23: Leader of Mischief

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 By Effugium June 25, 2022

This is the Hero Headquarter that controls hero organizations all over Japan.
The official name is “The National Public Safety Commissions Committee, Local Human Disasters, Special Cases, Special Measures Office”.

「Damn iittt!!! To think the enemy would take mercy on me!!!」

The cry of Red’s soul, Kurenai Retsuto, echoed through the conference room.

「So? Did you just come back with your tail between your legs?」

「I’m sorry, Commander! But the Heinous Mysterious Death Green is far more monstrous than we ever imagined!」

Was there any need to use the large conference room any longer? The scale of the Victorious Rangers had shrunk to such an extent that it seemed questionable.
However, Yellow was still alive, although he had been deeply wounded in that battle.

「He was pretending to be weak, degowasu! He’ s not a simple opponent, de gowasu! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have let my guard down.
…… Munch Munch!」

Victory Yellow is one of the toughest heroes even nationwide.
The fact that he was able to stay in shape even after taking so many attacks was indeed impressive.

However, the damage he had sustained was indeed serious, and he had been consuming calories all morning.

「As expected of Yellow! I seriously thought you were dead when you were brought in by the rescue chopper!」

「Don’t underestimate me! A hero is only as good as his body, and the front lines of the Victor Rangers isn’t like a date, de gowasu! Munch, munch!」

「Hey, can you stop talking while eating curry? I don’t want the curry smell sticking to my clothes.」

The conference room was filled with the spicy aroma of curry.

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「I’m sorry about this, de gowasu, Commander! Damned Death Green, I will definitely have my revenge, de gowasu! Gotsuan desu(Sumo slang for thanks)!」

After devouring his eighteenth bowl of curry, Yellow took the stomach medicine he had brought with him and gulped it down into his mouth.

「You’re still a great eater as usual, Yellow!」

「…… gulp, phew.
Thanks to that, I need my stomach medicine, de gowa…….su…… su…………!」

The next moment, the empty cup slipped from Yellow’s hand and shattered.

Gyorurururururururu! The sound resembling a heavy machinery digging a tunnel echoed through the curry-smelling conference room.

「Why, de gowasu……? Suddenly, my stomach……Argh、Ohhooooooo!!!」

「Yellow, what’s wrong? Yellow? Yellow! Yellow! Yelloooooow!!!」

That day, Yellow turned back into a baby in front of her boss and co-workers.


Meanwhile, in the Ark Dominion infirmary.
The tall maiden, Swordminas, was tending to Rintaro’s wounds.


「It’s a fat-melting diet pill, to be exact.
I just swapped it out for the pills that Yellow carries with him all the time.
I’m telling you, That thing is amazing, one of those pills is gonna make you lose 30 kilos.」

「I don’t know the principle, but …… is it safe for people to drink that stuff?」

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「It’s not okay.
That’s why it’ s been banned from sale.」

A bottle with a poison-colored label was held in Rintaro’s hand.
‘Banned in the US because it’s so effective! A woman who weighed 400 kilos become 40 kilos in just three months! A single tablet can make your stomach and buttocks turn into a neo-Niagara waterfall.’

「Isn’t that an overkill……?」

「The punch was for Sametchi, the laxative was for me.」

「For Krillin huh…」

「Don’t ever say that again…….
Ouch, it stings…….!」

The wounds from last night’s battle were deeper than he expected.
His cheek, which had been hit by the harite, as well as his whole body, which had been swung around until it was about to break, ached terribly.

But Rintaro had some questions he needed to ask.
Of course, it’s about the Victory Transformation Gear.

Not only does it have that terrifying appearance, but it also far surpasses the conventional Victory Suit in terms of performance.
It was responsible for 90% of the pain that covered Rintaro’s entire body.

After leaving the infirmary, Rintaro went straight to Leader Dragius.
Samechi was diagnosed as needing absolute bed rest, so he was alone today.

Sametchi was diagnosed as requiring absolute rest, so he was alone today.

There was a thought of bringing Sword Minas with him, but she said she was too nervous in front of the leader and a lot would come out, so he left her behind.

A huge space resembling a dark, esoteric cathedral that Rintaro had visited when he was first brought to Arc Dominion.
The person he was looking for was also at the far end of the hall.

「Kukuku…… Fuhahaha…… Haahahahaha!! ……What is it, Rintaro? Well, wait, I know what you want!」

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With a laugh that seemed to shake the earth, Leader Dragius III raised the corners of his mouth into a mischievous grin.

「As I thought, you know?」

「Of course I do.
You want to come up with your own title for the Victory Over Victor Yellow celebration, don’t you? Hahahahaha, I’m sure you do! I’m steadily making preparations, so just wait and see.
For now, I think I’ll go with the strongest enemy……, No, the greatest enemy, what do you think? Uumu, as I thought it’s too much, huh……」

「No, it’s Victory Transformation Gear! What the hell is that?!」

Rintaro thrusts the Victory Transformation Gear at him like a Mito Komon’s inro(I am not sure what this is a reference to, I googled Mito Komon, it seems to be a tv show).
Of course, an evil leader won’t be ‘deterred’ by that.

「Umu, It was a request from the Instructor Corps.
I allowed them to examine a few of the mechanisms to help improve the suits of the combatants.」

It turns out that, unbeknownst to Rintaro, the hero’s most confidential information has been leaked to the evil secret society.

「I and Tagaraak played around with it in various ways… Somehow, we got fired up while fiddling with it… Fuhahaha, because I am a boy too!」

「That doesn’t mean you’re could do it without telling me.」

「It’s because you seemed to have left it in the room all the time, so I thought it’s okay if it’s just a little bit.」

When he said that, the old gentleman puffed out his cheeks.
The mismatch between his vicious eyes and his cute aura was rather scary.
It’s like pouring chocolate sauce on a very hot Sichuan dish.

Rintaro had always thought that this man was too mischievous to be called a leader of evil.
This is why it’s hard to grasp his true intentions, like a haze.

「I’ll ask you just in case, can this be turned back to its previous form?」

「Why would you want to turn it back? It’s not something that Rintaro need anymore, right?」

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「That…… might be true but.」

Last night, Rintaro finally parted ways with the Hero Headquarter to pursue his own justice.
However, it would be a lie to say that he had no regrets about his title as Victory Sentai Victor Ranger.

『The Heinous Mysterious Death Green will take care of you!』

Although Rintaro had said such thing on the spur of the moment, he still hadn’t realized that he was going to become a monster.
After all, he had destroyed many monster organizations and arrested many monsters in the name of justice.

The past can’t be changed just because of one’s feelings, nor is it possible to keep it hidden forever.
For Rintaro, being a member of Ark Dominion was equivalent to holding a ticking time bomb.

「Kukuku, But I’ve seen something interesting.
That ‘Death Green Transformation Gear’ is for you to keep.
It’s something necessary for a human like you.」

「No, that’s mine in the first place!」

Rintaro couldn’t help but retort, but the words that passed through his ears for a moment made him feel uncomfortable.

「……Human? Did you just say human?」

「Doki! What are you talking about? I don’t know.
Is Rintaro not a monster but a human?」

「No, I am not a human! I was just checking! There is no way I am a human, jeez, I was really surprised.」


A very awkward silence fell between them.

「……Since when did you find out?」

「……I, knew from the very beginning.」

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