The Guardian’s Wish

Memory worth cherishing

Calmness, peace, life with no event that could stop me from living once again. Just like a promise between two different being.

At first I thought it was a mere scheme of the guardian who told me his plan. At first I thought it was all fun, I didn knew he was truly dying.

A god, dying? Seems quite unrealistic, huh?

Well meeting a god in the first place is something out of a book, experiencing one will certainly make me quite far from the reality path.

His wishes are simple. Save this world from the upcoming disaster that will cause the entire living organism in this planet to go extinct.

I asked him why, he told me because I was the one destined to be reincarnated it this world. So it seems I really have no choice but to oblige.

I can really change my new fate since I am a shameless person who take his own life for something trivial. Doing so again will probably alter my entire existence in this undying universe.

That would be painful, suffering only awaits me if I do that again.

Since I was tasked to prevent such thing from ruining my world, I was given a power befitting of someone who par against that disaster.

A power that exceed half of the Guardians given to me as a gift and assurance. Not only that, I was also given another body near perfection.

A black hair, green eyes, taller than average height, and a beautiful face that can attract many figure if caught.

However, he didn include the erasure of my memories. Meaning I have to suffer from the overwhelming past that cause my death.

The guardian has a pretty face, hes a male yet hes as beautiful as the woman I have met back in my world. He stood there without any sign of being a pathetic God, though I can see the pain within his smile.

It mustve been tough for him, to fight alone in this universe while protecting those he created.

Anyways, enough talking about him.

I was told by the chief to help him sow the field. It was the least I can do since I am but a guest in this village.

In this world, my name is Vien. A commoner who grow up in a village, west of the kingdom of Ibra. I grew up peacefully and no major incident actually occur unlike how the guardian told me.

Because of that, I still got time to prepare myself and test to see if I can truly achieve a rival power against this superbeing that will cause the annihilation of this entire worlds population.

Even if I fail here, I just need to work harder, and harder.

Now, to sow!


It was a hard work, but the price of it is satisfactory. I was invited for a dinner in the chiefs home which I truly desire ever since I arrive at this place.

Yes, he have a daughter, but their food is surprisingly delicious compare to the food in my past. It was something I didn know I would like, and so everyday I ask for something like a work and dream that a day like this would come.

And I am not mistaken, it was not a dream after all.

In front of me is a plate full of chicken barbecue, it was marinated to the extent before they cooked it. The side dish is a the rice and egg which is also quite rare in this area since they barely have livestock.

I was ecstatic the moment the flowing liquid enter

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