It was the middle of the night. The sky was completely dark but it was far from quiet in these boundless mountains. Savage beasts lurked; their thunderous roars shook the mountains, causing the forest to tremble and the trees to rustle.

Yet another beast roar. Lin Feng retracted his neck and swept off the leaves that fell on his body. Looking at the dark mountains, he sighed in his heart. This place was really a lot different from Earth.

As Lin Feng was spacing out under a tree, a few wild looking teens looked at him with disdain. A little fat boy shouted at Lin Feng, ”We didn allow an outsider like you to stay in our village just to freeload and eat. Hurry up and work! ”

Lin Feng got back to his senses. Without speaking, he stood up, wiped the leaves off his bottom and left.

Behind him, the little fatty snorted, ”Useless trash… His physical strength can even compare to a childs. We should just throw him into the mountains and let him get eaten by wild beasts! ”

Lin Fengs lips twitched. Big brother here is an Earthling who travelled through worlds. How can my strength compete against you animals.

This is the Heaven Primal World, a world governed by cultivators.

The village in front of him, Wolf Village, was just a small village in these vast mountains. Naturally, there were no cultivators here, but every villager trained hard in martial arts and their physical strength. This even included the women and children.

This was the only way they could survive in this world where savage beasts were rampant.

Even though it was the middle of the night, the young men of the village still had to enter the mountains to hunt as there were more animals active at night. While there were many dangers which came from entering the mountains at night, there were also greater rewards.

All the villagers were used to this lifestyle. The children that remained in the village do not sleep as they gathered to play and compete, waiting for the adults to return from the hunts.

Children, with snot still running from their noses, casually played with stone blocks that weighed over 100 jin. A group of teens were competing to see who could lift a big 1000 jin cauldron in the village.

Lin Feng looked at the group of little animals and sighed silently. Hes truly trash when comparing his strength against these children..

But this did not make Lin Feng feel depressed. Even though he was occasionally talked about behind his back, he used his sweet-talking ability to temporarily stay in this little village. What really hurt his balls, is something else which had appeared in his head.

Super Founder System.

Initially, Lin Feng was incredibly happy, thinking that world travellers had exclusive benefits. However, the first explanation of the system immediately made his heart go cold.

”System Main Quest: Host creates a sect, establishing this worlds number one sect, becoming the number one founder. ”

”The main quest is split into different stages. Every stage needs to be completed within a set amount of time. If the task is not completed within the time limit, directly eliminate the host! ”

Lin Feng looked at the system explanation, especially that last line ”Directly eliminate the host ”. He was speechless for a long time before squeezing out a few words through his teeth, ”I bought a watch last year! ” [1]

After venting his anger, Lin Feng helplessly read the details of the quest. He was not prepared to risk challenging the system, seeing if it could really eliminate him. He just came to this world, he did not even warmed up his seat yet, he didn want to die again.

Main Quest 1.0 — Take in 4 disciples.

Quest Details: Even if its a wandering practitioner, if they want to pass on their legacy, they need to take in a disciple. A sects most important resource will always be people. Famous teachers teach outstanding students. It is hard to find a famous teacher. It is even harder to find an outstanding student.

Quest Time Limit: 1 year. If not completed within the time limit, directly eliminate the host!

”This is bullsh*t! ” Lin Feng let out a sigh. ”Im just a newbie who travelled through worlds. Im as tender as a bush of young cabbage. I should be the one looking for a strong master and hugging his leg, right? ”

”Oh System, at any rate, shouldn you at least give me a secret manual before I can start taking in students? Ive got nothing in my pockets so what do you want me to teach them? Cheating and boasting? ”

”Whats worse is, the system clearly said that there will be a novice gift, yet its telling me that a malfunction has happened to the gift system and that the novice gift has been delayed! ” Lin Feng sighed as there was no end to the bullsh*t he is in.

However, at least the trading system was open, and it had a bunch of good stuff: panaceas, magic weapons, manuals, techniques. If you could think of it, it would probably be there.

Theres one big problem: all of the items required trading points and Lin Feng didn even have a single trading point at the moment. He could only stare at the system and roll his eyes.

Lin Feng was in the middle of swearing at the bullsh*t system when there was a sudden commotion at the entrance of the village. From the looks of it, the hunting party had returned.

The teens waiting at the entrance all happily went to greet them while Lin Feng glanced at them indifferently. Surprisingly, the men returning from the hunt were all empty handed. Not only did they not have any prey, even their weapons were missing.

For the villagers, their weapons were their second life. Living in the mountains, it would be impossible to survive without weapons.

The corners of Lin Fengs lips lifted up into a hard-to-notice smile, ”Seems like theres a story. ” As he thought of this, he walked towards the crowd at the village entrance.

He did not even need to get close before he heard someone yelling angrily, ”Lang Feng is our Wolf Villages hope. Now hes been seriously injured by the people of Stone Village, we cannot let this go! ”

Lin Feng lifted his eyes and looked over, seeing a teen in the middle of the crowd lying on the ground with a dejected expression. His entire body was covered with wounds and his eyes released a cold gleam of hatred.

”This is the genius the people of Wolf Village are always talking about? ” Lin Feng secretly watched him. He had already heard Lang Fengs illustrious name for a long time. He was the idol of the entire Wolf Villages teens and was seen as the hope of the village. Today was Lin Fengs first time seeing him in person.

Even though Lang Feng was currently hurt, the energy within his body was evident. Even though the strength of his body could not compare to those of cultivators, but it was definitely top notch amongst worldly martial artists.

Based on the public opinion of the Heaven Primal World, being able to achieve such a physical body at such a young age signified great prospects in his future cultivation. Ultimately, what cultivators did was to guide the energy of the world into their bodies, using it to refine their mana and strengthen their foundations.

Lin Feng quietly brought out his Super Founder System and activated the Disciple Talent Probe. He faced it towards Lang Feng and pressed confirm.

”The targets aptitude is too low; he cannot become the hosts disciple. ”

Lin Feng scrunched his forehead. This system was too picky. His initial thoughts were to randomly take in four disciples to get over with the systems one year limit. He could simply kick them out at the end.

But from the looks of it, it wasn so easy to exploit the system. Even Lang Feng, the famous genius of Wolf Village didn have the qualifications to be his disciple. The difficulty for Lin Feng to take in four disciples and complete the systems task was a little too much.

”One years time, one years time… ” Lin Feng let out a depressed sigh.

In the crowd, an old man beside Lang Fang snorted, ”Lang Feng is my grandson; of course we cannot let this go. But nows not the right time. Theres been a lot of activity in the mountains over the past few days. From the looks of it, a mountain treasure is about to appear. First we get the treasure. Then we can go settle things with Stone Village! ”

Fights between village clans occurred commonly, and Lin Feng had no interest in the fight. But the two words ”Mountain Treasure ” excited him.

Lin Feng was in the middle of pondering about the mountain treasure when he suddenly heard someone in the crowd cursing quietly, ”How did Stone Village raise that little monster? Hes still a little child whos barely 4 years old. To think that he can defeat our villages genius Lang Feng. Its preposterous! ”

Lin Fengs eyes suddenly lit up.

A little kid, whos not even 4 years old, beat this village genius Lang Feng?

Lang Feng could already be considered quite talented; the person that injured him hadn even reached 4 years of age, what kind of talent was that?

The little fatty beside Lin Feng quietly cursed, ”Damn twerp, we have to kill him! ”

Giving him a glance, Lin Feng echoed, ”Yes, indeed. ” However, in his heart, Lin Feng was thinking that he might have finally found someone who could win the systems acknowledgement.

As he thought of this, Lin Feng silently backed out of the crowd. Right now, he wished that he could grow a pair of wings and fly towards Stone Village, but he didn dare to leave the village by himself. He would just be giving an extra meal to the beasts

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