The Kings Novel

New Energy Absorbed?

3 years ago…

—Nansiga Province, Lanima Region

In a province thats in the middle of Dotun City, Nansiga Province is now the Center of Dotun City after the founders of Dotun City didn notice that a province lies within the area that the city covers and theyve found out about the province of Nansiga 5 years after theyve built the city, they left the middle of the city empty because they thought of building the city hall there after they
e done building the other parts of the city.

Ignorant founders… anyway, 3 years before Alexs death and revival, the Nansiga Province held an Amateur Tech Convention for aspiring inventors that will shape the future of Lanima Region.

Conventions for Technology like these are always supported by the Lanima Regions leaders including the head of the Scope Enterprise, Mr. Scope because after the Lanima War that took place 18 years ago, almost all of Lanima Regions technology was destroyed.

Though theyve already recovered all of them now and became more advanced than before, the Lanima Regions leaders want more.

One of those aspiring inventors is from Nansiga Province. He is able to create two transportation portals that allow for two-way travel, thats why his technology was funded more than the other aspiring inventors that have lackluster technologies, building techs that have already been invented before.

So its not a surprise that his invention was the core of the Amateur Tech Convention in Nansiga Province.

But when it was time for the presentation, a small error happened… that led to one of Dotun Citys biggest events.

One of the operators of the two-way portal in the authorized room is dealing with issues so the aspiring inventor checked him.

”Whats happening? ”

”We have a bit of error in the portals programs and software, its easily fixable but we need to stop the presentation to check for more errors pertaining to this, ”

”What seems to be the problem here, kid? ” One of the Lanima Regions Leaders entered the authorized room.

”Um… nothing, just a typo that doesn matter. ” The aspiring inventor gave the operator a glare, telling him to fix the issue as fast as possible.

Now that the aspiring inventor got the attention he wants, he wants everything to be perfect. His arrogance and ego rose after hes being seen by the people he aspires to be.

Though at the same time, his idol, Mr. Scope, ignored him, thats probably why his arrogance and ego are this high now.

After one of the Lanima Regions Leaders is in the authorized room, they
e ready to start the two-way portals.

”Start the ignition! ” The aspiring inventor shouts.

But just the ignition of the two-way portals showed disruption to the energies that are traveling the pipes of the technology…

”Is that supposed to happen, kid? ” The Lanima leader asked.

”Can those pipes handle raw energies? ”

Though the energies are able to go through the pipes that lead to the portals, igniting the portal, its just a fluke in the system to be able to activate the portal.

The people around watching are astounded so they gave a round of applause… but it was short-lived.

When all the energies were sucked dry by the portals, even though the frames of the portals can withstand the energies within, because the programs and software of one of the circuit boards of the portals have slight errors, those slight errors are enough to mess with the other programs and software of the other circuit boards that are connected to that malfunctioning circuit board.

The portals malfunctioned. The energies contained within their frames are starting to rupture and are ready to burst.

”Everyone evacuate! ”

”I knew that hed fail, ” the Lanima leader in the authorized room thought, he and his bodyguards left the room and the convention.

”I can salvage this! ” The aspiring inventor thought.

He then heads to the main computer of the portals after the other operators and scientists evacuate, even though the others told him to evacuate as well.

Despite wasting time trying to save the portals, its not enough to save them after the errors and malfunctions have all affected the other circuitries.

”No… ” he dreaded.

And so, the energies contained in the portals frames and the energy source they used blew up after opening a part of space that contains a lot of Cosmic Energy, creating a Cosmic Surge after a grain of Cosmic Energy collided with Oxygen Particles, and because the Tech Convention is in the Nansiga Province, right in the middle of the Dotun City, the Cosmic Surge spread across the Dotun City as well.

Nansiga Province was affected by this Cosmic Energy more, creating a massacre, luckily, most of the citizens of the Nansiga Province were able to evacuate away after many warnings. But a few aren so much.

The damage to the Nansiga Province didn spread throughout the Dotun City because the aspiring inventors body absorbed all of the Cosmic Surge.

”He was arrogant, he wasn a perfectionist before but I didn think perfectionism will get you to this situation, ”

”Now nobody and nothing can enter the province, he gave birth to a monster, and one of the Dotun Citys biggest events, ”

In just a few months, the Cosmic Surge that spread across affected several people, fusing their nervous system with the minuscule particles of Oxygen that collided with a grain of Cosmic Energy called ”Reign ” from the native language of Nansiga Province.

”Reign ” is derived from a person named Reygon, the person that first discovered Cosmic Energy many years ago, where just a small particle of Cosmic Energy can change any element regardless of the amount, and it can even potentially expand on its own without any external assistance.

Several of the Dotun Citys citizens started basically using magic, there are some that can summon fire and explosions, their appearances vary, and some are able to control many things like woods, steel, earth, and more, the most common is that they
e able to control smaller things, only a few can control bigger things. The others are able to enhance things they either touch or see, depending on who the person is. There are even dozens or so that have unique abilities.

This occurrence was easily controlled but in just a few months, rebels started fighting back because they accused the Dotun Citys scientists to torture people affected by Reign, this caused a massive uproar.

Lanima Region has never seen this much chaos in a long time, the Dotun City is closed off from entry and exit, basically quarantining the city after the rebels increased and caused a lot of damage throughout 75% of Dotun Citys infrastructures.

The 25% of those are remaining strong because thats where Mr. Scope is, every day, rebels are trying to enter, destroy, and take over Mr. Scopes domain, so its the most dangerous area of Dotun City.

All of the people that are affected by Reign have taken over 75% of Dotun City with their newfound powers.

But, of course, these people will want more power so they fought for territories, fighting for whoever is in charge, who is the boss, and who is the most powerful, causing the Reign Users Civil War—though was changed to Reigners Civil War in the future.

This occurred for 3 years.


Im Stacia Thiwang, its been 3 years since Alex was taken to the **C, the Scope Medical Center, Scope Enterprises successful hospital business, its amazing that a business thats focused on technology has the resources and time to invest in hospitals, they couldve just focused it all in their technological advancement. Mr. Scope is a very peculiar man.

Anyway, thats not the reason why Im talking, its been 3 years since Alex is gone, and so many things happened, I don know if Im glad that he was not here when all of these happened or I wished that hes here when everything went down.

Because he has what we have, right after that explosion occurred, its why Im alive now…

Everything literally went down, the Dotun City fell into chaos, and the entirety of the land was inhabited by Reign users.

Reign users are the ones that were affected by the Cosmic Surge event that happened 3 years ago, Reign users are able to use powers that are supernatural, people that can create explosions, blasts, and other variations of it. There are Reign users that can control things like some sort of telekinetic powers that can only be seen in movies, or probably now using a lot of technology.

We call the power of Reign users Reign since its easier to speak than the original name Reygon.

There are dozens of people that have a very unique Reign that they are regarded as the top of all other Reign users, basically, if they
e in a group, they
e instantly at the top.

And… Im one of them, I can create shields and blast them out after using them, I can also enhance my bodys defense to the point that Im invincible, nothing can pierce through me, I just called it Thiwang Shield.

The names of our Reigns are tagged with our last name, at least, for us Unique Reign Users. Its easier to identify both the Reigns names and the names of the Reign Users.

Right now, Im part of a group called The Masters of Reigns. We are currently the most powerful Reign group in Dotun City. Why am I here? To survive, of course, almost all of rouge Reigners died because they tried to be a loner, there are even rumors that one Unique Reign User died trying to go rogue.

To be safe, I had to join one of the Reign groups, I was lucky we became the most powerful one. We don have the most Reign Users since that goes to the group called Half Thousand Reigns—their name changes by how many Reign Users they have and they
e even reaching a thousand now.

Though no matter how many Reign Users they have, they won be powerful enough to fight against us since we also recruit Reign users, and we typically recruit powerful ones even though its less than the Half Thousands Reign User recruitment rate.

Thats a mouthful. Anyway, Im with the Second Forces of our group right now because not only humans were affected by the Cosmic Surge Event, but also others since Humans only make up 0.01% of the World, we
e not just fighting over territories in Dotun City to survive, we
e also bonafide exterminators.

Rats, roaches, spiders, and other insects. There are snakes, lizards, crocodiles, and other reptiles. All of them grew 10 times their previous size there are some that are far bigger, and with their size increase, their arrogance increased too because they
e very violent.

At the beginning of the Cosmic Surge event, only Scope Forces are the only ones that can handle them, but after we learned about our powers and mastered them, we quickly overpowered not just the Scope Forces that are technically arresting us for our Reigns, but also the giant animals that started popping up.

This giant spider is bigger than my old house.

I know I have phobias of spiders but it started to dumb down after learning about my Reign. Im technically invincible every time I use it.

”Commander Stacia, the groups in position, ” one of the Reign users told me after a few minutes of waiting.

e currently surrounding a giant spider on all four sides, a common combat strategy that works on giant animals like this like 80% of the time, though Im not counting on that 20% to just stay still, thats why Im always going all out on exterminations like this—even though its just a common giant insect.

I wonder why he sent me here, its such a common task. So annoying…

”Okay, stick to the plan. Lets go! ” I told them, we then charged at the giant spider.

After the others heard me shout lets go, the others went at the giant spider.

We have 10 Reign Users including me, the other 8 will break the giant spiders 8 legs, while I and my right-hand officer will charge its head and body to kill it. I just relentlessly smash their heads all the time.

But something unheard of happened, the other Reign Users are having a hard time breaking its 8 legs and its still standing strong, we
e helping them take it down before jumping on its head and body since we
e just sitting ducks if we aren .

Its like this giant spider is learning our strategy and became very fast, which made my phobia slowly return.

”No!!! ”

One of the Reign users was killed.

This is not good…

”Retreat! Its exploiting our openings so don overexert! Its learning our strategy! ” I shouted, instructing the remaining others after another one was killed.

Two down and 3 injured?! Is that why he brought me here?! I might need to combat it with all of my might, I can chicken now, I can feel my phobia slipping back in!

But after attempting to slow it down while the others are retreating with the other 3 injured, the giant spider manage to take down my balance, I slipped up.

I saw its leg ready to stab me, even though I am invincible with my Reign on, I can feel my life flash before my eyes.

Has it been 3 years ever since I overcome my phobia of these things? Has it been 3 years ever since all of this mess started? Will everything Ive worked hard on will just be in vain?

When its leg started moving towards me, someone jumped in slashing its leg with a blade reign, a blade Im very familiar with.

Is that Leader!?

I was expecting the leader of our Reign group, but his clothing is different, he was wearing a hoodie. Our leader is wearing a coat since he said its cool.

When I looked at the man that jumped in to slash the giant spiders leg, my old self somehow quickly rushed back into me… I thought I changed already but seeing him again turned me 3 years younger.

”Alex?! ” I called him in surprise.

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