”Wait… Wait a minute! It was too soon! In the first place, when someone is in a situation like mine, right now, they must be confused, right?! ” Artham feels passing through the orientation of the story when someone is in another world, such as from a novel or comic that he reads.

But it is not enough to make Artham understand everything. He is still unable to grasp the meaning of the words spoken by the mysterious figure.

”What do you mean by do something new and fun? Is there something like that in this world? ” Artham asks the unknown voice.

The voice answers Arthams questions.

”Yes. There is a place where you can do hat. ”

What kind of place is that? Artham thinks.

He is curious. But he doesn ask any more questions because he knows he should wait for an explanation.

”Then tell me where is it, please. ”

”Don be rushed. You will find out soon. ”

Artham nods and remains silent. He looks around and sees the scenery around him.

Dark flat grassland with the stars as the only light source.

There are no buildings or houses nearby.

No people walking around either.

The only sound that can be heard is the wind rustling in the grass and Arthams own breathing.

Artham has never seen this kind of scenery before.

And then, after a moment of silence, the voice speaks again.

”First let me introduce myself, I am a being that you can call a God. Second, you are at a cross-dimensional crossroads. Third, you don die. I just took half of your soul that contains that boring life and lastly, how can you be here? Because of your wish, or maybe its your destiny. ”

After hearing the answer from the voice, Artham immediately asked again.

”If this half of my soul is separated, what will happen to the other halfs soul on earth? ”.

”Ah, your life will function as usual, but since the soul that was filled with boredom has disappeared, it can be said that your earthly soul can feel satisfaction for the first time. ”

Is that true? The idea sounded strange to him, but it was hard to deny what the voice was telling him was true. He didn think much about it because he doesn want to waste time on something unnecessary, and besides, he knew that the answer is yes.

Artham thought for a moment. What kind of place is it? If it is a cross-dimensional crossroads, he wants to know more about it but he understands that he needs to wait for further information about it. Even if it is possible for him to leave this place and return to his home instantly, but it won change anything for him. His real problem is what his soul is experiencing in this place at the moment.

”Don think too long, just listen to what Im going to tell you next, and don interrupt until Im done explaining. ” Artham nods his head once more in acknowledgment.

”Now then, the place where you
e standing right now is called a Cross-Dimensional Crossroads. It is a place that you can access from any dimension. ” Artham nods once more as he listened to the voices explanation.

”The reason you
e here is because of your desire and your wish. This world isn really a different world. Its more like a place between dimensions or maybe more precisely, a dimensional transition point. ”

”A transition point? How do you know that? ” Artham asks as he looks at the sky in amazement. He doesn understand why he was able to come here. He didn have any idea about it, but he has to admit that he felt something that was not quite normal. Is that so? he thinks while staring up at the sky in disbelief. So that means that there is more than one world? And this is a transition point of those worlds?

Suddenly an idea popped up in his mind.

It might be possible that I could get rid of all my dissatisfaction and boredom if I go to a different world. I can also find my happiness there if I can survive…

Arthams thoughts are interrupted by Sinahtra who spoke again.

”Indeed. ” The voice said in surprise after reading Arthams mind.

”What do you mean by that? ” Artham asked while turning his head to look at the voice.

He was surprised by the fact that someone was able to read his mind. And more surprisingly, the mysterious voice answered his question immediately.

”I can read your thoughts. ”

Artham is surprised by his ability to read thoughts, but he doesn think anything negative about it because it doesn interfere with him or his life in this world. Besides, the voice is talking about something important and useful for him so he keeps his mouth shut.

”I want to send you to another world where the people like you who are suffering from boredom would be welcomed. ” The voice stated matter-of-factly.

”What does that mean? What about me? Does that mean that Im going to a new world? ” Artham asks once again.

”Yes, it does. However, everything has a price. Do you want to hear what you need to pay for getting rid of boredom? ”

”Well, yeah, ” Artham responds with a smile while thinking he already guessed what this price might be. He had a feeling that the price might be high. He is afraid of paying that much if thats going to make him suffer even more.

But its better to pay it than keep suffering, he tells himself.

”Very well then. First, you have to give me half of your soul. ”

Artham was shocked and froze for a moment but soon he shook his head and looked around carefully. He was scared to lose his life or whatever is inside his body and soul, but he couldn ignore Sinahtras words.

”Why do you have to do that? ”

Sinahtra paused for a moment to think how to explain.

”Because you will be able to feel satisfaction for the first time. Thats why. ”

”Is that really true? Can you promise me something like that? ”

”Yes. Its definitely possible for you to find happiness in a different world if you follow my advice. ” Sinahtra answers firmly and then add, ”I can promise you that I will take responsibility for making you happy in this place. ”

The word happiness is not only important for Artham because it gives meaning to his life, but it also means freedom from suffering. Without that kind of word in his vocabulary, his life would go on endlessly with no hope of relief, so he decides to agree on Sinahtras offer.

”Okay… Okay! Ill pay for it! ”

”Come on dude, its not like that either, you know. Why do I have to charge the creature I made? That makes no sense, right? ” The voice casually changes into a slang teenager.

Artham was surprised by the change in tone and sentence of the voice.

”Woah! I didn expect someone to claim to be a god talking like that. Do you have a name? I don want to call you a person who can be called a ”god ”. And can you appear in front of me in the right way to communicate? I don feel comfortable talking without looking at that person and I don want to believe you create me. It was my parents who made me! ”

”Hmm… Well, whatever you say. You can call me Sinahtra. ”

Then from behind Artham came a light that turned into winds shaped like a human body but with eyes that shone like stars.

”Wow, what a cool shape made of wind and shining eyes. I feel you really are a god and thats a good name for a god, but I still can believe you are a god. And what happened to me now? ” Artham asked while trying to touch Sinahtras body, but was always penetrating and felt cold because the body was made of wind.

”As I said earlier, this place is an interdimensional crossroads and I want to send you to some new worlds but before that, I will give you some options for setting the genre of the world you want to choose and the difficulty, ” Sinahtra answered Arthams question while his body was being researched by Artham.

”World genre and difficulty? What do you mean? I never knew that the main character would have such an option like that when I was reading comics or novels. Can you explain it in more detail? ” Artham asked while enjoying himself inside Sinahtras windy body.

”Oh? so you think you
e the main character now, huh? Well, I hope you will not take your words back later. I will give you the option to choose a world genre such as [Fantasy] and [sci-fi] then after that choose the difficulty of the genre such as [Easy], [Medium], [Hard], or [Special]. If you choose a high difficulty level, then the rewards when you contribute to the world story become very abundant and can help you make your life easier in the next genre… And now look who asked for the right way to communicate earlier, then did the exact opposite. Asking about the correct way of communication, he said, huh? Funny. ”

Sinahtra was irritated by Arthams behavior.

”Hehehe sorry, this is the first time Ive seen something beyond human understanding. Please understand, and for the next question, what will happen if I die in the new world? ” Artham stop his curiosity then step back and sat down on the spot.

”Don worry. If you die, you will be reincarnated in a different world and the difficulty will drop from hard to medium but the genre is still the same. If you die again until difficulty reaches easy but die again in that difficulty, you will be reincarnated continuously into the world with difficulty, and the same genre but with an empty completion reward once you complete the genre world. ”

”And if I complete all genres of the world, what will I ge- ”

Before Artham could finish his question, Sinahtra answered immediately.

”2 things for sure, your boredom during your trip to each world will definitely lessen and when you complete all genres of worlds, then I can grant your 1 wish. Whatever it is. ” Sinahtra smiled broadly after answering Arthams unfinished question.

”Damn, you even read my mind, and the more I ask you questions, the more you indirectly want to make me believe you are a god. Alright lets get started right away, Ill choose the Fantasy genre world with special difficulty. ”

”Oh, for the special difficulty that only happens if you complete the 2 genres then you can select that option. ”

”Tch. You didn tell- ”

Before Artham finished his question again, Sinahtra immediately answered him with a smile.

”You didn ask. ”

”Ok fine, I choose the hard difficulty. ”

”Are you sure? It will be a long story and when you have chosen a difficulty, you can change the difficulty only when you die. ”

”Yeah, Im sure, I already have experience with fantasy from the novels or comics I read… Wait, what do you mean by long sto- ”

When Artham asked the meaning of Sinahtras words, suddenly Sinahtra immediately ignored him without letting Artham finish his question.

”Well, since youve agreed and are so confident, Ill give you some sort of [Plot Armor] you can use wisely while in that world. See you soon! ” With that, the voice disappeared without leaving any trace of existence except the faint breeze.

Artham stood there motionless for some time. Snap! Instantly, a portal appeared and pulled Artham.

”Wait, what the hell do you mean with that plot armor and story?! Y- you! So this is a spectacle for you?! just watch out! I will punch you when I met you again! ”

Arthams voice didn come out when he was sucked in by the interdimensional portal. Then his vision got darker, making him only see Sinahtra, who was smiling while waving his hand until Arthams vision turned completely black.

”Just watch out, huh? Interesting lets see if you can still say a line like that in the next meeting in here again hahaha! ”


In a small cave, at the foot of a mountain surrounded by forest.

”Ahhh! Huff… huff… damn that cursed god! Just watch out for you later! ” a young man was waking up in hurry like he just escaped from his nightmare.

”Why is my body so different, huh? And it looks like Im in a cave, well first I need to check around. ”

After saying that with a tired face, he walked out of the cave. His body feels weird and heavy, and he doesn remember how he came to that cave. It seems like he fell asleep somewhere near here and then woke up after a while and left immediately.

He slowly walked out into the light from outside the cave and shielded his eyes from the glare of the sun, then slowly lowered his hand and looked around. He didn notice anything strange at all. It was a peaceful area covered with trees and bushes with nothing strange happening except for this cave where he woke up in.

He was under a mountain surrounded by a forest with trees he didn know about then he checked his body which was wearing long-sleeved leather armor with iron armguards with leather gloves on his hands and his feet there were iron boots, leather pants covered with an iron plate on his knees and a dagger on his back waist next to his small bag containing alchemist items and small medicines then a long sword that was in the scabbard on his right waist.

He then walked past some trees and he saw a calm and clear river and drank the rivers water. After that, he saw the reflection of his face in the river water. He looks like a young man with white hair, pale skin, and red pupils also there is a scar on his right eye. The first thing he said when he saw his face was.

”Who the hell is this badass-looking face? ”

Artham tried to see his own face from any angle and he still can believe his face was better than the previous one.

”This is impossible! This is the best possible result I could get from dying and being reborn, but I don remember doing that! ”

Artham thought about it deeply for a few moments and then remembered something.

”Well now, lets try to remember the important things that were told by that self-proclaimed god. First, he told me to finish the world genre, and I chose the fantasy genre with hard difficulty, and before I was sucked into the portal, he said he gave me some kind of [Plot Armor] after being in this new world. That self-proclaimed god always wanted me to find out for myself. Heh… he sure knows some things about me very well. [System], I command you to active! ”

With his chuunibyou style of saying those words, suddenly a floating status window appeared in front of him.


[Updating System]

[Update Completed]

Open my information and quest.

[Loading ADMIN Information]

[Updating Information]

[Updating Information Completed]


─ Name: [Artham Lanis]

─ Race / Class: Human (Male) / None

─ Active Skill: 「Feed (0%)」

─ Perks:「Extraordinary Smell, Sight, And hearing」

─ Resistance: Stamina drain -15%

─ Talent: Abnormal Adaptability and Growth (Rank: Unique), Plot Amor (Rank: ???)

─ Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

─ Character Summary: an abnormal human from another world who is a dhampir. He has no idea what hes doing in this land of magic or how much trouble hell get into here… But his only desire at present is to survive as best he can until he finds some way out.

Main-Quest ─ What Do You Know About This World?

「Information is important. You have entered the fantasy genre world 〈Hard〉. Now the first thing is to search for information about this world and the system will load it. Good Luck!」

*** To Be Continue ***

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