big sister continues to threaten you, Ill get mum to ask big sister for money and then pass it down to you.”

Then, Jing Lu wrapped her arms around Qin Yis skinny waist. She was as soft and gentle as a rabbit.

The last thing Jing Lu had said was the one to finally calm Qin Yis racing heart.

He stroked Jing Lus silky hair as his dark face finally turned bright once again. Then, with a smile on his face, he said, “Thank you, Xiao Lu. Youre the best.”

“Why are you thanking me? Im your actual girlfriend. Shouldnt I be helping you?”

Qin Yi did not deny what Jing Lu said. Instead, he hugged her even tighter.

“Xiao Lu, Im so sorry. Originally, I wanted to break things off with her but then the Zhan family came, and you had to remain in the dark. I couldnt even give you a proper status.

“But, dont worry. Were a couple now and I will never forget you, even if I become famous. We will walk side by side from now on. I will be the most famous actor and you will be the most famous actress.”


Jing Lu gently nodded her head.

Most famous actress. That was her goal since entering the entertainment industry.


Jing Qian had only returned to her room for less than two minutes when Butler Xu, who was still in his neat suit, knocked and opened her door.

“Young Mistress, I have brought the things that you asked for.”

Butler Xu shifted slightly and revealed the servants behind him, all of whom were holding onto cages that were filled with big, fat rats.

Jing Qian looked at them and smiled instantly.

“Thank you, Butler Xu. Just place them on the floor.”

“Youre welcome, Young Mistress.” Butler Xu bowed slightly. He couldnt help but remind her, “We just caught these rats… Theyre dirty!”

“Yes, I know.”

When Butler Xu noticed that Jing Qian gave no other reaction, he could only smile.

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