Chapter 19: 019: Green tea war machine

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Qin Yi had no idea what had happened to Jing Qian and was confused as to why she was suddenly asking about money. As he related it to what happened in the afternoon, his heart sank.

He was worried that Jing Qian might have messed up, and Master Zhan had found out about their relationship—and as a result, was asking for all the money that he had given. His brain exploded and he instantly denied things. “Qianqian, I think youve got it wrong. When did I ever borrow money from you?”

As the burnt area on his shoulder turned red and he felt the pain, Qin Yis mood turned bad and his voice became heavier. “Why arent you answering my question? Did something happen to you?”

“Nothing happened.” Jing Qian was leisurely talking on the phone as she broke a branch off of the Osmanthus tree beside her.

“If nothings wrong, why are you asking me this? Jing Qian, this isnt a joke!” Qin Yis tone had turned cold.

Usually, whenever Jing Qian heard Qin Yis tone that tried to suppress his anger, she would immediately give in to him. Over the years, he had used her unconditional love for him to step into the commanding position in their relationship.

However, the Jing Qian that he was talking to was no longer the same one from before.

She had no memory of exactly how much this man had borrowed from her. Jing Qian realized that if it was something that the previous owner didnt care about, she wouldnt have many memories of it.

This showed that the previous owner didnt see Qin Yi as an outsider, as she didnt have any memory of it after lending him such a huge amount of money. The only thing that she remembered about him was all the fake sweet nothings that he would say to her.

Even so, she still had a vague memory of this man asking her for money. Therefore, she decided to randomly pick a huge amount, just so that she wouldnt be taken advantage of.

Who knew that this **green tea would dare to scream at her!

This bastard wasnt even treating his sugar mommy right. Was he still human?

Even if he was having an affair behind her back, he should at least be mindful and professional about it!

This bastard was a war machine amongst the green teas.

Jing Qian was very contemptuous of such people, which was why she asked in righteous retaliation, “Joke? Whos joking with you? Am I someone who would joke about money?”

Qin Yi was left very confused at her response.

She was a woman who cared more about love than anything else. Although she didnt treat money like rubbish, she was still someone who didnt like talking about money. Why did it feel as if something wasnt right?

“You should know better than anyone whether or not you borrowed money from me. Whats wrong? You were acting all sweet and kind when you wanted me to marry into the Zhan family and when you borrowed money from me. Now youre acting up just because I asked about it?”

Qin Yi was shocked, but he didnt have time to respond to her words before she began to speak again.

“A**hole, Im telling you that I dont have that much patience. When I count to three, you better tell me how much money you borrowed. Otherwise, you wont be able to blame me for not giving you a chance for old times sake!”

Qin Yi, who had still been in a rage just a few seconds ago, became so frightened that his soul left his body when Jing Qian screamed at him.

Although he hadnt treated her right and would always scream at her, he knew very well that he depended on this woman for all his future developments.

No matter how bad-tempered he was before, she always trusted him unconditionally and would even tolerate him. Why was she suddenly being so mean to him today?

The main problem was, what did he do? Why was she talking aboutold times sake?

“Qianqian, whats wrong with you? What happened? You have to let me know so we can face it together. With you acting like this…. I dont even know what to do.”

“Cut it with the bullsh*t. One… Two…”

** TL note: Green tea, fully termed as Green Tea B*tch is an extremely interesting term in Chinese to describe a particular type of woman. However, Qin Yi seems to have the traits of a GTB as well. Google it for more information ??

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