The Kings Novel

Opposite of Science, Reign

—South Outskirts, Lanima Region

After Alex was kicked by Dr. Inuim out of the Scope Secret Laboratory, he landed at the South Outskirts of Lanima Region, just outside of Dotun City.


The area around where Alex landed was destroyed, creating a semi-meteor packet. His back, arm, and leg were severely injured, luckily his bones—those that remain, stayed intact because the 3 serums he got increased the density and calcium per bone it has. It took him several minutes to heal. He then stood up after he was done healing.

”That hurts a lot, ” Alex thought as he slowly exits the packet that he landed on.

He then looked up to see if the SSL is still up but when he looked over nothing is above the skies apart from clouds.

”Ill avenge you, doctor, once I found out who those guys are, ” Alex said with devotion.

”I also fell from a very high place, literally, to the point that my clothes ripped when I landed, its still nighttime, I should find a place to hide, people might check out this place once they notice. I know Lanima Region has so many eyes, CCTVs, and cameras to be precise, ” Alex thought as he leaves the area he landed on.

He found a barn to stay for the night, though hes not sleepy, he just rested after what happened. He found clothes inside the barn, there is no one in the barn or owns the barn because they left after whats happening in the Dotun City currently—the owner brought the animals that were in the barn of course.

After sunrise, Alex left the barn with nothing but a white t-shirt and the long pants that he was wearing from the SSL.

He then saw what was happening in the Dotun City even just from afar.

”What in the world?! ” Alex was stunned.

The Dotun Citys sky is dark. Its as if the Dotun City has its own sky, there are even some buildings that look like they
e burned down, smoking.

”I need to see this up close. What in the world happened when I was away for 3 years?! ” Alex started running back to Dotun City.

”Why didn I see this last night? I technically have sharper senses than before, ” Alex asked himself as he runs back to the city.

”There are guards around the city? Is the situation in the city this bad? ” Alex thought, asking himself.

In just a few minutes of running because he was 10 times faster than before, he arrived at the Dotun City, and because the city is not allowing anyone from entering and exiting the city, he has to pass through the guards sneakily, and Alex passed through without them knowing because one of the skills that Dr. Inuim gave him is an assassins skills, how to be stealth.

”I can believe I managed to enter the city without them noticing me. Dr. Inuim, what else did you put in my head? ” Alex thought, asking Dr. Inuim in his mind.

He then entered the Dotun City successfully. Alex arrived at an area in Dotun City where clothes stores are prevalent.

”Lets see whats happening here, can I get to my house without getting in trouble? ” Alex thought, asking himself while navigating the area while hiding.

He then stumbled upon one of his favorite clothing brands of Scope Enterprise.

This clothing brand is one of the first businesses that helped Scope Enterprise to rise as one of the biggest tech companies, it funded its success and it is also one of the successful clothing brands in Lanima Region.

Alex went inside to check who was inside.

”Hello?! ” Alex asked after entering.

”Theres no one here? I hope its fine to take a few clothes to wear, it appears to be scavenged already, ” Alex thought.

He grabbed a green jacket with a hoodie. He then left the store and the general area.

”This feels nice, ” Alex said to himself after wearing the hooded jacket.

”Now, I can go around aimlessly, its better than wearing a t-shirt, ” Alex thought.

Since he was near the Southwest district of Dotun City, he went there first since Alexs house is in the Northwest district.

—Southwest district, Dotun City; Lanima Region

He then saw the area in a destroyed state, with roads cracked, buildings and houses abandoned, and tourist areas burnt to crisp.

”This place got trashed, where are the leader of Dotun City? Did the other Leaders of the Lanima Region just abandon this city? ” Alex thought.

”What horrid… ” Alex was reminded of the area before it was destroyed.

The Southwest district was once a beautiful place for tourists and thats how Alex sees the district for many years now.

”I feel bad now that I and mother only came here once, ” Alex thought, regretting not coming here more than once.

After a few minutes of him going around the district, two Reign users saw him.

”Whos that guy? ”

”Hell if I know? Hes still wearing a Scope jacket to this day so hes obviously a rouge Reigner that still supports that Scope bastard, ”

”I should just go home, is my house even up? ” Alex thought.

They then headed over to Alex.

They activated their Reigns and then jumped him. One can shoot bomb-type Reign and the other has fist-enhancing Reign, two of the common Reign amongst Reigners.

”Hmm? Two are eying on me and they
e moving fast, who the heck are they? ”
Alex thought after checking his surroundings and sensing danger.

”He saw us, lets go, ” the bomb Reign user went up to Alex.

”Right behind you, ” the fist-enhancing Reign user followed.

”Uh, oh, ” Alex thought after hearing their loud footsteps getting near him.

He then started running away.

”I haven fought other people in so long! 3 years to be precise! I don care if Im buffed as heck, I might get killed or kill the two of them! Doctor told me the robot training dummy I sparred with is 10x stronger than average humans to accommodate my new strength, so Im not going to find out if I can fight them or not! ” Alex thoroughly thought as he rans away from them.

The bomb Reigner then threw an orb of bomb at Alex.

”Hey! Get back here, Scope supporter! ”

The bomb then hit Alex.


Alex was then able to escape the bombs explosion since the explosion wasn as big as modern bombs. He exited the smoke that the bomb created.

”I thought it was going to be as powerful as Scope Bomb, I got scared there! What did they even use there? I can knock them down now. I might kill them if I go all out but thats on them since they attacked me first. Does Dotun Police still exist here? ” Alex thought, he then stopped running after the smoke dissipated.

The fist-enhancing Reign user then jumped on Alex while the bomb Reign user is providing long-range support.

e at least smart, is this guy running at me a close-range fighter? His fists are glowing too, what is this?! ”
Alex thought, asking himself as he assesses what they were planning.

Alex was never cunning, observing, and witty before, at least, not this fast because hes never been taught by her mother to have a quick reflex, the 3 Super-Soldier serum enhanced his minds quick thinking, decisiveness, and gain the muscle memories of a prime soldier—a Scope soldier whos trained in many martial arts, Scope weapons, and with 5 years of experience.

All of the abilities and skills that one gains from getting injected with Scope Super-Soldier serum are hidden from Lanima Regions leaders, they know of its existence.

When the fist-enhancing Reign user right punches Alex, Alex quickly parried it to the left with his left arm even though the Reign user has his arms enhanced with power. He then chops his neck, making him choke.

Alex left side kicks him back and he flew back because Alex accidentally kicked him with a little force.

”I didn mean for that, ” Alex thought.

”You bastard! ” The bomb Reign user then summoned 2 bombs and then threw them at Alex.

”Thats fast! Im not dodging this. Ill rely on you again, healing ability! Wait! I have this Scope Body! Can I block something this fast and has double the power of the bomb that this guy threw earlier? ” Alex thought, panicking but he found a quick solution.

He then blocked the 2 bombs using his right body, his Scope Body.

*boom* *boom*

When the bombs hit his right arm, his right body absorbed the center of the explosion.

”What the heck? ” Alex was surprised after seeing this.

”Why is it so weak? ” The bomb Reign user thought, asking himself why the bombs explosions are not as powerful.

Alexs right eye then showed him something. A digital text.

[New energy absorbed: Reign Energy, integrating new energy in Scope Body]

[New Reign identified: Expanding Orb – heats up everything inside the orb, heat decreases the more the orb expands; limit 10 feet]

[Would you like to include the description in the future?]

[Yes] [No]

”What in the world are these texts? Are these part of the Scope Body? Why didn Dr. Inuim tell me about this? ” Alex thought, asking himself as he was so confused about the texts he was seeing in his vision.

Alex then pressed the ”Yes ” option with his thought. The texts then moved out of his right vision, they all gathered to the side with one logo that he can still see, but it has less opacity than the ones earlier.

When they all moved out, Alex saw two more bomb orbs coming his way.

”So its not some sort of orb bomb, its Expanding Orb? It just looks like an orb bomb, do people have superpowers now!? ” Alex thought, asking himself.

He also blocked the two bomb orbs with his right body.

*boom* *boom*

”Its also the reason why I wasn pushed back by them, even the force was absorbed by my right arm. ” Alex thought after blocking two more bomb orbs.

[Reign Energy absorbed]

”Ill have to dig into this thing once Im done, lets try this Reign thing! But… how do I even use this? ” Alex thought.

Theres more text shown in his right vision after he thought of using the Reign that his arm absorbed.

[Using (Expanding Orb) Reign, do you want to use it (Telekinetically)?]

[Yes] [No]

”It doesn even know what the word telekinetically is? I guess thats to be expected since it only knows scientific lingo, this must be Dr. Inuims doing. Yes! ” Alex thought, he then answered the question to remove the texts in his right vision.

He then raised his right hand aimed at the Expanding Orb Reign user, using his thought, he telekinetically ordered the Expanding Orb to come out of his right hand and be launched at the Reign user, just as the smoke was about to dissipate.


”What!? ” The bomb Reign user was shocked to see his Reign be fired back at him, and he was expecting to fire another Expanding Orb at Alex.


”Why is that more powerful than his!? Did I kill him? ” Alex thought, worried that he mightve killed someone.

But because the Expanding Orb Reign user is not far, Alex saw his body gets launched at the back so he headed there to check if he was still alive.

”I know I knocked out the other guy with my chop and kick him back to regain my distance but I hope this guy didn die by his own powers, ” Alex mumbled to himself.

When he saw the Expanding Orb Reign user, Alex checked if he still has a pulse.

”Thank goodness, hes still okay, hes shocked from the heat of my Expanding Orb since its that big and its a bullseye too, its not even an explosive orb. Ill be leaving these guys be, I want to know about this Reign and Reign Energy, or whatever these texts are showing my right eye, ” Alex thought after checking the pulse of the Expanding Orb Reign user.

He then left them and looked for a hiding area.

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