The Kings Novel

His Perspective

—S-12 Building; Dotun City, Lanima Region

Everyone inside the S-12s top floors have already evacuated, Alex, on the other hand, was the only one left on the floor where the explosion occurred, the higher-ups of the Scope Enterprise requested a CCTV check on what actually occurred, and they also requested a CCTV check on the neighboring buildings of S-12.

When they saw what happened in the meeting room when the explosion happened through the CCTV footage, they were all surprised, so they
e obliged to report this to Mr. Scope.

”Is that really what happened? ” Mr. Scope asked.

”Yes, Sir, it was ludicrous until a witness showed up to confirm this, she was also the mans close friend, ”

”Interesting… Find his body, even if the debris buried him and his organs are destroyed, we can still recover him, he deserved that much treatment. Gather the S-1 Rescuers and find his body, even if its not in one piece, and take it to the SSL, Dr. Inuim will take care of him, ”

”Yes, Sir! ”

The S-1 Rescuers were all gathered and were given the mission to find Alexs body on the top floors of the S-12 building.

And after a few hours of searching have passed…

”Leader, I think this is him, ”

”Hmm? Does the DNA match? ”

”Yes, also, hes the only one thats left here on these top floors as the witnesses told us, ”

”Right… Lets take him to the SSL, ”

They then left the S-12 building after recovering Alexs body.

—Scope Secret Laboratory

After Alexs body was recovered by the S-1 Rescuers, he was taken to the Scope Enterprises most advanced laboratory ever, funded and supported by Mr. Scope himself. The Scope Secret Laboratory, or the SSL, not even the Lanima Regions Leaders know about it.

”What happened to him? ” Dr. Inuim asked the ones that delivered Alexs body, hes also looking over his biography.

The deliverer gave a tablet that contains what happened. ”Explosion happened, he saved everyone before becoming like this, I don even know if hes alive, anyway, thats all that Mr. Scope told us to do, well be on our way, ” he said.

The deliverers then left the SSL.

”The SSL is supposed to be Mr. Scopes laboratory where his greatest invention and ideas are made, why does he want us to revive this person? ” Dr. Inuim thought, asking himself.

Dr. Inuim then saw what happened to Alex in the S-12 building and how Alex saved the people in the explosion.

He saw Alex levitate in the air after he was blasted by the explosion, at the same time. He stopped the explosion and the debris around them with just nothing but his thoughts—his arms are raised 90° while his hands are clawed, giving everyone on the floor enough time to evacuate.

”His eyes are also glowing white, what in the world did he do? Its fortunate that even if CCTVs are destroyed, their data can still be recovered through the buildings servers. So this is the reason why Mr. Scope wants him revived, okay, lets see how long it will take us to revive this man, Alexander F. Hugo, ” Dr. Inuim thought, putting down the tablet that the deliverer gave him.

He then opened the labs broadcast mic. ”All scientists with S badges, please enter the main lab, all scientists with A badges prepare to be called once you
e needed,
” Dr. Inuim said, informing the scientists in the SSL.

And so, all scientists with S badges went inside the main lab of Dr. Inuim, the A-badged scientists get ready so that if they
e called.

The Scope Secret Lab is filled with scientists, all with Ph.D. Degree on their belts, but not all of them have the same level of knowledge and experience so Mr. Scope has to categorize them based on those two aspects, there are S, A, B, and C badges. Dr. Inuim has an S+ badge, which means hes the one that oversees the other scientists work and leads Mr. Scopes experiment.

”Dr. Inuim, who is this man? ”

”Hes Mr.Hugo, Ive sent your tablets about his details, why hes here, and what happened to him, the TLDR is that Mr. Scope wants him alive, right now, we put him in a suspended coma, delaying his death to a half a day, so thats our deadline, ” Dr. Inuim said, answering his wifes question.

The scientists then checked their tablets and read about Alexs document. They all then started working with Dr. Inuim leading the project.

Though they started immediately and were able to save Alex in just a few hours, Alex is still in a coma even after his body was recovered and treated.

”Why is he still unconscious? ”

”Mr. Hugo still needs time to recover not just the constant flow of his brains electrons but also his consciousness, have you forgotten about the concept of consciousness, Doctor? ” Dr. Inuim said, asking his wife after answering her question.

”I have not forgotten about that, Dr. Inuim, ”

Mr. Scope almost proved his theory, that all human in the world has a separate consciousness thats away from their body but still has control over it, but this is far from being proven because Mr. Scope can find concrete proof, only theories for it, the Leaders of the Lanima Region categorized it as a concept, ” Dr. Inuims wife thought.

”It was not his greatest failure yet because hes still working on it. And right now, Alexs consciousness should still be around where the explosion happens, it still needs to find his brain, which is here. It might take years but we will watch over his body, for now, ” Dr. Inuim thought.

The SSL scientists continued to watch over and take care of Alexs fully recovered body, even until 3 years have passed.

”The Dotun City is in shambles, do you think Mr. Scope is alright? ” Dr. Inuims wife asked him.

”He always is, though he sent a message to us 3 months ago saying hes doing well, we still need to hope that everything will turn out okay there, if we show ourselves there, we will invite nothing but trouble, especially Mr. Hugo is still not yet conscious, ” Dr. Inuim said, answering his wifes question and worry.

”Hes our only project left here after Mr. Scope told us to send back everything he told us to work on except for Mr. Hugo, cutting off our connections with him, I don know why the sudden cutoff but I believe its for the best, ” he thought.

Even though that happened, Mr. Scope is still giving them supplies to live comfortably while in the Scope Secret Laboratory, like electricity, water, internet, and food.

A few hours passed and Alex then woke up.

Alex opened his eyes. ”Ugh… My head hurts, what happened to me? ” He asked himself as he sits down.

”I feel so tall and heavy, did I gain weight by just sleeping? ” Alex thought, asking himself.

Alex is covered in a blanket, so when he sat down on the right side of his bed after waking up, he saw his right body.

”My right body is robotic? Thats why I can feel it, I thought it was numb, what the heck happened to me?! ” Alex thought, surprised.

”Now that I noticed, the rest of my body doesn make sense. Since when did I become this buffed? ” Alex asked himself even more.

He then checked his face if something changed, when his right arm touched his right face, it clanged.

”Don tell me half of my face is robotic as well? It feels weird controlling my right body, I feel absolutely nothing, ” Alex thought, asking himself again.

When he looked over to the right, where a table is, he saw a mirror so he took it to check what he looks like.

”My hair is long, how long have I been asleep? ” Alex said, asking himself.

”This technology on me is very modern, I haven heard of this design before, I wonder if this is still Scope Enterprises technology, ” Alex thought, guessing.

”Their design is high-class too, ” Alex said.

Outside his room looking over at the one-way glass, the scientists are all surprised that Alex is awake.

”Dr. Inuim, Mr. Hugo is now awake, ”

”Give me his status in a tablet quickly, I will have to check his vitals, ” Dr. Inuim said.

”Right away, ”

”This is amazing, after 3 years of not waking up, he looks like he just slept one night, ” Dr. Inuim thought.

He then took the tablet from the doctor that is monitoring Alex and then entered his room.

”Their design is high-class too, ” Alex said.

Dr. Inuim heard him say that. ”Of course, its Scope Tech, the function is one thing but there is a whole different section of Scope Enterprise that designs the form of Scope Tech, ” he said as he approaches him.

”So it is Scope Technology, ” Alex thought.

”Ugh? May I ask who you are, doctor? ” Alex asked.

”I assume hes a doctor since hes wearing a white coat, he also has a Scope Tablet! Which is the first time Im seeing it since I heard it was just a prototype, ” Alex thought as he looks closely at Dr. Inuim.

”Im called Dr. Inuim, Im the head of this lab, at least, the general consensus treats me as such, your name is Alexander F. Hugo, F for Furio from your mother, you were 58 ” before, now, with the serums we injected you for your healing process, it increased your height to 63 ”, ” Dr. Inuim told Alex as he looks over at his tablet.

”Wait, what? How is that possible? ” Alex asked as he was surprised.

”What do you mean? ” Dr. Inuim asked him first confused by his expression.

e telling me you
e able to make a serum that can not only help with my healing process but also make me taller? And this buffed? I haven lifted any weights my entire life, doctor, so this is surprising for me, ”
Alex asked him, elaborating on his question.

”If Im this knowledgeable about Scope Tech, Ill be able to reach above S-12 branch, but apparently there are a lot more things that I don know of about Scope Tech and the Scope Enterprise entirely, ” Alex thought.

”How about we start from the beginning? Can you stand, Mr. Hugo? ” Dr. Inuim asked him.

”I think so, ” Alex said.

He then tried standing up but when he did, he almost fell, Dr. Inuim caught him.

”I guess thats too much to ask. ” Dr. Inuim took out a pole for him to use, ”here, use this pole, for now, well work on your rehabilitation later, follow me, ” he said, heading to the right side of Alexs room, where the computer of the room is.

”Im way too tall for what Im used to, I will definitely need to rehab, though I wonder how much I need to pay them, I technically died to that missile explosion, and they revived me. Wait? The missile explosion! ” Alex thought, he then remembered about the missile explosion.

”Doctor! Can I ask about the missile that hit us? In the building, it is I who saw that missile, did you find out who shot that missile? ” Alex asked Dr. Inuim.

”What missile, Mr. Hugo? There is only an explosion that occurred, that was right in front of you, ” Dr. Inuim asked, confused about what Alex said.

”What is he talking about? ” Alex thought, asking himself.

He then turned on the computer and searched for the CCTV footage, when he found it, he quickly opened the footage, Alex saw from multiple angles the S-12 building, even on the inside, there is no missile that hits the building, and the explosion is what the CCTV caught.

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