Chapter 21: 021: Youve insulted me

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Light words came out of Qin Yis mouth almost immediately, proclaiming, “I, Qin Yi, will only have one woman in my life, and thats you, Jing Qian. I will only love you, and thats something that will never change.

The woman next to him was panting and her face had turned pale. She was biting onto her lips as her face was filled with fury, shame, and injustice.

“But Jing Qian, the things that you said just now were too much. Not only did you insult me, you insulted Xiao Lu as well. You even called her a… Dont you think that you were too harsh about it?”

When she heard that firm, loud tone calling her by her full name, trying to be righteous despite the uneven breathing sounds that could be heard faintly over the phone, Jing Qian laughed out loud.

Her laughter was melodious. It was just like a banshee who had suddenly appeared in the mountain valleys, teasing the mundane peasants who were passing by.

“Whats wrong with that? Shes not here anyways. Who hasnt said a few bad things behind the backs of others? Dont you often speak ill of others in front of me as well?”

“But Qianqian…”

“Why do you care about her so much? Do you think that shes better than me?”

“Of course not!” Qin Yi immediately denied.

“Alright then. You have to remember what you promised me tonight! I take promises very seriously. Dont let me find out that you have betrayed me with those b*tches. Otherwise, compared to the thunder and lightning that youll get for breaking a promise, my revenge will be even worse. You have to remember that Im your “investor” now. If I get tired of you, your entire fortune and all of your resources will go down the drain. Understood?”

Qin Yi was shocked beyond words.

Forget about the woman panting uncontrollably next to him. Qin Yi himself felt that he was going to have a heart attack after being triggered by this woman.

She had threatened him!

This b*tch had dared to threaten him!

If he hadnt been sure that the number and the voice both belonged to Jing Qian, he would have thought that he had been talking to a ghost instead.

Before Qin Yi could say anything, Jing Qian had already ended the call.

Seeing that the only sound coming from the phone wastututu, and that it had gone back to its home screen, Qin Yi was shocked.

He wasnt done talking yet!

After making sure that Jing Qian had already hung up the phone, the woman, pale from being insulted, immediately started crying.

“Brother Qin, big sister was being so mean! She… She called me a dog. She always stood up for me and protected me, but I cant believe that she secretly hates me. Huhuhu… How could she be so mean?”

Qin Yi was extremely irritable after being threatened by Jing Qian, but when he saw the weak, helpless look on the woman in front of him, he immediately softened.

He gathered the crying woman, holding her in his hands. She was so soft, her body like weightless cotton. As her tears flowed down to his chest, it imprinted upon his heart.

“There, there. Stop crying. Its entirely Jing Qians fault tonight. Dont think too much about it.”

“En, I understand. Now that big sister belongs to Zhan Lichuan, she must be unhappy. Who on earth would want to marry a quadriplegic?! She only agreed to this because of you and our family, which is why shes so angry. Shes in the upper class now. She has the right to look down on us and judge us. I understand.”

Jing Lu, who was lying in Qin Yis arms, continued sobbing as she tried to defend Jing Qian.

However, it only served to fuel the flames in Qin Yis heart.

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