Jayna entered the room and stepped into her small wardrobe. Her steps stopped, ah I have to wash my face first Jayna turned to the bathroom which was right next to her wardrobe. After washing her face, Jayna stared at the shower area in her bathroom. While kissing her armpit, Jayna decided to take a shower. Edward can also wait thought Jayna.

Jayna walked to her wardrobe still wearing a towel, chose the clothes in the closet and wore them comfortably. She passed the mirror that reflected Jaynas whole body, she froze in front of the mirror. ”Hmh, this girl is quite sweet, ” said Jayna, smiling. Instantly the image of Edwards lover, Leinas face appeared in Jaynas mind. Ah, that woman is too perfect Jayna pushed her own cheek then went down to the living room, leaving her silliness in front of the mirror.

Down there, Edward was munching on the toast that Ash made.

”Are you Full Ed? ” Jayna jokes, trying to poke fun at Edward with his cheeks still full as he chewed his bread.

”I almost want to order fried noodles with Ash, Jay ” Edward swallowed his bread.

”How long do you get, where did you get changed? ” Edward protested again.

”I take a shower Ed, its all my body feels sticky ” Jayna defended herself.

”Gosh Jay, you tricked me? ” Edward pretended.

”Don overdo it Ed! Its okay. I never asked you to come here at this hour? ” Jayna patted Edwards shoulder who was sitting beside her.

”What do you want to talk about? Is it really important? ” Jayna pointed at Edward.

”Urgent! ” Edward finished his last chew.

”What? ” Allen asked.

”Look Jay, Im in a cold war with Leina ” Edward took his glass. Leina is his lover, Jaynas best friend too of course.

”Why? ” Asked Jayna briefly.

”So According to her, I misunderstood her client. But I think I was right ” Edward explained the reason for the commotion that was being experienced in his love story.

Jayna listened carefully to Edwards story. From Edwards story, Jayna could understand why Edward misunderstood Leina. Since she was in college, Leina has been admired by many men. Who would not be attracted to Leina with a slender tall posture, waist long and straight hair, exotic skin, beautiful face, white teeth that makes her smile even more beautiful. Thats a strong reason why the selebgram is so loved by men and even women who like it. Leina is also a friendly person, only looks cold if you haven known her for a long time.

Its no wonder that many clients tease her with the excuse of working together as a Brand Ambassador product. Thanks to me, Edward and Leina met then. Yes, Jayna was the reason for their meeting. The girl had no intention of introducing them, it happened by accident.

* * * *

June 25, 2016 (2 years ago when Edward and Leina accidentally met)

————— ——— ——–

Jayna had been sitting in a cafe for 10 minutes since she came in and ordered a drink. Her promised friend, Edward, had not shown up. Even his nose. Jayna deliberately sat in the right place next to the glass window that was directly adjacent to the sidewalk so that Edward could easily find her from the outside before entering.

Someone knocked on the glass window beside Jayna, she turned and found Edward who was pressing his face against the glass with his nose sticking out and being funny to Jayna. Edward walked back towards the cafe entrance while still laughing looking at Jayna who also chuckled at his behavior. Edward walked over to Jayna, pulled up a chair and sat across from her. Jayna smiled at her old friend. Hes still handsome and cheerful like he used to be thought Jayna.

”How are you Jay? ” Edward greeted Jayna.

”Im good Ed. Im sure you must be fine, because you were still very funny ” Jayna chuckled.

”You haven changed, Jay. Theres no intention to make small talk at all ” Edward protested with Jayna who didn ask how he was doing. ”You
e still confused? ” Asked Jayna.

”No, Im used to it, Jay ” Edward threw the tissue he was holding at Jayna and pursed his lips. Jayna just chuckled as she warded off the tissue Edward had thrown.

As already explained, Jayna and Edward were friends when they were still in high school. They were separated because Edward chose to study Vocational Office Management in abroad. Meanwhile, Jayna moved out of town because Jade had the opportunity to work in a company as a doctor. Jayna was still dependent on Jade for a living at that time, because Jake was still in the last year of his Masters of Law degree, and his income did not allow him to pay for Jaynas studies. In the end, Jayna had to choose to go with Jade even though they lived separately. Jayna stays in the capital city to continue her studies and lives in a rented house, while Jade has to stay in the company and will return to the city where Jayna is at the weekend. To be precise in Samara city, time taken to get to where Jade works is 3 hours by road. Jayna spent 3 years and 8 months there, until finally she and his brother returned to their hometown again.

”Jay, this dessert is delicious ” Edward handed a piece of strawberry cake in a small plate to Jayna. He still remembers it, Jayna likes all kinds of desserts.

”You still like it right? ” Edward asked reassuringly.

”Yes, I still like it. I was deliberately waiting for you, to pay for the cake ” Jayna spooned the cake while smiling slyly at Edward. Edward could only laugh at Jaynas jokes.

”Eat a lot, I can afford to buy 10 cakes like this for you every day ” Edward was a little arrogant.

”Yes, yes … I believe it, my rich friend ” Jayna sneered.

They were just silent for a long time to enjoy the drinks and food they had ordered. Not long after, the cafe doorbell rang. A familiar girl passed in front of Jayna as the last bite of her cake landed smoothly in her mouth. Jayna frowned when she saw the figure she had not seen for a year. She was still a little hesitant to conclude that the figure she was staring at was someone she knew. She turned her gaze to Edward who was still munching on his donuts, brushing off her confidence in the girl he had just seen.

”Ed, don you have any intention of sharing your donuts? ” Jayna held Edwards arm that was about to feed the donut back into his mouth. Edward shook his head, and used his other arm to eat the donut.

”You didn even offer your cake, why should I? ” Edward protested.

”This, is the cake you gave me, why would I give it to you again? ” Allen defended himself.

”Gosh Jay, the insensitive ” Edward sneered at her.

”Do you want your elbows to rot if you ask for what has been given to other people? ” Jayna joked again.

”Its just superstition, Jay! ” Edward continued chewing.

(There was a superstition that was believed in society at that time. if something that has been given to someone is asked back, then his elbow will rot.)

The sound of someones footsteps approached their table, and stood right behind Edward. ”You
e Jayna right? ” Said a girl standing behind Edward.

Jayna stared in awe at the figure who had just say her name.

to be continued. . .

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