The Kings Novel

Burst within

—Dotun City, Lanima Region

Welcome to Lanima Region, the biggest continent in the world where all humanity resides after World War 3 ended, a war that happened in the modern age, forcing humanity to unite in one continent after the enemy of Lanima Region destroyed the smaller continents.

But after World War 3 ended, 10 years have passed and the Lanima Region has been rebuilt, going back to its normal state.

The technological advancement of Lanima Region, at least in Dotun City, has been progressing, higher than before World War 3 halted their advancement, thats thanks to the Scope Enterprise, led by the Citys number 1 genius, Mr. Scope.

*Alarm rings*

”My head hurts…. ”

Of course, this is a story about the first King of the modern age, Alex Fury, or Alexander F. Hugo.

Alex then turned off his alarm after sitting on the side of his bed and putting his feet on the ground.

”I always have a headache whenever I wake up, ” Alex said to himself because he lives alone.

”Its because mother is gone, thats when it started, I will just have to get used to it. Well, time to do my morning training before breakfast, ” Alex thought, rubbing his eyes.

Alex stood up and headed to his training gym in his house, though its a small training gym, its enough for him since he and his mother are the only ones that used it. Though his mother is gone now.

Alexander F. Hugo, F for Furio, his mothers last name. Alex is currently 27 years old, every morning hes training the martial arts that his mother taught him his entire life every 3 hours in the morning, even after she died so that he can remember her every day.

His mother always taught him some values before she died 5 years ago so that he doesn stray from a kind mans path, he never smoked, barely drinks, never once huffed any illegal drugs his whole life, and he has no criminal records as well, though, with all that, he never has any extraordinary experience in his school life because he never had real friends, just acquaintances that can be contacted occasionally.

Alex headed to the kitchen to eat breakfast after doing an hour of training, after his mother died, he changed from 3 hours of training to one hour since his current job requires him to get more rest than ever.

”I know I should wake up with optimism because first, its Tuesday, second its because even though I was sleep deprived yesterday—I mean I always am since it was Monday yesterday, I got promoted. Im actually able to become the branchs Director even though Ive just been in the Scope Enterprise for 2 years, ” Alex said, still ecstatic as to what happened to him yesterday.

He was promoted to the Director because he was the first choice of the previous Director since Alex was the Assistant Director of the branch he is in, the S-12 Branch of the Scope Enterprise. He is one of the obvious choices.

The Scope Enterprise has 5 levels of branches, S, A, B, C, and D, each level have multiple divisions, S level has 12 divisions, A level has 19 divisions, B level has 26 divisions, C level has 33 divisions, and D level has 40 divisions, the lower the number, the higher the ranking, S-1 branch is the highest rank.

”Ever since Ive moved here in Dotun City with mother 12 years ago, things have been different in our lifestyle, after the World War 3 has ended, its amazing to see the Lanima Region evolve, especially in the Dotun City, ” Alex said to himself while eating breakfast.

”Im always going to these thoughts every morning, I should just take my shower and leave, the others in the office are waiting for me, ” Alex thought, infuriated that hes always in these thoughts whenever he wakes up every morning.

Alex then went to his bathroom to shower, it took him about a few minutes, after he was done showering, he headed out to put on his office clothes, and then left after getting his bag.

He heads to his garage to get the motorbike he uses every day to go to the S-12 branch and go home after his job is done for the day.

”I will have to get this to the motor cleaning place this Saturday, its getting a bit dusty. ” Alex went on the motorbike and left his house afterward.

His house is just close to the S-12 branch, luckily for him, after World War 3 ended, the S levels divisions of Scope Enterprise are near the Hugo familys house. But back then, when he first applied to the Scope Enterprise, he always have to travel his first year in the company to go to the first division he was sent to, D-38.

Because Alex was an outstanding student in his school times, he was able to rise up in the ranks of the Scope Enterprise that his ingenious was too much for them to handle that they have to send him to the lowest position of the S-12 branch after just 6 months, something anyone outside the S level will kill to get.

After just a few minutes, Alex arrived at the S-12 branch, he then put his motorbike on auto-drive to have it self-park.

The technological advancement of Lanima Region has risen to the point that auto-pilot and auto-drive are common things, oil is not the most used energy source in the world, but rather, its the Suns radiation.

Alex entered the S-12 branch and the first thing he saw are many obvious masked criminals, taking hostage on the first floor of the building.

”I thought this is just a rumor, it can be easily taken care of in just a day after Scope soldiers intervened, I didn think that it was real, ” Alex thought, astonished to see it.

He also saw that the guards behind the side wall are waiting for an opportunity.

”Mr. Hugo is here! He will definitely get caught up by this! ” The guard was worried for Alex since they know he had just become the Director of the S-12 branch.

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