The Kings Novel

Hugo\'s Past

—Scope Secret Laboratory

”Theres no way, ” Alex said, surprised at what he saw.

”It seems like I was the one crazy, Im the only one that saw the missile, everyone, even the CCTVs, only saw the explosion, am I going crazy? Is that a cause of me flashing my life before my eyes? ” Alex thought, having an existential crisis in his head.

”Are you okay? ” Dr. Inuim asked him.

”Im fine, I think I just hallucinated that time, ” Alex said, trying to deny what he saw.

”It feels real because the reason I saw that missile coming is by hearing it hiss, ” Alex thought.

”So, you were asking about your body being that big, sit down first, ” Dr. Inuim insisted Alex to sit down, ”we already have the Scope body for the human body replacement project, we
e just looking for the right person to use it with, you were ordered to be sent here by Mr. Scope and be treated so we used the opportunity.

Your right body was fully torn off the moment you got here so we used the right Scope body, but your left body wasn in the same shape as the Scope body, and its a bit injured too, so we used the Super Soldier serums to not just heal your remaining flesh body, but also buff it to the same shape as the Scope body, ” Dr. Inuim explained to Alex, showing him a diagram of his bodys growth in the Super Computer.

”These are loaded information even though the doctor did his best to summarize whats happening, this was supposed to be very complicated. I guess theres a reason why hes the head of this laboratory, ” Alex thought.

”Before we continue, doctor, where are we? ” Alex asked Dr. Inuim.

”Right, I just threw you a lot of information out of nowhere, we
e in SSL, have you heard of that name before, Mr. Hugo? ”
Dr. Inuim said, asking him.

”SSL? Ive only heard about it before from other higher-ups from higher S branches whenever I visit them, though they all quietly talk about it, Scope Secret Laboratory, ” Alex said, answering Dr. Inuims question.

Dr. Inuim then changed the Computers display. ”Its a big laboratory but its still hidden over the Lanima Region, Mr. Scope developed this lab away from the Lanima Regions Leaders eyes, he is the genius of Lanima Region so they will definitely want and demand his technology, we are his secret assistants in developing Scope Technology, ” he explained to Alex further about the SSL.

”That makes sense. Lets go back to my body. You said that you used Super-Soldier serums on my body to match the Scope body, how many of those did you use to match it? ” Alex said, asking Dr. Inuim.

”We used 3 Super-Soldier serum, one is more than enough to strain a normal humans body, but because your body wasn growing to the shape of the Scope body with just 1, we need to use 3, its like your body was eating all of our serums, thats why now. ” Dr. Inuim took out his pen, ”your healing is this fast. ” He then grabbed Alexs arm with it.

He stabbed his pen onto Alexs arm.

”Aw! ” Alex shouted out of reflex because his nerves think that it was still his old nerves.

His arms stab then healed in just a split second.

”What? ” Alex was surprised at how fast his healing was.

e healing became so fast that its abnormal, you
e not overhealing, and you
e not clotting from the inside as well, so no signs of issues on that. ”
Dr. Inuim opened a video file, ”after we injected you 3 Super Solder serums that cost about a billion Nen, we saw how fast your healing was in real-time, ” he said.

”A billion Nen!? ” Alex thought, shocked by their price.

[Nen is Lanima Regions global money, inspired by the name Yen]

Alex saw the video footage of his healing speed in real-time, this footage has no editing processing because the other scientists in the footage are doing something at the same time.

”This is crazy, that adds more surprises, ” Alex said.

”Does that mean Im now practically unkillable or something? But humans healing ability works if the heart and brain are working, did they keep both my heart and brain alive after the incident? ” Alex thought, asking himself.

”Adds more surprises for him, I guess one of them is the fact that he said that he saw a missile that caused the explosion, ” Dr. Inuim thought.

”Are you still thinking about that missile you mentioned? ” Dr. Inuim asked Alex.

”Does it show, doctor? ” Alex asked, rhetorically.

”You looked and sounded bothered for sure, do you want us to scan your head pertaining to the event of the explosion, on what you saw? ” Dr. Inuim said, asking him after answering his rhetorical question.

”I didn know Scope Tech can do that now, is that possible for me? ” Alex said, asking Dr. Inuim.

”Mr. Scope is good at hiding technologies like this. We don have the technology now since Mr. Scope took it after he severed connections with him, but because you have our technology, we can scan your mind through our Super Computer, ” Dr. Inuim said, answering his question.

They then went to the rehabilitation room to help Alex recover his movement and reflexes after sleeping for 3 years while they scan Alexs mind through his right face thats connected to the SSLs Super Computer.

While Alex is doing his Physical Therapy, the scientists in the Super Computer of the rehabilitation room saw Alexs perspective of the explosion.

”Dr. Inuim, we found the data, ”

Dr. Inuim headed to his side to see what he found. ”What do you got for me, doctor? ” He asked the scientist that found the data of Alexs memory of his death.

He also saw the miscellaneous information in the Super Computer.

”Removing the data we implanted on Alexs head, the total storage of his mind is estimated to be 500 terabytes of storage? Jeez, what is his knowledge for having that much data in his head? ” Dr. Inuim thought, asking as he was amazed by how much was in his head.

They then saw the missile that Alex was mentioning to them.

”So what hes saying about the missile was true, why didn all the footage see this? ” Dr. Inuim said, asking them.

”Maybe its a holographic image thats directed to Mr. Hugo, ”

”Maybe? Let me call him, ” Dr. Inuim said.

He called Alex in. After just a couple of hours of Physical Therapy, he was able to walk normally.

”Did they find my perspective of that explosion? Not even noticing, Im surprised that it only took me a few hours to be able to walk normally again, it does feel weird to be taller than the past me, ” Alex thought.

When Alex went to see the footage from his mind. ”Is this what you saw, Mr. Hugo? ” Dr. Inuim asked him.

”It is! I also remember that theres a logo on the side of the missile, can you check what that is? Can the Super Computer render it through my memory even though it was hazy for me? ” Alex said, requesting them to check the missiles sides from his memory.

”Thats possible, give me a minute, ”

The scientist then enhanced the image of the missile that Alex saw. Only an L logo was shown.

”Its not a flashy logo but its a simple one, reverse search the image, doctor, ” Dr. Inuim told the operator of the Super Computer.

”On it, ”

The scientist then reverse searched the L logo. To their surprise, there are no results of the L logo.

”Thats definitely weird, nobody adapted to an L logo like this before? Thats impossible, ” Dr. Inuim said.

”Do you remember a logo like this before in your life, Mr. Hugo? Maybe its something related to that? ”

”I don , theres nothing that comes up on the top of my head? Its not like Ive offended anyone in my life too, ” Alex said, answering the scientists question.

”Thats to be expected since you will not be promoted to an S branchs Director if he has past records like that, how about you go back to your therapy, Alex, well take care of this, for now, ” Dr. Inuim said.

Alex then went back to his therapy, though it doesn seem necessary to continue it for the entire day because hes already back on his two feet and hes moving as normally as before. So they had Alex do some exercises.

The scientists told him to do training exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups. He also did some running in the gym area so that he can do the exercises freely.

”1000 push-ups in just 10 minutes, 750 pull-ups in 10 minutes, 500 sit-ups in 10 minutes, and 10km run in 20 minutes, ”

”He could do more but I guess he decided to restrain himself since he will be doing a lot of exercises and testing, ” Dr. Inuim said.

They did a few more tests. Alex then liked the sparring test with the Scope RTD or robot training dummy, they mainly used this as their labs guard/assistant, but they used one to evaluate Alexs Martial Arts skills.

”What is this, doctor? ” Alex asked Dr. Inuim.

”Its a Scope RTD, its used to be called SSL Guard or assistant to help us with tasks we can handle, but to evaluate your Martial Arts skills, at least the ones we put in your head, we decided to use this, ” Dr. Inuim said while preparing the Scope RTD.

When the Scope RTD activated and the scientists went to the side to look at the monitor, the Scope RTD did a standard fighting stance.

”So should I just fight it or something? ” Alex asked, doing a stance as well.

”Yes, it will only fight once you started, so take your time if you aren used to things like this, Mr. Hugo, although weve seen your capabilities in combat before so this will not be something new for us, ” Dr. Inuim said, answering Alexs question.

”Okay, that seems simple but not really since I need to attack it first to start the fighting, ” Alex thought.

”Whenever you
e ready, Mr. Hugo, the Scope RTD is waiting for your initiation, ”
Dr. Inuim said.

”Lets see what this RTD is capable of, ” Alex thought.

He then started the fight. He first used his newly learned Karate, starting with a straight right punch. But the RTD dodged and also used Karate at Alex.

Alex tried all types of Martial Arts that he got from the SSL, many Kung-Fu styles, the two types of Taekwondo, WTF and ITF, and others more, even the ones that involve weapons.

Its sufficed to say that Alex had fun with this because his stamina almost has no limits, sparring with the RTD for almost a whole day as well.

”Mr. Hugo, I don know how long youll be sparring with the Scope RTD but weve already gathered all the information that we needed to gather from your Martial Arts, all the ones we implanted on your head, we will head to our offices, if you want to continue sparring here, well leave you be, ” Dr. Inuim explained, bringing his tablet with him.

The other scientists have already headed to their offices.

”Okay, Ill stay here for a while, ” Alex said.

Dr. Inuim then left him in the gym area.

”This thing is complex, it will follow my pattern and use the same Martial Arts Im using, but it gets weakened and slower the more I hit it, what will happen if I use the Martial Arts that my mother taught me? I don know its name so it will be interesting to see how the RTD will react, ” Alex thought, predicting.

”Lets continue, ” Alex said to the RTD.

The Scope RTD went on its stance, and Alex also went on his stance as well, but this time, the RTD can recognize Alexs stance since only Alex and his mother are masters of it. At least, thats what the RTD is struggling with at the moment.

Alex then charged at the Scope RTD.

The Martial Arts of Alexs mother create subtle waveforms following Alexs hands as he moves. This wasn happening before but because he is stronger and faster than before, this occurred.

[Can recognize Martial Arts reporting to Dr. Inuim]

Alex continues to fight the RTD. The RTD is struggling to fight back because its shuffling through multiple Martial Arts to combat Alexs Martial Arts. But the RTD was too late, it was already weakened by Alexs consecutive attacks using his mothers Martial Arts.

”It can fight back, I guess thats to be expected even the Shaolin Monks that I talked to don know this Martial Arts, well, time to end this, ” Alex thought.

He was continuously attacking the Scope RTD with palm strikes, chops, and claw strikes, even backhand strikes, to end Alexs continuous attacks, he has to do a fist hand and punch the RTD with any kind of punch.

When Alex hit the RTD with his side punch, all the waveforms that his hand created were absorbed by Alexs fist, increasing his punchs power depending on how long the waveform is, and Alex created a very long waveform after continuously attacking the Scope RTD.

In Dr. Inuims office. ”The Scope RTD can recognize Mr. Hugos Martial Arts? ” He asked himself after seeing the RTDs report on his tablet.

”Is it mentioning the one he used to fight the kidnappers in the back in the S-12 branch 3 years ago? ” Dr. Inuim thought, asking himself.

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