The Good Brother

Chapter 1 The Part-Timer

Shiki should have known from the way the lady dressed in a mink coat and leopard print skirt scanned his face that she was going to ask something.

”Spit it out already, ” Shiki demanded. He grimaced, since he could tell the skirt was probably not even imitation leopard print skin. The lady was probably not the type to care that a leopard potentially had to die so she could have that skirt.

”You look familiar, ” she remarked, pulling out her wallet. ”Have we met before somewhere? ”

”Gee, madam, ” Shiki replied tersely. ”I don know. ” It would be ruder if he said no, since Shiki did not know the lady in front of him.

”I know! ” the lady had an idea. She snapped her fingers and pointed at Shiki. ”You
e on Monarch International Academys soccer team! ”

Shiki sighed with exasperation, repressing the urge to ask her, ”Which part of me looks like a soccer player? ” However, to her face, he said, ”No, madam, Im not. ”

”You weren on the court for the Homecoming King election, were you? ”

Shiki could tell that even as the words left her mouth, she realised she was wrong again. He wasn exactly what people would call ”Homecoming King material ”—i.e., he was closer to lean instead of bulky, wore glasses instead of contacts, and had paler skin than those on the athletic team.

Not to mention, he did not have the popularity or the money the It Crowd had. If he was not careful with his spending, he could say goodbye to having three square meals a day.

Obviously, he did what he could with what he was given by the heavens, but he wouldn be joining any curricular activities any time soon, let alone be noticed or nominated for any court of the Homecoming King.

”No, madam, ” Shiki confirmed. The thing was, he didn really want to waste time discussing why he looked familiar. Who would, when the pay is on the line, which decided between whether they got enough for dinner or not?

But, to Shikis misfortune, she wouldn let it go.

”Goodness. I just know I know your appearance from somewhere, ” the woman mumbled, handing him her credit card to pay for the piles of branded clothing she was about to buy. ”Are you sure I didn see your picture in the paper? ”

He quelled the temptation to yell at her to leave. Why wouldn this lady just let it go already?

”A hundred percent, madam, ” Shiki sighed. What the heck was the woman thinking? Did she think he was some criminal or someone famous? Why would he even be in the paper?

Fortunately, though, he had not been in the paper since his birth announcement with his twin sister. Why would he? He never really participated in any school clubs or any school/national competitions.

While he was mostly in AP (Advanced Programme) classes, that was only because he worked hard to keep his grades up. In terms of natural intelligence, he still fell slightly short compared to his classmate Phillip Robinson, who was an actual genius—he had a perfect grade for all the subjects and got the highest score anyone could get on the school examinations, even the essay part.

Shiki thought Phillip should have been moved up a few grades, but he replied he liked where he was for some weird reason.

Not that Monarch International Academy valued the book smart kids. Otherwise, Phillip would have been more popular than the athletic or artistic kids combined, and the AP classes would have been the schools hot spot.

Instead, it was just somewhere the others never deigned to enter, except for those who took their classes there. Typical.

Shiki ran her credit card through the scanner before saying, ”Maybe because I am a new employee here, and not many people get hired here. ”

While it did not sound much, but À La Mode Boutique had a high competition due to the luxury brands the store sold. Moreover, the interviews came in stages, so potential candidates needed to study some of the handbooks at later phrases. Shiki hated the requirements, but the pay was high enough that Shiki could have money leftover after paying for the necessities.

The woman frowned, shaking her head. ”No, thats not it, either. ”

Shiki could not understand her frustration, however.

He supposed it could be upsetting when someone could not figure out something, but if it was him, hed drop it after a while. People had their secrets, after all. It was not their place to pry.

Shiki found it somewhat astounding how nosy people could be, and how there were bullies who refused to leave their victims alone. To him, what was especially upsetting about the latter case—if one ever thought about it (which he often tried not to)—was that they would target his little sister.

He really hated seeing her cry, since she always looked like a kicked puppy being drenched in the rain. Whenever he saw her tears, he had the overwhelming urge to hurt whoever had made his twin cry.

The problem was, those that bullied her always had the family background to rely upon. Even if he wanted to file a lawsuit, it would cost tons of money, which was what those people had. Hence, most of the time, he kept his head down and went on with life.

It was amazing how much people can get away with when they had money, too. It was almost as if morals were all but thrown out the window. Who cared about justice as long as they lined their pockets with wads of cash, right?

That was why he had to go with the underhanded methods to teach those people a lesson. However, that always ended up with some blood on his hands. Shiki shrugged it off as some blood spilled while teaching a lesson, but he noted that he disliked paying extra for dry-cleaning.

For some reason, whenever he mentioned what he did to his nominal friends during lunch, they always looked at him like he was the real-life Jason Voorhees. Nevertheless, he usually shrugged it off because his sister would be all smiles at hearing his stories.

Nothing else mattered if she was satisfied, since there was something content

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