Listen to the heartfelt speech of the Prince; Agnes just let it enter his right ear and let it go out of his left ear. Most of the things that he said, he clearly knew it already. Twelve Royals of Anderthall, to an ordinary person, they are indeed a powerful titan with the might of gods and the wealth of dragons. But what are they to the government? An organization led by the Emperor of Gaiya himself.

While it is true, no law enforcer can do anything to the twelve Royals. But if the Emperor decree it, the twelve Royals can become homeless overnight. With a snap of his finger. With a blink of his eyes. The twelve Royals will be blasted into ruin if the Emperor wants it. The might he held in the palm of his hand is greater than the buddha itself.

”You make a valid point, Prince Issak, but it is not always rosy on my side. The power you hold can be used in public, while I can only use it in darkness. You can manipulate the mind of the masses, the greatest source of political tools. The money I own is worthless before the Federal government, while you can spend it freely anywhere. And the beauty I possess is nothing compared to you, someone who holds the status of Anderthall. Also, you have complete immunity to the Martial Court Of Law & Order, while I am not. Before them, Im as vulnerable as any citizen. ”

”Indeed, both of us have their pros and cons. Looks like you have thought of it before. Pardon me if Im offending you in some sort of way, Mr. Golden Eyes. Then, let us stop wasting any more of our time. I will take my brother back with me and transfer the money to you as soon as possible. Then, farewell. ”

”May you have a safe journey, Prince Issak. If there is a need for our assistance. Just call us, as we are just at the end of the line. ”

Nods, Issak orders one of his bodyguards to knock his brother back unconscious. Fish out his phone and order someone to drive toward the back of the cafe; he then instructs them to throw his brother into the SUV. After doing that, he looks at Agnes one more time before he nods at him one last time and exits the cafe through the front door.

Just as he entered the cafe, he needed to exit it the same way. To avoid any suspicion of the federal government, he needs to take extra steps of vigilance. A slip in action can lead him to the Martial Court Of Law & Order. As he is yet a King and still a Prince, the law is still present to him.

Look at the faded SUV across his window; Agness face has already turned indifferent. Glancing at the female waiter beside him, Veronica, he begins to instruct her an order.

”Go proceed with the action. I will send you the address. ”

”Yes, Sir. ”

Afterward, Agnes pulled out his phone and made a call. Within seconds, the call immediately connected to the other side.

”Mr. Golden Eyes, what can we do for you? ”

”Midnight, exactly 12 a.m. The Elements south alley. ”

”Very well, Mr. Golden Eyes. How many and what would it be? ”

”One and the usual. Male, 180cm, dark hair, blue eyes, black fedora, trench coat. May have a slight bruise and slightly drunk. ”

”Very well, then the total cost will be one Arys. Thank you for doing business with us, The Headless. May you have a safe journey. ”

”May you have a safe journey. ”

Ended the call, Agnes placed his phone on the table and sipped his tea. Look back at the park across the cafe, he sighs after a while. There is just no excitement for him anymore. Even after gaining a lot of money and constructing a murder on an innocent, he felt no fear nor worry. He is honestly bored with his life as there is no more excitement.

Where does it all go? When does it happen? Maybe because he had tried everything. From murder to rapping, there was nothing in the world he had not done. A sinful person he is, but who can punish him? Who is powerful enough to deliver justice to him? There were none.

The Emperor, you said? He will not care for such a trivial matter. There are many more people just like him, but unlike them, he is easily bored. There is also someone worse than him in this world, believe it or not. For example, the soon-to-be King, Prine Issak.

”Sir, the preparation has complete. We are ready to set out. ”

Look at the man standing behind Veronica; Agnes nods his head in satisfaction. His look, hair, height, weight, and body posture, are all similar to Vincents. There may be slight dissimilarity, but overall, he looks identically to him.

”I promise you, this will be your last task in the organization. After this, you are free from the gaze of The Golden Eyes. You will have complete freedom and a new identity after this. I want you to deliver this package to the Elements. There will be a man waiting for you there. Ocean blue suit, forty-five years old, purple tie, black leather shoes on the third floor, VIP room number 6. After that, exactly at midnight, 12 a.m. Go to the south alley, and a black sedan will wait for you there. Your freedom will be there. Understood? ”

”Yes! ”

”Then get going. I hate to make someone waits. ”

”Immediately, Sir! ”

Look at the man who slowly faded away from his view from the window as he sips his tea, Agnes glance at Veronica. Nodding his head at her, he then shifts his gaze back to the park across the cafe. The previous barren park is now full of clouds of snow.

”The first snow is like the first love. The first time it brought excitement, the second time it brought interest, but the third time it brought boredom. ”

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