The Huntress of Silvermore

Home: The Silvermore Town

The human kingdoms have always been known to have infertile soil and poor natural resources because the areas that we could conquer and claim as our own have been limited by the Elves and Vampires.

And unless we
e strong enough to overpower and throw those two races out of their homeland, we
e destined to not have access to their fertile lands and magical resources.

The Duopis Kingdom is still a comparatively fertile land, especially when compared to our neighbours to the west, the Unustria Kingdom, which is known to be a barren wasteland when it comes to the fertility of the soil or the abundance of resources.

The resources that are sometimes excavated out of Unustrian soil, however, are so exotic and rare that they often cause a bloodbath.

Anyway, the Duopis Kingdom is divided into two unequal halves. The eastern half is comparatively more fertile and is known as Leesmea. The capital of the Kingdom, a few more prosperous cities and towns, and the nobility of the Kingdom along with different types of ambassadors and messengers from all over the continent proudly call it their home.

It is, at the same time though, disregarded by our people for being artificial and superficial, not tied to the roots of human struggle that defines us.

By us, I mean the western half of the Duopis Kingdom, the Luopis Province, thats much more unstable, dangerous, and full of all sorts of people, with varied cultures and backgrounds.

To the people of Leesmea Province, other than the centralized eastern part, every other part of the Duopis Kingdom, the isolated hills, the barren mountains, and most of the cities, towns, villages, and settlements that constitute the Luopis province, are merely an extension of the Unustria wasteland, a desolate and infertile region.

Most of the Luopis province is actually situated in one such region, with dark crumbly soil that would barely allow crops to grow. Theres an atmosphere of mourning and desolation here that would always be there if it weren for the hubbub of human activity.

Most of the people around here have dark or wheatish skin due to being working and remaining in the sun all year round. Therefore, those with fair skins and tender hands are people that don have to work to earn their share, that is, the nobles, the aristocrats, and young ladies like me.

We are far away from the nobles though, almost as if we live in a different world.

The Silvermore town that I live in is at the border of the Luopis province, surrounded by trenches on two sides, making it harder for tourists and adventurers to reach us.

But still, the important officials, distinguished personages, and teachers, the people with relatively more significant positions among the humans, need to visit us occasionally for tributes, resources, and for recruiting manpower.

At first, this wasn an issue as the population of our town wasn that much but it gradually changed over the years when more and more people settled and retired here for peace and quiet.

Trading also needed to flourish because how else would we earn money and resources needed to sustain us.

Therefore, for people visiting the town for the first time or people with a poor sense of direction, or people that needed a sense of security around the region, a new type of job existed, that of a guide.

People would pay generous amounts to hire a guide to safely welcome them into the town, arrange their food and lodging, and help them contact people to trade.

Also for those that needed to pass by the town to go outside the province, guides proved to be of incredible help.

And so, when the townsmen saw the growing popularity of the profession, more and more of them became interested in it.

So much that in every 10 houses, there was bound to be a guide. Naturally, those with more reputation and credentials among the foreigners got more jobs and therefore, more money.

My father was one such person. He wasn a famous guide but he had managed to esta lish himself over time. He did his job honestly and sincerely, always managing to satisfy his clients, thereby earning more opportunities to meet more people and so on.

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