The Kings Novel

Cosmic Surge Event

—Scope Secret Laboratory.

Alex slept in his room after ogling at the clouds that were shown in the Clouds room for a few hours than Dr. Inuim, even though he just got 3 hours of sleep, its enough to fill up his energy because the serums he got boosted his stamina many times more than an average human.

While the scientists of the SSL are having a meeting after analyzing the missile that they saw in Alexs mind, where Alex saw a missile hitting the S-12 building while the surveillance cameras are only able to capture a normal explosion, enough to destroy the floors where Alex is.

e able to identify the missile using the full capacity of their Super Computer.

”So it would seem that these things are targeting Mr. Hugo even before he was a child? ” Dr. Inuim asked the scientists that are able to identify the missile.

”Yes, when he was 12 with his mother, looking at Mr. Hugos memories again, after the events of the Lanima War, the Hugo family in downtown Dotun City was attacked. This is footage of it even though it was blurry, the Super Computers were able to enhance it, the group that attacked their backyard has the same theme, colors, and accent as the missile that Mr. Hugo saw that day, ” One of the scientists explained.

”The group wasn seen after that, only him and his mother are unharmed, I believe its one of the reasons why they have to leave the downtown and move to the main city of Dotun, where its busy, ”

”So its some sort of trouble that involves his mother, who is his mother anyway? ” Dr. Inuim thought.

”Do we have a full biography about Mr. Hugos mother? ” Dr. Inuim asked the scientists.

”Thats… a problem, doctor, ”

”Why? ” Dr. Inuim asked.

”Our Super Computer can find all of the files about Mrs. Furio, in Mr. Hugos files, her name is just that, Mrs. Furio, ”

”Theres no way hes mistaken, hes an S-badged scientist, ” Dr. Inuim thought.

”Can I see what the results you got? ” Dr. Inuim asked the scientist.

”Here. ” The scientist sent the full PDF of the site that the scientists Super Computer to Dr. Inuims tablet.

”He even has more results by modifying the search engine, searching other blood-related relatives, how are her mother and other of his relatives are unknown? It seems like only Mr. Hugo is the only Furio and Hugo in this world, ” Dr. Inuim thought.

He then closed his tablet. ”If we keep him any longer, Mr. Hugo will bring disaster to not just this place that Mr. Scope has poured his heart and soul in, but also to all of us, we will end tests on Mr. Hugo tomorrow, and tomorrow night, you all will leave, head to the place that is Mr. Scope settled for our retirement, do I make myself clear? ” He explained, asking the scientists.

”Yes, ”

”What about you, Dr. Inuim? ” His wife asked him.

”I will send Mr. Hugo out, I will collect all of Mr. Scopes data and experiments, I will follow after, don worry, doctor, I don want to die as well, ” Dr. Inuim said, answering her question and her worries, kissing her.

Some of them went back to sleep, the others gathered up their things before the next day arrived.

”Will we be working after all this? ” Dr. Inuims wife asked while they were in bed ready to sleep.

”Do you want to retire, doctor? This is your choice, ” Dr. Inuim asked her first.

”I want to, but I know for myself that if I will, I will leave a lot of gap in my life since we offered so little for Mr. Scope even though hes done a lot of things for us, ” she said, answering Dr. Inuim.

”Then you already have the answer, I will work for Mr. Scope till my death, if thats alright with you, honey, ” Dr. Inuim said.

”I have no qualms about it, honey, ” his wife said, responding to his words.

They then slept for the night.

The next day arrived, and Dr. Inuim and the other scientists went on with their final tests, even though they still had more to test on Alex, they have to shorten their tests to the essential ones.

”Mr. Hugo, once the test of this day is done, we will need you to move out, we aren pushing you out of the lab, we just need you to move to Mr. Scopes lab since we have nothing to test you with now, our resources are limited, ” Dr. Inuim informed Alex while hes taking a break from hours of testing.

”Is that so? Then that means Im meeting him, how will I get to his lab? ” Alex asked him.

”Well, we don have any transportation vehicle to take you there, only a way to get down this laboratory safely, and once you
e out of here, therell be no way back up, so we will give you all of the information you will need, ”
Dr. Inuim said, answering Alexs question.

”I guess it makes sense, the SSL looks to be a very small lab, even though its far more advance than any other labs, Mr. Scope has more resources than them, and he can basically recreate this in his lab, I wonder how rich Mr. Scope is? Considering he owns 90% of the Dotun Citys land, Im sure hes richer than the Lanima Regions Leaders combined, ” Alex thoroughly thought while wiping his sweats.

Dr. Inuim went back to the other scientists. ”Aren you telling him about the Dotun Citys current situation? ” His wife asked him.

”He needs to see that first hand, hes adult enough to find that out for himself, he will need to find Mr. Scopes lab on his own, all we can do is give him directions, ” Dr. Inuim thought, he then drank his coffee.

e already done with the tests, doctor, ”

”Alright, lets finish this up so that we can end early! ” Dr. Inuim said.

After several more hours, nighttime has arrived.

The scientists of SSL all gathered in the Escape room, gathering around the SEB, Scope Escape Bus, a flying bus that Mr. Scope designed where it is programmed to fly them to their retirement place.

”Well see you soon, doctor, ”

”Be quick, honey, ” Dr. Inuims wife said before they leave.

”I will, honey. Now, hurry on up, Ill send you out, ” Dr. Inuim said.

All the scientists entered the SEB and then Dr. Inuim sent them out, the SEB detached itself from the Scope Secret Laboratory, and it flew to their retirement place.

”Now, Ill go see Mr. Hugo, ” Dr. Inuim said to himself after sending out the scientists.

Alex is staying in the Cloud room for the last time, watching the clouds above for the last time.

Dr. Inuim entered the Cloud room. ”Mr. Hugo, here is a Scope device, this will show you the way to Mr. Scopes lab, and also some of the experiments weve done that we can send online are in there, Ill depend on you to be able to send that to him, ” he said, giving Alex a Scope phone.

Scope Enterprises phone is the modern phone that almost all Lanima residents own now, they never have to replace their phones since batteries and storage are replaceable, and the chipset of their phones all have the same 1.5nm speed since any update from 1nm to 2nm are practically unnoticeable, RAMs are stuck to 32GB, and they only have to wait for software updates—they can even choose their own operating software. Almost all Lanima residents have had their Scope phones for almost a decade now.

”I remember that these phones can be practically internally changed by how advanced the software and the hardware of these phones are, ” Alex thought after taking the Scope phone.

”What do I tell him once I met him? ” Alex asked Dr. Inuim.

”Show him that phone and tell him that Dr. Inuim sent you, apart from the scientists here, he is the only one in Lanima Region that knows me so he will recognize that name immediately. Are you ready to leave now? ” Dr. Inuim said, asking him.

”Yes, ” Alex said.

”He doesn own anything here so I guess thats why he didn carry many items with him, ” Dr. Inuim thought.

When Alex stood up and was about to leave the room with Dr. Inuim, he sensed danger from the outside of the Cloud room.

Alex looked over the outside to check. ”Hmm? ” He asked himself.

”Am I going crazy? All of my senses hiked up, is that just me? ” Alex thought, asking himself.

”Whats wrong, Mr. Hugo? ” Dr. Inuim asked.

A big jet then appeared in front of the Cloud room facing it, revealing itself, Alex noticed the same logo as the missile that killed him on the jet.

”What!? ” Dr. Inuim shouted, shocked.

The jet then shot them the same missile that killed Alex. Alex recognized the missile in just a split second before hitting them.

”Doctor! ” Alex shouted as he jumps on Dr. Inuim to protect him and get him away from the explosion.


The Cloud rooms big window was destroyed.

Alexs back was burnt and exploded by the missile. But because he has 3 Super Soldier serums, his back quickly healed that Alex didn notice he was injured by the explosion.

”Doctor! Are you okay!? ” Alex asked.

Dr. Inuim took out his tablet to check the SSL surveillance. ”Im fine, the lab is surrounded, you need to leave, Mr. Hugo, ” he told him.

”No! Im not leaving you, ” Alex shouted.

Someone from the jet then jumped over at them. Alex quickly looked back but the being that jumped over shoved him to the side using his single-shot Derringer.

Alex was concussed but only a few seconds because his healing ability returned him back to normal.

”YOU ARE A TRAITOR OF THIS WORLD FOR REVIVING A SUCCESSOR, FOR THAT, YOU SHALL DIE, ” the being then aimed his single-shot Derringer at Dr. Inuims head.

After Alex saw this, he quickly grabbed a piece of debris that was enough to stop the beings single-shot Derringer. He then threw it in the middle of Dr. Inuims head and the Derringer.


The debris then stopped the beings single-shot Derringer, after that, Alex quickly charged forward, push kicking the being back.

”Mr. Hugo, you need to leave this lab, you
e their target, ”
Dr. Inuim said.

”No, we
e leaving here, where are the other scientists? ”
Alex asked him.

”Ive already sent them out since we predicted this will happen, your escape is our top priority, you need to go now! ” Dr. Inuim shouted.

”Predicted? They know this will happen!? Why did they not tell me earlier? ” Alex thought, asking himself.

”No!! I can let that happen now that I have the power to do so! ” Alex shouted back.

”No, Alex! My life is not important, you are our greatest experiment, you dying here or not escaping this situation will be our greatest failure, do you understand? ” Dr. Inuim said, asking him.

The being stood up and then punched Alex. Alex quickly blocked it, he also Push kicked Dr. Inuim to push him away from the fight.


”Unawakened Successor? What is he talking about? ” Alex thought, asking himself.

The being then aimed his Derringer at Alexs chest as he stands up.


”Alex! ” Dr. Inuim shouted in worry.

Alex stayed stood up after getting shot, his chest was then healed.

”NO… ”

”It looks like he has a single-shot Derringer but that was a lie, is that some sort of energy gun that has flame bullets, its the same as Scopes Laser gun. But thats stronger than this guys gun, ” Alex thought.

He charged at the being. The being attempted another shot but Alex blocked it with his right arm, they then went to close combat.

Although the being is well-experienced in close combat because hes a warrior under a greater being following orders for many years, and all of them are successes. But it does not match Alexs mastery of many Martial Arts that he was given by Dr. Inuim.

Alex then was able to overpower him using Hugo Style. He grabbed the being and threw him, while his in the air, Alex clenched his fist and punched him, blasting him back at his jet, to the jets right-wing, destroying the jet.


”Get back on your jet, thats for killing me. Oh, right! There are more surrounding us, ” Alex thought.

”Doctor, lets go, we need to leave this lab, ” Alex said as he lifts Dr. Inuim up.

But he noticed Dr. Inuim was bleeding, though the debris that Alex threw was enough to stop the Derringers shot, it was still redirected to his stomach.

”No, you need to leave me here, *cough*, ” Dr. Inuim said as he is struggling.

”So he was shot by that guys Derringer! ” Alex thought.

”Come on, we need you to be treated, ” Alex said as he tries to aid him.

e such a kind person, Mr. Hugo, ”
Dr. Inuim said.

He then shoved Alexs arms that are assisting him, Dr. Inuim then Push kicked Alex with all of his remaining power. Dr. Inuim has the same form as Alexs Hugo Style because its the same Martial Arts he knows.

”What?! ” Alex was surprised that Dr. Inuim was strong enough to Push kick him by a few meters.

Alex then fell down the Scope Secret Laboratory from the Cloud room.

”DOCTOR!!! ” Alex shouted at the top of his lungs.

”Hes strong enough to survive that, Im sure hell be fine, ” Dr. Inuim thought.

While Alex fell, he watches so many jets destroying the SSL, he watched as it gets destroyed while he escapes, nothing he can do… but watch.

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