The Girl Who Crushed Nightmares

Your scent changed my world

While remembering what had happened in the past, Jayna unconsciously fell asleep again after ended the video call with her two brothers.

The sensation of floating and an uncomfortable stomach returned to her. She seemed to know that she would wake up in the same place again this time, but she wasn even sure if something like that would happen again and again.

Again, Jayna smelled the scent of wet wood. Immediately she opened her eyes and sure enough, ”I woke up in the same place .. ” Jayna talks to herself with her mouth half gaping because she couldn believe that her guess this time was right.

”The root of this tree again? ” Jayna muttered while looking around her.

Jayna came towards the triangular-shaped light again to get out. This time she was calmer because she had just experienced the same thing. And this time she walked slowly while looking around, looking for something that could explain the situation she was currently experiencing. Is this a dream or a passage of time? Or dimensional shift? Or what?

”I have to calm down! ” Jayna clenched her hands at her sides as she walked slowly.

The surroundings are still forest and right in front of the tree roots, there is a field that is also surrounded by trees. Where Jayna usually plays while waiting for her grandparents to finish work.

Weird right? Small children are left to play alone in the forest. Its not that scary. This forest is a forest that villagers usually pass through to look for wood or hunt animals in the forest further inside. So this can be thought of as just a forest yard. After all, Jaynas whereabouts are still being watched by her grandparents, because its not covered by trees. There was a large dry tree trunk lying on the forest floor. Usually, she sits or lies there when she is tired of playing while looking at her grandparents who are working. Villagers are also very familiar with her existence and always play there. Not infrequently they even greeted her in a friendly manner. Or share forest berries for snacks that taste very sweet and slightly sour.

Jayna sat on a dry tree trunk which she always used as a child to lie down or just sit waiting for grandparents. She was stunned to see the yellow expanse of rice fields ready to harvest.

”Hmh, this tree trunk is not too big as i thought when i was child ” Jayna muttered to herself while feeling the trunk of the tree she was sitting on with the thought of wanting to lie down on it.

A gentle breeze filled the silence at that moment. She got up from her seat at that time and started walking towards the rice fields. Jayna passed through the land that separated the rice fields from one another. As she walked, she noticed feet that were directly on the ground without a base and only wearing pajamas.

”Then this is just a dream. ” Jayna smiled without worry because she thought she had found the answer I was looking for.

Jayna walked through the rice fields and without realizing that she had arrived at her grandparents house again. She stared at the house for a long time. The house used to be the place to get asylum when her parents had to go to work in the city. Grandpa and grandma who never scolded her. Always pampering her at the same time, never making her feel lonely or lacking.

Without her realizing it, the tears fell. She rubbed the cloth over her chest and sat down on the ground.

”I miss this place… ” Jayna looked down in tears.

There is a sense of peace when looking at this place. She can be described in words how the feelings are.

Jayna stood up and walked up the steps to the terrace. This time she did it calmly. When she reached the terrace, she stood up and looked around. Looking for something that feels missing.

The girl continued to walk towards the door of the house and opened the door that was not locked, slowly.


Only silence that she found there. She wiped her tears and walked around from corner to corner of the house. All items and atmosphere in that house were still the same as the last memory she had when she left the house.

”Still the same.. ” Jayna whispered in silence.

The girl grabbed the photo frame on the small table beside the living room chair. It depicts the happy faces of their family together when their late parents were still around. They are smiling happily in the photo.

Now happiness is only in the frame, as time has passed. Time goes on, without any pity. Don care about the humans who are stumbling around finding ways and trying to survive their difficult times. Time goes on, mercilessly. Forcing humans to stand up straight and move despite pain and trouble pulling them down to the ground. Until finally forcing humans to keep their happiness locked in a frame so that humans don forget the happiness theyve ever felt without being left behind by the speed of time.

cricket… cricket… cricket…

Jayna was surprised by the sound of loud cicadas which woke her up from the sad but also slightly beautiful dream at once. When she opened her eyes she saw that she was in her room again. The sun peeked through the curtains in the bedroom window.

The girl stood up to grab the two ends of the curtains and opened them as if splitting them, letting the sunshine all over her. Feeling warm, then she opened her bedroom window and stepped out onto the veranda. Let the fresh morning breeze blow her face. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply every oxygen that God gave her for free.

She propped her hands on the railing of the veranda. Looking up at the still blue morning sky.


Breakfast is prepared by the housekeeper at the dining table. Jayna sat down and ate the food.

”Ms. Jayna, earlier Mr. Jade ordered me to tell you something. He said that tonight you had dinner together at his house. ” Ash explained Jaynas brothers message.

The girl just nodded in agreement because she was sipping hot tea.

Jayna lives alone with her housekeeper, Ash, who fully takes care of household affairs. The girls mind was still drifting, digesting the meaning of her dream last night. It still felt real, but now it wasn as confusing as before. She felt more at ease. Its just that Im still curious about the meaning of dreams.

”Maybe at dinner, Ill discuss it with my two brothers. Maybe they can help me think. ” Jayna muttered while chewing on the toast in her hands.


Night fell, the time they had agreed to have dinner together was only 30 minutes away. Jayna is still on her way to Jades house in an online taxi that she ordered after work. Jayna had never used a private vehicle in every chance, although she could afford to buy a car even more than that. But she still chose not to. There is a reason behind it.

After getting off the online taxi, Jayna opened the gate and stepped into Jades yard. Jade went to the main door and pressed the doorbell.

There was the sound of a small child running behind the door. Jades youngest son whined at the housekeeper to let him open the door for little aunty.

”Aunty!!!! ” Rayan jumped towards her as soon as the door opened.

Jayna swiftly caught and embraced her. In their small conversation, while walking towards the living room, Rayan told that everyone had gathered and was waiting for her in the living room.

Everyone got up when they saw her appear with Rayan, smiled, and exchanged hugs and kisses.


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