Chapter 27: The Red Challenge

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On the top floor of the tallest building in Tokyo commonly known as Tagaden Tower, a young girl and an old man were having a childish fight.

「My- My perfect Prechure plan! Young people these days are just too greedy!」

「I’ve believed from the very beginning.
Yay yay.」

「Mukii, Frustating! Why! Even though he looks like a snob!」

「Fuhahaha! Rintaro, who is rumored to be have unparalled sexual prowess, wouldn’t be able throw away his flesh and blood.
You’ve been a wonderful snob, Rintaro!」

「I can’t let this go.」

The number of information he didn’t want to know has increased.

It seems that Dragius and Tagaraak had made a bet on Rintaro’s decision.
Of course, they didn’t tell him about it, here’s the content of the bet.

If Rintaro accepted Tagaraak’s offer, the mysterious being Death Green will belong to the Machinery Army led by Tagaraak forever.
But if Rintaro resists the temptation…

「I’ve won.
I’ll have you pay your ‘debt’, Tagaraak.」

「I know.
I’m not going to tell anyone that Rintaro is human, and I’m not going to leave any data behind.
That settles it, right!」

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Tagaraak banged on the large chairman’s desk, showing how unhappy she was.

「But, Dragius, what are you planning this time?」

「Fuhahahaha! Scheming is the specialty of an evil lord.
Rest assured, I am confident in my ability to see the true nature of people.
Isn’t that right, Rintaro?」

「Earlier, I was treated like a sexual predator of which I have no knowledge about though.」

「But at the very least, there is no doubt that he is a great villain worthy of our Ark Dominion.
How can someone who speaks of world peace not be a villain? Fuhahahaha!」

The great leader nonchalantly said things that would cause pacifists all over the world to faint if they heard about it.
But with his evil charisma, even that would be dismissed with a laugh.

Looking at his side profile, Rintaro wondered, just what is it about Kuriyama Rintaro that spurred Dragius on so much.
At the very least, Dragius had nothing to gain from this ‘bet’, Rintaro couldn’t help but feel creeped out by that.

As if in response to the evil laughter, a huge pillar of fire rose in the corner of the panoramic view in front of him.


Fifteen minutes later, there was a car rushing to the scene.
At the wheel is Kuriyama Rintaro, aka the Heinous Mysterious Death Green.

「The office that was blown up was one of the Arc Dominion offices in Yoyogi, ssu.
Although it was a dummy company, an empty rental building, ssukedo.」

「Which means there are no casualties.
Geez, it’s just like him to do things like this.」

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The pillar of fire was seen from the building.
That’s the same one that burned Samecchi to a crisp the other day.

‘Burning Heat Gloves’

This is the unique weapon of Victory Sentai Victor Ranger Leader, Victor Red.
As the name implies, it is a glove that is worn on both hands, and has the disadvantage of having a hopelessly short range of attack.

However, its power more than makes up for its shortcomings.

The concept is a “one-hit kill” inspired by the special move of the first generation hero, Aka Justice, Aka Punch.

Even a single graze of this weapon will send you into a whirlpool of flames, and if you take a direct hit, even the most durable mysterious beings will explode and scatter in a pillar of fire without question.

It is literally a cheat weapon that can kill an opponent with a single blow.

「That would have been avoided if it wasn’t a surprise attack, ssu! That one didn’t count, ssu yo, next time, Samecchi will not lose, ssu.」

「It’s good to be brave, but don’t be reckless, Samecchi.
It’s not like you’re going to get another chance if it’s the real thing.」

It’s unclear whether Samecchi survived the explosion because she was an aquatic mysterious beings, or if it’s because Red held back and didn’t use its true strength.

But in Rintaro’s opinion, it was the latter.
As far as Rintaro knows, Kurenai Retto, aka Victor Red, is that kind of man.

If he had to describe Retto, it would be “a man who is too heroic”.

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Since his days at the Hero School, he had always been a fiery man who couldn’t read the atmosphere, but he doesn’t take lives unnecessarily, even if the opponent is a vicious mysterious being.
This is evident in his actions at the Ariake Pier, where he let the injured Samecchi and Swordminas go unharmed.

He is a guy who used the word ‘Hate the sin, not the people’ directly as a template.

With his hero-like humanity, he became the leader of the Victor Rangers with the strong support of the human rights group, overriding Rintaro, who was the top of the 49th class of the Hero School.
It can’t be denied that Rintaro was too unfitting to be chosen for this position.

He is a man who does not like to kill, which is a quality that Rintaro shares, but other than that, he is the complete opposite.

There is only one reason why this “naive man” would take provocative action against Ark Dominion.

「If you are going to call me out, I would have preferred it if it comes from a beautiful woman.」


“Yoyogi Park”

The park, where cherry blossoms beautifully in spring, greenery in the summer, and autumn leaves in the fall, is now tinged with the color of dying leaves.
In the past, this vast site was home to the army’s training grounds, where many men fought each other.

At the site of warriors’ dreams, Two men were confronting each other.

「Looks like you got my message, Death Green! Don’t worry, I’ve already cleared the area.
This is the perfect stage for us to decide our fate!」

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On the other hand, there was a handsome young man with brown skin covered in light sweat.
In his straight eyes, the soul of justice resides, and the red lotus flame burns brightly.

「Thank you for choosing me.
You wouldn’t be able to pay my appointment fee with your low monthly salary.」

The other was an unhealthy-looking young man with glasses.
His dirty eyes were stagnant like a swamp, filled with a darkness that was deeper than the abyss.

「And yet, you still took me up on my offer! First of all, thank you, Death Green!」

「I’m not one to accept fights when they’re offered to me, but I couldn’t say no in front of my boss.」

「The way you talk, you’re just like Green’s…… Rintaro’s living replica.
You will pay for the crime of killing Rintaro!」

「I am just going to say, you are also an accomplice in that.」

In contrast to the righteous indignation of Retto, Rintaro was motivated by his personal grudge.

Despite their differences, they have one thing in common.
They both have the sincere desire to beat the hell out of the other.

「「Victory change!」」

The two men’s shouts overlapped.
At the same time, their bodies were enveloped in red and green light.

「The red light that makes your heart roar, Victor Red! I will right you with the iron fist of justice!!」

「The ‘peace’-loving green light, Death Green.
For the sake of my peace, go to hell.」

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