before turning his attention back to the task at hand. ”Vincent can handle himself. ” he told Jade.

Jade turned her attention to Creed. ”Yes, my masters younger brother. ”

”Vincent is capable. He can fend for himself, and in battle he is impeccable. My brother is a master tactician, Jade. He has mastered most of the arts of battle. He remembers old and new battle plans like he just performed them yesterday. His memory is greater than the chamber of all twenty-eight council members. ”

Jade came near the window and watched Creed easily enlarge it. He stood on the ledge, encased in his outer-armor and boots, and spread his wings.

Jade continued to mutter to herself. ”But it doesn make it any easier for me. I am supposed to protect him, not you, but his orders are clear – protect Creed. But the part I do not understand is how he can so easily say those words when his brother is a monster – well, part of him is – what am I talking about, I am a monster. At least he does not look like a Nard, ” Jade grumbled while taking in Creeds appearance. The teens whitish-blonde hair hung over his eyes, yet cropped short in the back. Most would consider him to be the epitome of a tall, good-looking teen.

Creed flew down and motioned for Jade to follow him.

While Creed and Jade were escaping, Vincent locked in battle inside. The smoke made it hard for his opponents to see. They walked blindly into his trap. He quickly attacked the back of their necks one by one. The other Casalyians glanced around. Their breathing became heavy and frantic. They could hear the sounds of their comrades hitting the floor.

Vincent continued this cycle until all the Casalyians were unconscious, except one. He stood in front of the last remaining member of the group.

The man shook, screaming, ”What is this! ”

Vincent humorlessly stepped toward the man, smirking. ”You feared the wrong one. Their fear and your fear is very much misplaced. ” He knocked the man out.

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