Chapter 12: 012: Saka

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Zhan Lichuan laid on his bed and silently waited for the verdict of his life and death.

After some time, the sound of an old mans grief and desperate cries echoed in the room.

Zhan Lichuan continued staring ahead. He knew by asking him for this he had done something very cruel to his grandfather, but now that he was in this condition, he could no longer contribute to the Zhan family. Instead of laying on the bed every day and staring at the ceiling from morning till nightfall, he would rather end his life and be relieved from this, once and for all.

However, in his current state, he couldnt do it on his own.

“Ah Chuan, you will get better soon! You have to trust grandfather on this. Ive found someone who can help you! Please dont give up…. Without you, whats the point of me being alive then? Youre everything that I have, dont you know that?” Master Zhan pleaded with tears running down his face.

“Grandfather, even without me, youd still have Big Brother and Second Sister…”

“No! I only want you! I dont care about money, power, or fame; I can give up all of that as long as you stay with me. Ah Chuan, please…. Im begging you…”

Zhan Lichuan replied with a calm, emotionless voice.

“But it hurts…. I have to deal with the fact that Im useless and incompetent every moment of every day.”

“How are you incompetent? Youre just physically powerless at worst, thats all. Everyone can see how capable you actually are. Look at the other quadriplegics—theyre forced to bear with the pain of losing control over their bowels and bladder. Theres nothing they can do other than lay in bed. But then look at you! When you became a quadriplegic, you immediately designed a customized computer system, letting it convey all the information from your body through your brain. Youre even in control of the entire corporation with this computer. As for your daily needs, you have specialized robots that take care of everything. Look at all that youve done. Even in this condition, youre still so capable. You havent even asked for anyones help and have been taking good care of yourself. Just how are you useless?”

“But grandfather, I cant stand someone else touching my body, even if its just a machine. And what I really cant bear is the fact that all I do each day is lay on this bed motionlessly. From the moment I wake up, the next thing I do is fall asleep. Every minute in between is torture for me.”

“This is just temporary, everything will get better soon!” Master Zhan was crying as he continued begging.

However, Zhan Lichuan shook his head. “Im always the first to see my report after every session of physiotherapy.”

Master Zhans heart sank and his face turned white.

He had already warned them over and over again and had even gotten hackers to put up firewalls so that he could prevent Lichuan from seeing it.

Ah Chuan, why are you so capable?

Even as a quadriplegic, he could still hack the firewall with just his brainwaves.

“No matter how hard I try, my recovery chances are still at a zero. The best-case scenario is the recovery of some small nerves in my fingers, but all Ill be able to do is move my fingers a little. Grandfather, if thats how my life is going to be…. Id rather not have it.”

“No! No!” Master Zhan shook his head. “Theres still a chance, Ah Chuan!”

Then, he opened up the tablet that was in his hand and pulled up an email. He showed it to Lichuan and said:

“Look at this man. His name is Hei Zelin, and hes an expert con man. This man once traveled to all the casinos in NHD state and never lost a single bet. Within three days, he won up to hundreds of millions of yuan and offended a lot of people there. This resulted in him being targeted. His bones were all excavated from his body and the tendons in all four of his limbs were severed. Initially, the only thing they could do was an amputation, but then, he found Saka, Master of the Tang Sect. Look at him now; even though most of the bones in his hands and legs are artificially installed, theyre miraculously bound to his nerves. He can walk and do things just like a normal person. It can even be said that the injury back then did not bring him any bad sequelae.

“Previously, this person also hired a lot of specialists from all over the country for consultation, but all of them said that he had no other choice but to do an amputation. This is enough proof that Sakas medical skills are incredibly talented. As long as Saka agrees to treat you, youll definitely recover from this! Were not just talking about your fingers; itll also be possible for you to walk like a normal person again!”

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