The Genius (Hollywood)

Chapter 1: Broadway

Age 3:

Hi, my name is Eren JoySleep. And I love to sleep. Hehe.

Age 3 and a half:

Hi, my mama and papa are fighting. Dad says, he doesn want to live with us anymore. *crying* and left home. But he comes home at night, but he smells funny.

Age 4:

Hi, today with mama and papa, we went to school. It was so much fun.

Age 5:

Hi, school is really easy, I really enjoy studying but mom and dad will not let me skip to highhhhh class

Age 7:

Hi, the teacher let me skip my grade. I am so happy. btw I made a comic book, and I love doing it. And did you know, I have heteee… hetero… yes! Heterochromia! due to this one eye is blue, like my father and the other is brown but looks like

And also I think, I might get a new stepdad as well as a stepmother.

age 10

Hi, I am doing well, and I am in High school now. I am really really interested in physics and biology.

But nothing good happens at home. The only good thing is that my baby sister will be born in 8 months. I am really excited to play with her

age 13

Hi, I have completed high school, and my sister is now 2 years old. Her first word was bo. That was my happiest day

Btw now, I have a new stepfather and mother. After my sister was born, they got divorced.

The funny thing is that they don want our Custody. So they left my sister at an orphanage, and me at the hostel while sending some money to me.

After passing out, I started doing part-time jobs at a 3 star hotel, you know washing dishes and cleaning the floor.

In the beginning, the Chief was not giving me a job. But after hearing my story, Ms meg forced the chief to give me a job. Ms. Meg is very kind.

After getting a job, I rented a 1 Room house with a shared washroom. And with the help of Ms meg, I brought my sister back to me.

A few months back, I have seen a drama on Broadway. And my God I love it. Now I am writing a drama script. I hope I can get to see it on stage. of course I have already published my comic this month, and I think its quite popular. So I guess I will be paid at the end of the month, but don know how much.

And, I will apply for uni after my sister goes to primary school. After all, someone needs to look after her.


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