ld do for Zhan Lichuan was a simple massage.

She placed both her thumbs on two particular acupuncture points and pressed down on them heavily…

Zhan Lichuan, who had been pretending to be unconscious, almost screamed from the pain.

Suddenly, he felt a gush of warm blood rushing towards his brain.

Even without looking at the mirror, he knew that his face was completely red at the moment.

Just when he thought that this woman was going to break his head apart and he was just about to awaken the Zhans family security system, the hands on his neck slowly relaxed. The blood that had gushed into his head flowed down through his neck and back into the rest of his body.

As the blood flowed past his shoulder, he could no longer feel anything, with no idea what Jing Qian was doing to him after that.

The only thing he could feel was the sudden gush of blood into his head, sometimes causing him to feel hypoxic.

He knew that there was something wrong with his room, as an ethereal smell would appear every once in a while.

This smell would easily make others unconscious, but it didnt work on him.

That was why he had been trying to find out who was trying to poison him.

However, no matter how many high-tech micro cameras he placed around his room, he still couldnt find the culprit behind this.

Just like before, he had noticed the smell, but as he looked around the room, there was no one suspicious around him.

This meant that the ethereal smell had appeared out of nowhere.

While he was puzzling over the situation, the connecting doors opened and this hypocritical person appeared in his room.

Amongst the Zhan family, he had suspected every one of them other than his grandfather and this woman. He had never expected that the person who had been entering his room would turn out to be someone he had completely ignored.

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