They all walked to the dining table which was already filled with various kinds of cooking and ate it together.

After they finished eating, they gathered back into the living room. to continue the conversation that was interrupted at the dinner table earlier. Start again by discussing vacation plans that will be carried out this weekend.

”So, about our weekend plans… ” Jade started the conversation.

”I have ordered a van that we
e family can use , so no one brings their own private car. Later, me and Jake will take turns driving. ” Jade continued.

”The day before leaving, everyone stays here for the night. So no one will be late tomorrow. ” Still Jade who spoke.

”Agree! ” Jayna straightened her body which was leaning against the sofa while saying she agreed with her older brothers idea enthusiastically followed by nodding from the others.

”Mmhh.. ” Jayna tried but hesitated to say what was going on in her head these past few days.

”Why Jay? ” Jake who had been sitting beside nudged Jaynas shoulder.

”Mmh… last night when we had a video call, I told you that it was a dream to go back to grandpa and grandmas village ” Jayna explained again slowly.

”After we all ended the call, I fell asleep and had the same dream again. I was shocked, because I woke up in the tree roots again. ” added Jayna. This time she was more serious about it.

”What makes it confusing, why am I back in the tree roots again? ” Jayna raised her hands as a sign of astonishment.

They were silent for a long time to understand Jaynas story.

”Maybe because you thought about your previous dream, plus your brother asked us all to go there, ” said Jake trying to unravel Jaynas dream.

”Yes, Jay, thats usually how it is, ” this time it was Jades wife, June, who validated Jakes opinion.

”Yes, Jau, don think about it too much, ” added Jakes wife, Ariana.

Jade just nodded as he rubbed Rayans head who was already getting sleepy in his arms.

Seeing the response of everyone there, Jayna decided not to continue her story. Because its useless to think, they will only think its a normal dream.

Well, it was like an ordinary dream and maybe it was just an ordinary dream. Just a coincidence thought Jayna.

* * * *

After Jayna returned, Jade and Jake entered Jades office to discuss something.

”You, do you think that the dream that Jayna told me just now was a coincidence or not? ” Jake pulled a chair and sat in front of Jade.

”We still don know if this is a coincidence or if there is another purpose. Hopefully this is all just a coincidence and it doesn mean its bad if there is a purpose. ” Jade supported his chin with both hands.

”That mean we still have to keep quiet until Jayna realize? Who she really is. ” Jake lowered his voice.

”Yes, for now we are just kept watch and see what the future will be like ”

”How long? ” Jake gripped the arm of the chair he was sitting on.

”We can predict when Jayna realizes who she is. All we can do now is wait and watch her. And we also never know what will happen when Jayna wakes up. ” Jade leaned back in his work chair.

”Shouldn we just make her realize sooner, eh? ” Jake leaned over to Jades desk.

”I already said, we never know what will happen if she regains consciousness sooner. For the time being, we will make sure that we have an agenda to visit Grandpa and Grandmas village later. ” Jade looked into Jakes eyes with a serious face.

”So, was it part of the plan to confirm the situation? ” Jake asked by folding his hands on Jades desk.

”Yes, there is a plan. Even though its not a fixed plan, it doesn hurt if we try it first. ” Jade looked at his clenched hands with a doubtful look.

* * * *

After saying goodbye to her two brothers and her two sisters-in-law and her two nephews, Jayna walked towards the door with lazy steps. Jayna still wanted to talk more with her family, but she suddenly remembered that the next day she still had to meet a client to present a revised plan that had to be worked on that very night.

Jayna stood in the yard and opened the fence, there was already waiting for an online taxi that she had ordered. The girl got into the car and leaned back in the car seat.

”The purpose is according to the application, right, Miss? ” Asked the online taxi driver startling Jayna who was trying to fasten her seat belt.

”Oh, yes, according to the application ” Jayna agreed.

”From your brothers house, Miss? ” the driver tried to be friendly to Jayna.

”Yes sir, My family place ” Jayna answered casually.

”What are we going to now, home? ” asked the driver again.

”Yes, sir, ” Jayna nodded.

”Are you still in college or are you working, Miss? ” still with his typical Javanese accent the driver asked.

”Its been work, Sir ” the girl began to answer more and more.

”Oh work, where are you if I may know? ”

”At a local cosmetic brand, sir ” Jayna tried to end the conversation.

”Wow, thats cool. Why didn your boyfriend pick you up? ”

”I don have a boyfriend of my own, if you mean have a friends boyfriend. But Im on a date with my friend, how about that? ” This is a sign that Jayna is lazy to continue the conversation.

”Yes, you have to have your own, Miss, ” the insensitive driver chuckled to himself.

”Are you a friend or foe? ” the insensitive driver continued his joke which was not funny to Jayna.

”I still like to eat rice and side dishes, sir ” Jayna retorted.

”Yes, is it time for cannibals to eat people? ” the driver chuckled again insensitively.

Allens cell phone rings.

Ah, thank goodness someone called in this boring situation thought Jayna.

Jayna answered her cell phone and spoke quite seriously with the person on the other side of the phone. But the girl ended the call and had explained beforehand because she was on her way home and promised to call back when she got home.

The one calling is Edward, Jaynas assistant and friend since high school.

Edward was the friends boyfriend that Jayna had referred to the driver earlier. Edward is dating a college friend Jayna who currently works in the field of womens fashion. Larina, the owner of a womens clothing boutique as well as a famous celebrity in their city.

After the call ended, Jayna was busy playing with her cellphone so as not to continue the conversation with the online taxi driver earlier.

The distance from Jades house to Jaynas house is not far, about 15 minutes if taken by four-wheeled vehicle.

Without realizing it, the online taxi had stopped right in front of the fence of Jaynas ivory white house. The building measuring 10×20 with a fairly wide yard and classic European style is very bright because it is lit by yellow lights with a design that supports the classic identity of the house, it is very warm.

After paying the driver in cash, Jayna stepped into the slightly opened gate with a confused face.

There was a red car parked in the garage, his is Edwards car, Jayna thought.

Jayna stepped towards the entrance and opened it then entered and found Edward who was sitting on a chair in the voye area while playing with his cellphone.

”How come you can come here Ed? ” Jayna stood in front of Edward and kicked his leg.

”Aw, I happened to be near here when I called you and the direction was home. Its okay, just come here so we can talk directly. ” Edward grimaced as he rubbed the foot that Jayna kicked, which wasn hard at all.

”Weaky!! I told you, I will call you back ” Jayna teased Edward who pretended to be in pain.

”Yeah, why did you stop by here? ” Edward got up from his seat and stood opposite Jayna.

Edwards tall stature, a handsome face as handsome as his name, also a fragrant smell made Jayna turn her face when Edward stood up and looked at her.

”Well thats that then. Wait in the living room there first. Im going to my room first to change clothes. ” Jayna hurried up the stairs while looking down to cover her nervousness.

to be continued. . .

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