e before opening their safety door.

”Remmets sklof re ted! Erkis re iv, Miera-zue! (Its the mans voice! We are safe,big sis Miera!) ” said the little girl.

Her hands were about to open the carriage door, but her older sister held her hand. The little girl then turns her attention to her older sister.

”Dnah Miera-zue nim ud redloh rofrovh? Essin ne rav ekki red, ne arf nemmets sivgiledyt rav ted. (Why is big sis Miera holding my hand? It was clearly the voice of someone who wasn a goblin.) ” said the little girl.

Her older sister just put her index finger pressed against her lips. Then turn her attention to the carriage door.

”Ud re mevh?! (Who are you?!) ”

Artham, who didn understand what the people in the carriage were saying because of the unfamiliar language, answered.

”Sorry miss, I don understand your language, but I can only say its safe now. ”

Artham thought of a way for the people who were in the carriage to get out and know they were safe. Of course he didn want to use the rough method of breaking down the wooden carriage door. It would instead make it look like a bandit was about to capture the girls.

He tried to stay away for a while pulling and gathering the scattered goblin corpses to a place where the people inside the wooden carriage could barely see and after that he hunted some wild animals nearby.

The two sisters heard Arthams footsteps slowly drifting away.

”Teag nah re? (Has he left?) ” said the little girl.

”Eregneal, tdil etnev erelleh am iv keav re nah ta edeort go du temmok re iv retfe dnats. I so etteas ta nah regosrof eksam nem ekki ted ved jeg. (I don know, maybe hes trying to trap us after we get out because thinking hes gone. Wed better wait a little longer.) ”

Then a few moments later, the sisters who were in the carriage felt hungry after smelling burning meat and started slowly opening their safety door and saw someone sitting there burning some piece of meat. They could see the young man with his white hair sitting in front of them who is using a bonfire to cook meat over the flame.

”Oh, you guys are finally out. You must be hungry. Come here and eat with me and this isn goblin meat, its animal meat I hunted in the forest. ” Artham tried to communicate by adding hand gestures that described the sentence he was talking about.

Artham paid attention to the details of the two people and he saw the two human race sisters who looked to be 6 and 15 years old looking around them where there were several goblin corpses gathered and their skin was dry as if there was no blood and the green color on their skin had disappeared.

The two sisters approached Artham slowly and carefully. Artham realized the situation that the sisters were wary of Artham. Since they were suspicious of him, Artham decided to explain himself first instead of asking questions.

He then tries to convince them by showing Artham eating grilled meat and showing making it so they believe Artham that the food is not poisonous.

”Here, try it. Its not poisoned, its real meat that I hunted in the forest. ” Artham showed them his hands and fingers which were clean and not stained with any kind of blood.

The sisters took the roasted meat and ate it.

After they finished eating, the older sister stood up and bowed, and started talking.

”Eregildit ted rif dlyksdnu og so edder ta rof kat. (thank you for saving us and sorry for earlier.) ”

Artham didn know what the person was saying, but judging by his bowing behavior, Artham understood the person was apologizing for their behavior and was grateful to have saved them.

”Ah, its okay. I understand why you guys are so wary about me, but you
e safe now. No need to worry anymore. Oh yeah, my name is Artham. Whats your name? ” Artham spoke while using his hand signals so that the person could understand a little of what Artham said. ”

”A-reddeh gej ja Miera Lorell nim re etted go allerus Zirah Lorell. (a-yes, my name is Miera Lorell, and this is my little sister Zirah Lorell). ”

It was Miera who spoke and her hand pointing at herself and her little sister while saying their name. Artham nodded in understanding.

”It seems. To get late. Can you guys? Follow me. To take shelter. ” said Artham.

Artham gestured his arm in an open path for both of them to follow him without worrying about anything else. Miera and Zirah then nodded in understanding and started following Artham.


Artham brought the two sisters to a hidden cave where he came into this world for the first time. The cave was located far from the road and it was surrounded by a thick forest where they couldn see any light or hear any noises except for their own voices.

As he walked Artham noticed that the sisters were walking very carefully and he could also feel sharp stares because the two people behind him followed him with a feeling that they didn fully trust Artham.

Night fell, and they arrived at the cave where Artham was staying before.

”You guys. Can sleep here. Ill watch over here. And here… hold this just in case. ” Artham spoke while using hand signals.

Then Arham gave Miera a dagger to protect themselves.

Miera carefully stares at the dagger before taking it from Arthams hand.

After a while, Mieras little sister was sleeping beside her, and Miera who was still not asleep because she still had to be aware of her surroundings even with Artham outside on guard.

She woke up and tried to approach Artham who was staring blankly at the air in front of him while his finger tried to touch the air in Mieras eyes.

Miera immediately hid and spied on Artham, but she just spied a soul from another world that live inside the dhampirs body who had a [Perk]:「Extraordinary Smell, Sight, And hearing」, and of course, Artham know that Miera was watching him from behind. But Artham tried to pretend not to know and just focus on his own thought.

When I activated my 「Feed」 for the first time. After fighting the goblins, suddenly a new quest appeared, then I ignored it and opened it again when I ate meat together with the Sisters before. And it seems I have additional information that this system can only be seen by myself. And now I have an additional quest called [Awakening I].

Sub-Quest ─ Awakening I

「Youve killed monsters for the first time and don forget to suck their blood so you can grow stronger!

Mission: 「Feed」 19/50 Common Rank Creature, 0/1 ???

Reward: Unlock Dhampir (Pure Blood) Level 1 (+Active Skill, +Perks, +Resistance)」

*** To Be Continue ***

─Skills Description

─「Feed」as a hybrid human and vampire or a dhampir you are able to absorb blood and fluids from any creature you bite. In doing so you gain energy and nutrients necessary for your body to thrive. The more powerful the creature the greater the benefit.

– You will begin absorbing a portion of the victims life force upon biting them. As time goes on you will gain control over this process and eventually learn to draw only what you need. Eventually, you may even grow beyond your need for such sustenance, though that is rare indeed. When you do, you must choose to either become completely dependent on others like yourself or continue to survive as a hybrid human/vampire. If you decide to live as a vampire you will have access to all vampire abilities until death, after which point you will cease to exist.

─Perk Description

─「Extraordinary Smell, Sight, And hearing」is a passive skill that enhances all three of these senses. It does this by enhancing their sensitivity and ability to detect danger. It also increases the speed with which they can react to danger. This is particularly useful for those who use stealth or are hunted by enemies. For those who wish to enhance their vision further, there are many other options available, but extra-special attention should be given to how much you trust your sight and sound before selecting it as an option. While not quite as sensitive in comparison, there is no harm in selecting the lesser options if this doesn bother you. ”

– Enhanced Hearing: Increased volume, enhanced clarity.

– Enhanced Smell: Enhanced smell range. Enhanced sense of smell (detection of hidden enemies).

– Enhanced Sight: Improved color perception, improved night vision.

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