17: The Man Standing at the Summit of a Mountain of Corpses

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Kuriyama Rintaro is a hero of justice, Victor Green.

He loves peace more than anyone and will absolutely not allow anyone to disturb it.
That is the pride of the man named Rintaro Kuriyama, his pride as a hero.

As such, there is no need to reiterate why he has gained the enmity of many mysterious beings.

“Go to hell, Victor Green! Orauiii!!”
“Damned Victor Green! This Damned Victor Greeen!!”
“Chesutoo! Victor Green, Chesutooo1!!”

This is deep within the Ark Dominion underground secret base, a training facility for small fry combatants.
The combatants, wearing black tights and masks, are relentlessly beating up a doll with Rintaro’s face on it.

Incidentally, the identities of heroes are naturally kept secret to protect their and their families’ safety.
However, the fact that Death Green’s face is a carbon copy of Victor Green’s is now known throughout the entire Ark Dominion after Samecchi spread the word regarding the recent commotion at the aquarium.

“This Victor Greeen! This garbage chimera bastard, uii!!”
“How’s this, Victor Green!? Take this, and this, and this, uii!!”
“Dieee! Victor Green is already dead, but die agaiiinn!!”

There was a man staring at that devilish scene with a straight face.
It is Kuriyama Rintaro, aka Victory Green himself.

“It leaves an impact no matter how many times I see it, ssune.
What’s do you think, ssuka, Aniki?”
“Even if you ask me, what the hell is this? Am I supposed to applaud or something?”
“From now on, Aniki will be everyone’s training partner, ssuyo.”


Samcchi brought Rintaro further underground by saying there was something she wanted him to see by all means.
Apparently, it is so he could be attacked by roughly thirty small fry combatants.

Minato, who was brought along with him, is shrinking in on herself while trembling.

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“Ri- Ri- Ri- Rintaro.
I- I- I vow to never forget your noble sacrifice for the rest of my life!”
“Don’t see me off with eyes full of pity like that! Can you explain to me what you mean by that, Samecchi?”

According to Samecchi, a video of Rintaro battling the Sword Mountain Mysterious Being Swordminas is circulating within the Ark Dominion.
When a small fry combatant instructor saw it, he requested for Rintaro to give instruction to the small fry combatants by all means.

“Samecchi, share these things before we set off for them next time, alright?”
“Alriight, ssu.”
“It’s fine as long as you understand.
In that case, let’s get this over with.”

The moment Rintaro says that, he readies himself with the wooden sword Samecchi had handed him.
Even though it is unavoidable due to the circumstances, for an active hero to teach small fry combatants from an evil organization is something that would never happen.

“Still… they look really similar, ui …”
“Yeah… The splitting image of Victor Green, ui.”
“I heard that he devoured the real Victor Green head first, ui.”

The small fry combatants, holding similar wooden swords in their hands, say such words.

Rintaro doesn’t just resemble Victor Green, he is Victor Green himself.
Yet, from their point of view, it is was as if their practice dummy suddenly gained a soul.
Now that it is time for the match, their confusion is understandable.

Well, still, this works out better for me.
No way am I getting hurt in a training session.

Rintaro, as someone who has destroyed seven organizations, is used to dealing with small fry combatants.
Most of them will cower in fear and freeze up merely at a hero’s killing intent.
The whole situation can be resolved with just a light threat.

“Ou, don’t think this will end with light injuries.
I’ll be dealing with all of you underlings without discrimination!”
“Hieeee… now that he’s actually here, I’m scared, ui…”
“P- PPP- Please be gentle, ui…”
“Awawawawa… I might have wet myself a little, ui…”

Just as Rintaro had planned, the small fry combatants are completely subdued.
If it’s like that, he’ll be able to finish this without much injury.

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But the next moment—
Samecchi, unable to bear the sight of those indecisive small fry combatants, opens her mouth.

“Fuu… as expected, the only one who can understand Aniki’s true intentions is his number one sworn, younger sister, Samecchi, ssune…..”

A foreboding premonition make Rintaro’s eyebrows twitch.
Then, while completely disregarding him, Samecchi begins to divulge his true intentions he doesn’t even know about.

“Get it, ssuka? Aniki is intentionally, using Victor Green’s appearance, ssuyo.”
“What!? What exactly for, ui!?”
“The reason… is to boost everyone’s fighting, ssu!”
“““Wh- What was that, uii!?”””

The voices of Rintaro and the combatants beautifully harmonize.

Death Green is purposefully taking the form of the hated Victory Green.
To the small fry combatants, that revelation was like being struck by lightning.
Then, one by one, they silently shed tears.

“So, it’s like that… Death Green-san is deliberately using that appearance to trigger our murderous intent towards heroes, ui…!”
“By voluntarily choosing to take on our resentment, he’s telling us all to brace our spirits, ui… What a noble spirit of sacrifice, ui…”
“How beautiful, encouraging us by making your heart into that of a demon’s.
That’s the spirit of an Ashura! We must respond to Death Green-san’s feelings with all our might!!!!”

The small fry combatants toss aside their wooden swords and for lethal weapons such as swords, spears.
From within their black tights and masks, the flames of their killing spirit are flaring up.

“Let’s do it, you bastards! We are going to borrow Death Green-san’s chest, ui!”

The voltage of the small fry combatants has reached its peak.
They are ready to bite off Victory Green’s throat, even if it meant tearing off an arm or two.

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Samecchi gives a thumbs up to Rintaro, who is keeping a straight face.

“As expected of Aniki ssu! Samecchi’s soul is trembling ssu!”

“Aniki is going to have an important talk with Samecchi later.”

There were about thirty noob fighters approaching him with deadly weapons in their hands.

It was a familiar scene to Rintaro, but the atmosphere was like that of the Bastille prison raiders of the French Revolution.


“That was dangerous, You!”


He dodged the white blade of the long spear approaching in front of him by the skin of his teeth, and Rintaro’s wooden sword accurately pierced in the middle of a group of small fry combatants.
After snatching the long spear with the reversal blade technique, Rintaro proceeded to poke at the foreheads of the three men who were closing in on him with the spear.

“Ooh, Aniki is so cool, Hyu Hyu ssu!’

“You’re amazing, Rintaro.
What kind of training does it take to become this strong?”

“Would you be satisfied if I told you I did Mongolian wresting with a tiger at Chomolungma?”

Samecchi and Swordminas, who were on the outside, made some comments, but Rintaro had little time to spare as he was bombarded by 30 fighters.
After all, the noob fighters that he had defeated would come back to life with energy.

“Ugh …… I can’t just collapse here ui….
for the sake of Death Green-san!”

“That’s right, We’ve got to make sure we keep going like our lives depend on it ui….
For the sake of Death Green-san as well!”

“I am begging you, for my sake, just hurry up and collapse!”

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The screams of the soul echoed in vain throughout the Ark Dominion secret base.

Rintaro dodged the thinning axe by the skin of his teeth and stomped on it as it stabbed into the ground.
He then used his momentum to kick the noob fighter in the face.

It was no longer a hand-to-hand combat, but more like a big fight in a historical drama.
Of course, the noob fighters were not just getting beaten up one-sidedly.

“Bring out the machine guns from the warehouse ui! Bring out the tanks too ui!”


“As expected of Death Green-san! Your role-play is also perfect ui!”

“Shut up! All of you will be sent to hell together!”

–One hour later

Countless broken swords and machine guns that have become defective scattered all around the area.
 Flaming silent tanks and noob fighters laid on the ground.

In the center of the pile of wreckage and corpses stood a man with wounds all over his body.

“Haa, Haa… Alive… I’m alive…!”

“…..for the sake of everyone, I can’t believe you’re willing to stay human until the end….
Death Green-san, I’ll follow you for the rest of my life ui… Gaku(sfx)…”

Breathing heavily at the feet of Rintaro, The last of the small fry combatants lost consciousness.
Rintaro also collapsed with a bang.

*This chapter was not edited.
Starting from here, none of the future releases have been edited.
that said, they are still good quality.

Welcome to the Evil Organization!

Chesuto is a battle cry generally used by Japanese martial artists and samurai.

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