The First Ancestor In History

There\'s Something Wrong With That Old Tree!

A little lesson on the pronunciations of some names, but I won be teaching the tone of the words. Lin (Lean), Feng (Fung) | Shi (Sh) Tian (Tien, think dragonball. but not so much emphasis on the Ti.) Hao (How) | Xiao (Xee-ow) Bu (Boo) Dian (Dee -en) | Zhu (Zhoo) Yi (Ee) | Wang (Wong) Lin (Lean) | Xiao (Xee-ow) Yan (Yen). Put these into google translate or something if you want to hear how they sound.

Lin Feng sprinted furiously in the mountains, using his quickest speed to rush towards the location of the purple light.

That is a protruding rock on a cliff, purple light seeped out from the dark grey rock. Rhythmically flashing like the breathing of a human.

Everytime the purple light flashed it would release a thunderous sound, a deep rumbling sound.

Lin Feng scanned the surroundings, not discovering the ambush of other people.

Pretty lucky, looks like Im the first one to get here.

Lin Feng rapidly climbed the cliff. One hand like a claw tightly grasping the rock, the other hand not using any spells, just circulating his mana and smashing his fist into the protruding rock.

The rock broke away from the cliff, falling to the bottom of the cliff. Lin Feng went down the cliff and found the rock. Even though it broke away from the cliff, the rock still flashed a purple light like it was alive, releasing bursts of thunderous sounds.

Lin Feng smashed apart the rock revealing the treasure hidden within. It is a purple crystal the size of a soccer ball, releasing roars of thunder from within.

The surface of the purple crystal is uneven, bumpy and rough, an irregular shape.

Feeling around for a bit, Lin Feng discovered that this purple crystal is still not the true body of the treasure. Its kind of like a jade stone wrapped in a layer of stone skin.

Lin Feng slowly sent his mana into the purple crystal, attempting to connect with the treasure within the crystal.


Lin Feng felt himself enter into a world of lightning, looking across it was all flashing bursts of thunder and lightning.

A kind of endlessly huge fear and overbearingness.

Violent thunderclaps, the ancient punishment of the gods, fierce lightning, the scourge of the foreworld, causing the souls of all of the people facing it to tremble in fear, but still rushing forth on their own and then being completely obliterated.

A sort of crushing pressure, a true crushing pressure, being instantly crushed into pieces underneath a mountain!

Lin Feng was shocked, the dao technique Nine Heavens Thunder Technique automatically circulating. It was not resisting, not assimilating, but controlling.

I am the master of thunder, controlling the lightning of the heavens.

As if it was just an instant, but also as if a long time had passed, Lin Feng returned to his senses. Looking at the purple crystal in his hand again it had already split into two from the middle, revealing a perfectly round light golden orb in the center.

The sound of thunder and the light of flashing lightning had all already disappeared, what remained was only the fist-sized orb flashing a light-golden glow. It looks very calm but Lin Feng could sense that within the orb it was harboring incredibly terrifying thunder energy.

If all of this thunder energy exploded, it would be more than enough to turn this mountain range that Lin Feng is currently in into a massive crater.

In the trading system there is an identical item, its name is the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade and it requires a whole 2000 trading points.

According to the systems description, this item is extremely rare. It requires thousands of lightning bolts to continuously strike the same rock for there to be a one in a hundred chance of being created. It contains a monstrous amount of thunder energy essence and is a priceless artifact towards truth cultivators who practise thunder class dao techniques.

Lin Feng smiled to the point that even his eyes had become a slit, very shamelessly thinking: ”My good disciple, lets just treat this as your gift to becoming my student. Don worry, master will treat you well. ”

Faintly hearing voices coming from the jungle at the bottom of the mountain, Lin Feng rapidly put away the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade and looked downwards. He saw that at the two sides of the mountain there were two separate groups of people quickly rushing over.

Of the two groups, the vanguard of one of them is Xiao Budian. He looks as white and cute as a little doll, but right now he is as agile like a little beast, rapidly advancing in the deep jungle.

Before Xiao Budian never revealed anything so Lin Feng only now discovered that this not even 4 years old child actually also has a level of Qi Disciple level 2.

Lin Feng habitually scratched his nose feeling that the pressure was as big as a mountain: ”That old village elder is a madman, right? Teaching such a little child to practise dao techniques. ”

The other group of people are the people of Wolf Village.

Lin Feng calculated the speed of both parties. Confirming that Xiao Budian and the Stone Village villagers will arrive first he took out the stone shell that remained after taking out the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade, i.e. the purple crystal that cracked into two halves and left them on the spot. He then quickly left the scene.

Even though the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade has already been taken out, but being nourished by the moon jade for so long, that purple crystal that has been split into two halves also harbors a massive amount of energy, it is also a hard to come by treasure.

The sky was overcast with dark clouds, the sound of thunder echoed. Lin Feng lifted his head looking at the sky, muttering to himself: ”A storm is brewing… ”

As Lin Feng predicted, Xiao Budian and co. picked up the stone shell a step earlier. Even though it was a pity that someone had beaten them to the chase towards the true treasure within the stone shell, but at least they did not return empty-handed. The group of people returned to their village in high-spirits.

On the other hand, the villagers of Wolf Village were bummed. Not only did they not get the meat, they didn even get any of the juice, coming out empty handed. Naturally they don know that the real treasure, the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade has fallen into the hands of Lin Feng, they just thought that Stone Village had gotten here first.

New hatred and old rancor adding together the people of Wolf Village immediately exploded, chasing after Xiao Budian and co. with red eyes.

At this time Lin Feng very ”coincidentally ” bumped into the people of Wolf Village. Lang Fengs grandfather Lang Liqing glanced at Lin Feng with a dark face: ”What are you doing here? ”

Lin Feng said with an embarrassed face: ”I wanted to enter the mountains to gain some knowledge, but I ended up getting lost. ”

Lang Liqing impatiently waved his hand and didn pay any more attention to Lin Feng, leading the group of people and continuing to pursue forward.

Lin Feng aware of his status followed at the back of the group. Hiding his strength he weakly walked in the mountains, looking like he could straggle from the group at any moment.

”Those two people… ” Lin Feng looked like he was distressed, but he was actually closely observing the group the whole time. Very quickly he discovered two middle-aged people within the group that hed never seen before in Wolf Village.

The attire of these two people is also very particular, different from the people in the mountains.

The lips of the two people slightly moved, yet they did not release any sounds. After a glance Lin Feng lowered his eyelids as if nothing was wrong.

These two people are actually both truth cultivators. One is Qi Disciple level 3, the other is Qi Disciple level 4 like Lin Feng.

They used their mana to encase their voices. Regular people are unable to hear the contents of their conversation but Lin Feng is able to clearly hear.

”Old Chen, when that person last appeared 3 years ago, the child was not by that persons side. Could it be that he was placed in this little mountain village at that time? ”

The middle aged man that was called Old Chen pondered saying: ”Calculating from the age it is just right, but Little Seven, that kid is already done for, he shouldn be able to live until this old. ”

Little Seven said: ”Right now we
e tagging along towards Stone Village to check things out. If we confirm that it really is that child, then well cut him down and end things for good. Leaving him around is ultimately a problem for the young master. ” (TL: The young master used here is 表少爷 which if you had to translate it would be cousin young master. Cousin as in not part of the main branch family cousin. Only children of the main branch family can be called just young master by the servants/people/workers/etc. of the family. I think at least…)

Old Chen thought for a bit and then nodded his head: ”We can directly do it ourselves or else if we leave a trace, there are Shi family people that pity that child, they might trouble us. Even though the family would love for that little baby to die, they will not necessarily support us, instead handing us over as scapegoats. ”

Little Seven glanced at Lang Liqing with an insidious laugh: ”Theres nothing to worry about, isn in front the best scapegoat? ”

Finishing speaking the two people both started laughing: ”Being able to take the blame for the Yu family, it can be considered their good fortune. ”

Lin Feng secretly sighed. The Stone Village village elder kept his oath and worked hard to hide Xiao Budians information, but he didn know that Xiao Budians whereabout has already been pretty much exposed.

Although, these two people really came at just the perfect time. Staring at the backs of the two people the smile on Lin Fengs face became increasingly brilliant.

There is also a science to picking supporting roles. Before Lin Feng was still worried that the opponents strength was too weak. Stone Village has the old elder and Xiao Budian these two truth cultivators, with just these mundane martial artists of Wolf Village, going would just be giving experience points to Xiao Budian.

Of course, the opponents strength being too high is an even bigger no no. Firstly, its hard to guarantee Xiao Budians well being. Secondly, Lin Feng is also just a level of Qi Disciple level 4, if he made an opponent that he also can deal with then that would become a joke.

Like these two Yu family truth cultivators, they are just perfect.

On his side he was spacing out in his thoughts, the little fatty beside him huffed in anger: ”Keep your eyes open when we get there, don cause trouble for us or Ill gut you! ”

Lin Feng grinned, not saying anything. Right now he was quietly waiting for the show to start.

Wolf Villages people quickly caught up to Xiao Budian and co. and both sides engaged in a fierce battle. Wolf Village has a large number of people and mountain people are all very fierce, but they couldn stand up to the old elder and Xiao Budian these two truth cultivators.

Especially Xiao Budian, even though he is not experienced enough and is not brutal enough when attacking, but his strength is more than enough to crush these mundane martial artists. Like the little cub of an ancient beast, utterly wrecking the people of Wolf Village.

Before the two sides had even crossed blows Lin Feng had already turned around and run out of sight like a frightened rabbit, causing the little fatty to curse in anger: ”Pussy cat! ”

Lin Feng laughed in his heart. Of course he had to run away early, or else if he lets Xiao Budian and them see him together with Wolf Villages people would that be proper?

Finding a hidden place Lin Fengs gaze tightly locked onto those two Yu family cultivators. He saw that middle-aged man called Old Chen unhurriedly take out a bone flute and start playing it. The flutes sound was not at all pleasant, hoarse and shrill like utterly dreary cries and screams.

The next moment a large number of beasts sprang out from the forest. Iron mail elephants like the size of small mountains, black unicorn tigers with a horn on their heads, blaze bears with a body of fiery red fur…

Every single beast was ten of hundreds of times more aggressive than regular wild beasts. Requiring the bravest, most seasoned hunters to form groups and set up traps to dare to go hunt them. Even like this they could still pay the price of their lives, and even fail the hunt.

And right now there are dozens of such savage beasts, surrounding Xiao Budian and them from all directions, rushing over like a tidal wave.

Against the beast tide even the old elder and Xiao Budian have no ways of dealing with it. Only able to do their best to protect the villagers and retreat. Even like this there are still multiple people that were pounced down by the beasts and killed.

Dark clouds covered the sky and wild wind howled. On the ground the cries of battle shook the heavens and blood flowed like rivers.

The situation turned for the worse in an instant, even Lin Feng was a bit taken by surprise. Only able to follow them from far away and pray in his heart: ”Run fast, here is not enough. Go forward a bit more, draw them forward a bit more. ”

Stone Village villagers were constantly being killed by the savage beasts. Xiao Budian watched red eyed in anxiety, he could only ensure himself not being hurt by the beasts. Even if he can save a fellow villager there will also instantly be even more people falling into danger.

The old elder stomped his feet, throwing a leather like item towards Xiao Budian. The old man himself also pulled out a little drum.

”Magic items? Moreover its two! ” Lin Fengs eyes slightly brightened.

With the two magic items left behind by Xiao Budians father, the old elder and Xiao Budian finally brought the villagers and fought their way out, escaping towards Stone Village.

Seeing their target about to flee, the two Yu family cultivators looked at each other and in the end still couldn hold back striking out.

Right now they were only not even a mile away from Stone Village. But just these couple hundred meters became a chasm that Xiao Budian and co. are unable to cross over.

The moment those two truth cultivators struck out the old elder immediately discovered something wrong: ”Who are you people? ”

The middle-aged person called Old Chen coldly said: ”Dead people don need to know. ”

The old elder said in fury: ”Are you guys sent by the Shi family or the Yu family? Actually being so venomous as to plot against a little child and now you guys won even let him live! ”

That cultivator called Little Seven loudly laughed: ”It is the young master of our house that is a natural born sovereign. This little twerp, being able to contribute towards our young master is his good fortune. Right now I will send him to reincarnate, I believe that hell be able to get a nice life! ”

Xiao Budian felt confused towards their conversation, but this did not hinder his judgement: ”Eyah, you guys aren good people. ” Finishing speaking he fought against Litte Seven. He has a magic item, fighting Qi Disciple level 3 Little Seven with his Qi Disciple level 2 he is not at a disadvantage.

But he is unable to hold up against Little Sevens insidious mind. While fighting against Xiao Budian he occasionally ambushes the villagers of Stone Village, the numerous beasts at the side and Wolf Villages villagers also surrounded them and attacked, the people of Stone Village were in a critical situation.

Xiao Budian wanted to save people but he was entangled by Little Seven, causing his face to turn completely red from anxiety, almost about to cry out.

Lin Feng hid at one side, saying in his heart: ”Nows the time! Good disciple, hurry up and use the trump card that I gave you, you silly boy don tell me that youve forgotten about it? ”

Not sure if its because he sensed Lin Fengs reminder, Xiao Budian who was at the end of his wits finally remembered the talisman that Lin Feng left for him, taking out the talisman and smashing it over to Little Seven right in his face!

Little Seven was slightly shocked, afterwards he discovered that there seemed to be nothing special about the talisman. Casually pinching the talisman with a grab, he said mockingly: ”In the end hes a little brat… ” Before he could finish speaking a change suddenly occurred to the talisman in his hand.

Around him nine points of light simultaneously lit up, lighting up his dumbfounded face.

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