”My prince, pardon for my inquiry but do you still want to continue working with The Golden Eyes? I don think it is a very reasonable course of action. If the Emperor knew that we were conspiring behind his back, we don know what calamity would befall us. ”

Back at his mansion, Issak, who busy preparing for his ascension to the throne in his study, was suddenly interrupted by his butler, Edgar. A delicate and dashingly aged man who had been serving his family for countless generations.

Not mad by the sudden question of Edgar, Issak merely put down his pen as he rested on his chair and stared at the ceiling. Silence for one whole minute; he doesn know how to answer that question. On one hands, he doesn want to continue business with The Golden Eyes. While on the other hand, he wants to. Its a double edge sword.

A royal working with the underworld is common as most royal has business with them. But to his extent is unheard of. Most royalty just did simple business like drugs and human trafficking, afraid of offending the Emperor. But him. He did more than that. He did something that may potentially bring the wrath of the Emperor, as he has a dream.

”I don know, Edgar. They are like drugs. Everything you want, they can fulfill it. Even I, a royal myself, don have that much power. They called themselves The Golden Eyes for a reason, after all. See all, know all. Every single piece of dirt, every single piece of information. They had it all. A pen is indeed more mighty than a sword. ”

”I see. Then what is your planning for the future, my prince? If you want to continue this path of yours, I suggest you contact The Headless. They can provide you with all the work. You will not have to defile your own hands anymore. If you want more man power, I suggest you contact The Undead Rose, as they have high-skill veterans in their arsenal. This is only my suggestion. ”

”Hmm, you have a point, but I will not contact either of them. I will contact The Forsaken Serpent instead. ”

Shock visibly appeared on Edgars face. ”Why are you contacting them but not the other two I suggest, my prince? ”

”Simple, it is costly. The headless is indeed efficient in their work, but they never take a long-term contract. One shot, one kill is their motto. Do you know how much money it would cost to assassinate 100 people? It will cost 100 Rhys, equivalent to 1.5 million Sol. As for The Undead Rose, they did take a long-term contract, but ultimately, the people are not mine, but them. It is better to build an army myself. ”

”It seems like this old man only feard for nothing. You are indeed as brilliant as ever, my prince. Even with 60 years of wisdom, I still lose compared to you. ”

”Don underestimate yourself, Edgar, I may be smart, but in terms of combat, Im completely helpless. Without you by my side to protect me all the time, I probably would not be here today. I may be buried somewhere in the world. Or drowned somewhere in the ocean. ”

”Thank you for your praise, my prince. Then shall I contact The Forsaken Serpent, sire? ”

”Yes, I want to meet them face to face as soon as possible. Set the meeting spot. If they refuse, we can go to their place instead. ”

”Yes, sire. ”


At the cafe, Agnes has dismissed all his agents in the building. The only ones left are only himself and Veronica. As he owns the building, he can determine who can enter and who can . Of course, he did not enforce it daily, or the place would be exposed.

If the situation allows it, only then he convert this place into a meeting spot. If not, this place functions like any other typical cafe scattered across the city. People can come and go buy themselves a cup of coffee or tea with some sweets on the side if they want to.

Finish his tenth cup of tea, Agnes look at his watch, and its already 11 oclock in the evening. One more hour and his job will be finished for the day, and he can finally take a rest. While he did almost nothing for the rest of the day, it still taxed his mind. After all, he is still a human and not a complete monster.


His phone suddenly buzzes. Look who called him with his personal number; Agnes immediately answered it as he saw the caller.

”Whats the matter? ”

”Master, your brother called. He said he wants to come to visit you tomorrow morning. ”

”Which brother? ”

”Young master, Tobias. ”

”Wait a moment. ”

Turn to look at Veronica by his side, he then asks her if there is any plan for him tomorrow. Unsurprisingly, there is not much. Other than some trivial matter that can be passed to someone else, he is basically free tomorrow.

”Very well, he can come. Go prepare a room for him and go prepare me a bath. I will come home in about two hours. ”

”Yes, master. ”

Ended the call, Agnes placed his phone in his pocket. Pick up his book and puts it in his briefcase; he then stands up. Order Veronica to clean up the table and close the cafe; he then exits it with her. As of now, 11.30 in the evening. It is the closing time of Mellow Haven.

”Would you like to order a cab or someone to pick you up, sir? ”

”Go order us a cab, I feel like giving charity today and while we wait, lets stroll around the park. ”

”Yes, sir. ” Replied Veronica as she smiles slightly.

South Alley of Elements nights club.

After delivering the package, Alex immediately waits here. He doesn want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. How many people can get out of the underworld? You can count with your hands. Its just not that many. To be able to finally get out of the underworld is genuinely a blessing from God.

When he was young with no money, the underworld was a paradise for him. With tons of opportunities and possibilities, some who were born in slums like him can get fame. But now, as he grew older and accumulated considerable amounts of wealth, he only wants a happy life.

He has found someone who he wants to build a life with, and after countless hours of thinking, he knew this lifestyle of his needed to be changed. He doesn want to feed his kid with dirty money. It doesn feel right. Plus, with him being in the underworld, danger can befall his family. He doesn want to see that ever happen.

With the money he accumulates, he can start a small business somewhere. It doesn have to be grand. If it can support his kids, he is satisfied enough. As it is his only dream now.


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