woman was actually helping him.

This proved that his grandfather had randomly found some woman who matched his Ba-zi, someone who seemed sweet and silly but actually had skills.

If she was this good, why did she marry a quadriplegic like him?

Zhan Lichuan continued the charade of being “unconscious,” but the curiosity that he had for the woman had already exceeded the curiosity for the culprit.

Because she no longer had her inner Qi, she was not able to accurately perceive how severe the damage to the nerves was.

However, after the massage, she felt that it wasnt the kind that was incurable.

If she wanted to save him, she would first have to recover her inner Qi. As for now, the only thing she could do was a simple massage, along with acupuncture.

Zhan Lichuans fair skin slowly turned red and the pores on his skin slowly got bigger due to the massage. With every part that Jing Qian massaged, small droplets of sweat appeared on the skin.

After massaging the acupuncture points in the front, Jing Qian easily flipped Zhan Lichuan around.

Then, she continued massaging the acupuncture points on his back, lifting his head once in a while

About 20 minutes later, Jing Qian decided to turn him back to his original position.

She tied her hair up and then bent forward. Placing one of his arms across her shoulder, she placed his other arm behind his back.

Then she moved backward, and just as he was about to flip over, Jing Qian immediately pulled on the arm that was placed behind his back.

Because one of her arms was placed behind him to protect his back and her other hand had to pull on the arm that was placed behind his back, their faces were very close to each other, the position extremely seductive.

Zhan Lichuan could even feel Jing Qians sweet breath on his face.

This woman…

Why did her breath smell so sweet?

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