During Arthams exploration of the Terabis forest for several nights, he now knows what living things are in the forest.

On the first night, he as usual found several kobolds and goblins which were wandering in the forest.

On the second night, he continued exploring and killing any monsters he saw and as he wandered around the western part of the forest he found a residence that looked almost like a village but was occupied by kobolds. For a while, he just observed the monsters and then left.

On the third night he is now doing his exploration in the eastern part of the forest and this time what he found is a cave which is where the goblins live. Just like when he first found the kobold village he was also just observing from a distance where the goblins lived.

After observing the goblins he immediately returned to the village and devised a plan for how to kill the monsters in the forest. When he was near the village gate he suddenly heard the sounds of monsters screaming and clashing swords.

He dashed towards the source of the sound and when he did he saw several goblins and kobolds attacking the village gate. His eyes moved quickly over the scene in front of him. He saw several village guards defending the village wall with the bow while the monsters tried to destroy the wall with a battering ram.





Thirteen goblins and twelve kobolds!

Artham ignored the system window in front of him and immediately attacked the monsters from behind. There are 4 goblins with a fairly large body size pushing the battering ram. The other goblins were normal goblins who used bows as their weapons while the kobolds used wooden shields and a javelin to protect them.

Artham attacked them with his sword in his right hand and a dagger in his left hand. The goblins were so surprised that they completely missed him when he suddenly attacked them from behind causing them to be killed instantly. The other goblins were so shocked that they didn even notice him until it was too late, making them also die on the spot.

The kobold who focusing on the frontline was shocked when they heard the goblin scream from behind and they turned around to see who did it. They were really shocked when they saw Artham standing there with his clothes full of green blood. In an instant, several arrows flew toward the kobolds and managed to hit them in the back causing them to die instantly too.

Then the last 4 big-size goblins died after being hit by different types of arrows from both village guards. The battering ram fell down and crashed into the ground damaging it deeply but it wasn enough to collapse it completely. When Artham finished killing all monsters, he turned to face the villagers who were looking at him in awe with their mouths wide open.

”Thank you so much! ” one of them said while they bowed their head. ”You killed all those monsters…! ”

”What are you talking about? Its nothing, ” Artham answered while looking at their astonished faces. He was not sure why they were so surprised, but he wasn going to complain about it either.

”Of course its nothing! Thats why we are very grateful that you saved us from those monsters! ” one of them added. And then they all bowed their heads again.

”Umm… ” Artham started while looking at them. ”Are you all okay? ” He asked them while looking at their bodies which were covered in blood, but there was no sign of any injury on any of their bodies.

He didn mean to sound rude, but he just wanted to know if they were okay because they were covered in blood and they looked like they were hurt. However, no one answered him so he just shrugged his shoulders and left them alone.

The next day he heard the information about the village chief already sending a request to exterminate monsters in the terabis forest to the adventurers guild in the kingdom of ridom. After hearing that, Artham feels sad because the monsters inside the forest are his prey for level-up. However, he can change anything now, so instead of complaining about it, Artham decides to still continue killing all the remaining monsters inside the forest.

And now he has a simple plan on how to kill all those monsters without much difficulty.


In the goblin cave that resides in the eastern Terabis forest.

”Damn it! Even though Ive sent a weapon that can destroy the wall but why can they still defend it?! ” The roar of the goblin that was the largest body of those who were there.

That goblins body was larger than any of the goblins in there and

It wasn long before a goblin came running panting in with a javelin in hand.

”My king, my king! Some of our soldiers have been killed! ”

”What?! Didn I tell you guys to increase the number of our soldiers hanging around? Did they die with the same person?! ”

”No, my king. This time it was the kobolds who attacked us. We found evidence that they had killed several of our soldiers by impaling them with this javelin and afterward eating our soldiers. When I met them to ask are you the ones who did this? they said that it was us who attacked them first because we failed to destroy the human village and caused them to lose their reliable troops. And after that, they almost killed me, and now here I am, my king. I am begging you! ” The goblins face twisted into an expression showing how scared he was as he begged his king for forgiveness while holding the kobold javelin which was used as evidence.

”Those weakling Kobolds? How could they?! Oh, ha… haha… hahaha! Traitors! I didn expect them to betray us like this! All of you gather our troops! Because today we will be the only rulers in this forest! ” The goblin king roared with laughter while his subordinates scurried around jumping into each others arms trying to get away from their kings shadow so as not to be trampled under their feet by him in excitement.

In the western terabis forest, kobold settlement.

”My lord! I have bad news for you! ” One of the kobold soldiers yelled out while running towards their king with a kobold spear in hand.

”What is it? ”

”They came! They will be in here! ”

The kobolds immediately stopped what they were doing and turned around. ”Who?! Who came!? ” Their king demanded while looking at every soldier that was there.

”The goblins army! ”


Kobolds screamed all at once as the sound of the battering ram hitting against the kobold settlement gate echoed throughout the forest. And then the goblins entered the kobold settlement in a mass.

The goblins that entered the kobold settlement all had weapons in their hands. The kobolds that saw the approaching horde of goblins panicked and ran everywhere trying to escape.

The kobold king was the first to realize what was happening and he immediately ordered his men to stop the goblins from entering.

However, the goblins kept coming in and the kobold army couldn stop them from entering anymore.

”What is the meaning of this?! ” The kobold king yelled his voice shaking with anger and fear.

”You will have to pay for your betrayal as your death! I will make your head a trophy as a symbol that I will become the ruler of this forest, king of kobold! ” shouted the goblin king.

The goblins laughed and mocked the kobold king. Then they began to throw spears at the kobolds and some of them pierced through their targets leaving several dead kobolds lying on the ground.

The goblins were laughing loudly as they threw more and more spears toward the terrified kobolds.

”All of the kobold! Destroy the goblins! Don let anyone survive! ” The kobold king commanded his soldiers to do whatever was necessary to prevent any survivors from surviving.

There were many kobolds whose bodies were riddled with holes due to having thrown countless spears. But despite that, none of them surrendered to the enemy. Instead, their eyes became filled with determination and hatred for the invading monsters.

”Hahaha! Your loyalty makes me feel happy! ” The goblin king exclaimed while throwing another spear which landed straight in one of the kobolds chests.

The kobold king with his abnormal size jumps into the battlefield with his large greatsword moving fast toward the goblins side. At the same moment, he grabbed hold of a nearby spear that was thrown by a goblin and swung it using his huge strength. The spear broke in half along with the goblins arm. The goblin screamed in pain while falling onto the floor and writhing in agony.

At that exact same time, two other kobolds jumped in front of the goblins path and blocked his way. From behind the kobold king, there is a small group of armored kobolds following him. As soon as the kobolds blocking the entrance noticed them, they scattered and fled.

One of the kobold warriors stabbed his sword into a goblins neck while it was fleeing; he pulled it out and then thrust his sword into another goblins stomach. Another warrior followed up by stabbing his blade into the throat of a third goblin.

As the battle progressed, kobold bodies littered the place in front of the gates with blood flowing freely. Despite all these deaths, the kobold army continued fighting fiercely against the goblins.

Then not far from the vicinity of the civil war, in a tree, stood a humanoid with a smile who enjoyed the bloodshed of monsters in front of him. It was Artham who watched everything happen in silence.

”This is perfect. ” Artham thought to himself.

After watching for a bit longer, Artham finally decided to move closer to where the fight between the kobold king and the goblin king happened.

”Goblin king! I will eat your flesh until there is nothing left on you! ” The kobold king yelled while swinging his greatsword down upon a goblin who was trying to flee. The goblin got cut in half and its lower body ended up dangling off the ground. The severed part fell down and rolled across the ground.

”Die! ” The kobold king yelled again as he slashed at another goblin who was trying to run away. The goblin tried to jump over the swordsman and escaped but the kobold king quickly caught it in midair and brought its upper body down crashing hard onto the ground. His sword pierced through the goblins skull ending the life of that creature.

”Fight me! Fight me! ” The kobold king roared while slashing wildly at the goblins who were attacking him from behind. He was surrounded by many goblins and he didn care whether they would attack him or not, so he swung his greatsword wildly and sliced apart goblins limbs.

Until the goblin king began to move slowly toward the enraged kobold king who was still slicing at everything around him even his own kin.

”I won allow you to win this war! ” The goblin king bellowed as he raised his giant axe above his head.

Before he could swing it downwards, the kobold king ducked down and avoided the blow. Just like that, the kobold king dodged all attacks that came flying at him.

”Why aren you surrendering yet? ” The goblin king asked while watching the kobold dodging all of the blows.

But the kobold king ignored him completely and kept cutting everyone in his way. Suddenly, something flew past the goblin king and hit his right shoulder.

”Ahhh… ” The goblin king cried out in pain when he felt hot liquid dripping down from his wound.

”Raaa! ” The kobold king howled in rage as he rushed forward with his greatsword held high ready to strike. Before the kobold king reached the goblin king, however, a humanoid person holding a sword land on top of the kobold king and thrust his sword into the kobold kings head.

The kobold kings body went limp and slumped onto the ground while his eyes stared blankly upwards. Blood dripped from both sides of his mouth making a pool underneath him. There was also blood leaking out of the hole on his forehead that made a dark red puddle beneath him.

”You… a human?! You dare interfere with our war?! ” The goblin king yelled angrily while glaring at Artham.

Artham didn answer back to the angry goblin king but instead, he ran toward the wounded goblin king and move his sword swiftly slashing the goblin kings body repeatedly. In a matter of seconds, the goblin king died.

[You have killed an uncommon rank creature, Bolod the king of the kobold of terabis forest]

[You have killed an uncommon rank creature, Goblir the king of the goblin of terabis forest]

After he finishes using his 「Feed 」.

「Feed (+25%)」

「Feed (+25%) 」

The system window appeared in front of him.

[「Feed (102,4%) 」has been evolved to「Feed II (0%)」]

”Don worry, Ill clean up after myself, ” Artham told himself before turning his gaze toward the remaining monster in the field.

[「Feed II」 can now be performed without biting the target. Now the enemys blood can be sucked automatically when it comes out as a result of any physical attack from the user.]

Sub-Quest ─ Awakening I「Completed」

「Youve killed monsters for the first time and don forget to suck their blood so you can grow stronger!

Mission: 「Feed」 89/50 common rank creature, 2/1 uncommon rank creature

Reward: Unlock Dhampir (Pure Blood) Level 1 (+Active Skill, +Perks, +Resistance)」

[Awakening is ready!]

[Start awakening?]


Before Artham selects his choice suddenly a screaming hears from his back.

”Nooo! What have you done?! ” The dying old-looking goblin shrieked while standing up.

”Oh? Are you going to try and stop me from cleaning my mess? ” Artham asked with amusement written all over his face.

”Why did you kill the last ruler of this forest? We will be doomed now! Oh no, The god! The gods will forsake us! Why are you doing such horrible things!? ” The old-looking goblin wailed.

”What? Do you think I care about your god? That thing doesn exist for me. ” Artham answered bluntly.

The old-looking goblin looked at him with shock in his eyes. ”Wha… What?! You don know about this forests history? Its because this fores- ”

Before the old-looking goblin could finish saying anything else, Artham unsheathed his dagger and slit open his throat. The old-looking goblins face contorted in horror as he struggled to speak while his mouth gushed blood uncontrollably.

”You… break… contract… ” Finally, he collapsed onto the ground motionless.

Just as he finished killing the old-looking goblin, the weather changed drastically. Clouds covered the sky and thunder rumbled in the distance.

Artham can feel something different than usual in the air. Something dangerous is approaching. Then his gaze moved to the corpse of the kobold king and the goblin king.

Their blood was mixing together creating an ominous aura. This wasn normal for him.

It was something that shouldn be possible. But it was true nonetheless. Their blood mixed together forming a crimson-black gate.

Something terrible is coming. Artham realized that fact instantly. The crimson black gate door began to spread rapidly covering more and more ground.

A wolf-like monster appeared. Its fur was jet black and it had four long legs with razor-sharp claws. On its back, there was a set of horns growing out of it. However, unlike wolves, this creature has a pair of wings that flapped powerfully and gracefully.

Its body was muscular and strong, just like that of a lions. Yet, there is no sign of fear in its eyes. It merely glared at Artham without showing any signs of surprise.

Thats when the creature spoke, ”So, you
e the one who killed the last ruler of the forest and break a god contract with this forest, huh? You must be proud of yourself. Then I shall reward you to be feel a painless death as my thank you. ” The monster spoke arrogantly but it also had a hint of kindness in its voice.

But the thing about being merciful was that sometimes they end up dying from wounds that they wouldn have died from before. That was something Artham knew all too well.

”Hahaha! Do not be foolish enough to think Im afraid of your threats! ” Artham retorted boldly and challengingly while looking straight into the monsters face.

He can feel a strange sensation inside him which he doesn know what to do with. His instincts told him that whatever he said to this thing would be very dangerous so he decided to ignore them for now.

This creature isn like other monsters. The only thing it seems capable of was destroying. Artham knows this for a fact after seeing it fight off countless goblins on the battlefield. If left alone, it will kill everything in its path and thats something that he wants no part of.

If thats the case, then why don I just get rid of this thing as soon as possible? Artham thought to himself and looked at the creature while preparing his daggers and throwing knives. He wanted to be prepared in case this thing decides to attack.

”Hahahah! I see that you know me… Thats quite unusual. I can tell from the way you
e acting, ” The creature mocked while staring back at him with its large golden eyes.

”And what exactly am I supposed to do? Do you want me to kneel to you? ” Artham asked sarcastically and he began to throw his daggers at the creature one after another.

But as soon as each knife hit it, they were repelled away from the creature with ease. Arthams face twisted into an angry grimace as he threw more and more daggers trying to pierce the creatures skin. But as always, he could never reach it. It simply evaded his attacks easily without taking any wounds at all.

”Do you understand what you
e dealing with? You are dealing with an abyssal beast! A weak being like you could never defeat me, even wounding me would be impossible. ” The creature bellowed as it raised its hands into the air and a wave of flames began to spread throughout the ground and the trees around them.

Thats when Artham knew something was up. He knew that there was a chance this creature wouldn die even if he kills it with his own dagger and sword.

It wasn because he didn care about the death; it was something far more terrifying than that. The thing hes thinking of is that this monster might be more powerful than himself. In this case, it will kill him instantly if he got too close.

So, he decided to play it safe. ”Well, well… You seem to have underestimated me… ” Artham retorted back to the monster confidently.

As a result, Artham moved his position behind a tree. Then he looked out from the other side where the creature stood and noticed that it began to glow bright red like fire. The flames were also getting closer to his hiding place and Artham could feel it burning his flesh as he continued to stay hidden.

”Thats how I should treat a weakling creature like you. Now, How long you will stay hidden? Until your flesh roasted? Ha, You
e nothing but a weakling who only thinks with your brain, not your soul. ” The monster told him as he pointed out how weak he was.

Artham wanted to respond to the monsters rude remarks with his own, but before he could say anything, he realized that he was being pushed against a tree by the creature. He knew what he had to do and quickly rolled away from the burning flames on his body.

But the damage has already been done. His clothes have become completely burned by the flames. There are even holes in the cloth that made them burn off entirely. Thats why he didn want to get near it again.

However, there were things that Artham couldn avoid no matter how hard he tried. Such as the creatures claw that was thrust at his chest and pierced right through his armor.

”Ahhh! ” Artham yelled in agony as he fell onto his knees while still grasping onto his chest with his fingers. His skin felt like it was melting and turning into a pure liquid which made his blood flow over the floor beneath him.

He didn have any time to look up while the creatures claws continued to pierce through his armor and stabbed into his body. It felt as if it wasn only piercing into his chest. There was something else in there besides his chest.

Its as if there were something that he could sense but its too deep for his senses to reach it. He knows he shouldn be sensing it but hes somehow aware of it. Something is trying to get out from inside him… But whatever it is, he doesn know what it is. He feels like something was going to erupt out from within him if he didn do anything soon.

As he stood back up and stared at the monster, he noticed the monster looked a lot more powerful than he first thought. Its muscles were bulging under its black fur, showing the immense strength that this creature has.

This creature seems to be stronger than me… Artham realized while staring at the creature with disbelief. The beast looked at him as if asking, ”What? Do you want me to kill you that easily? I don even enjoy a little bit of our introduction. ”

It wanted to know why he stopped attacking when he had the perfect opportunity. Artham knew what he had to do but it would end with him being dead. And yet, he can feel his body weakening from the inside out. He felt himself dying while he watched the monster walk toward him with great speed.

”Are you regretting now for not choosing the painless death? ” said the monster as it walked toward the dying Artham.

His last thought before he died was regretting that he let things come this far. He wished he could have done something better than this. But as he stared at the monster, he knew that nothing couldve changed what had happened. He also knew that there wasn anything he could do to change what happened to him. Its a little late to think about all of that stuff anyway. He thought.

He couldn believe it. This was his first time dying in this new world and not even a week has been passed. And as soon as he thought that, he passed out cold from his pain. He didn see the monster killing him nor did he feel anything after that. The last thing he heard was the system voice.

[A Talent Requirement Is Fulfilled!]

[Requirement: Feeling Hopeless 「Fulfilled」 ]

[「Plot Armor」 has been activated]








[「Plot Armor」 has been deactivated]

When he opened his eyes again, he was standing with his bare chest covered in the black blood of wolf-like creatures and the blood of goblins and kobolds.

Immediately he noticed something moving in front of him, it was a wolf-like creature, the monster that Artham had seen last time before fainting.

And now the monster had only his upper body while the lower part of his body spewed blood that flowed profusely flooding the path he crawled on.

The monster was now crawling away from him while saying something.

The monsters body was covered in claw wounds and several bites just like the wolf-like creatures had fought with a strong wild beast. That made Artham realize that it wasn him who did it. There is also a big hole in the monsters chest.

”Mon… ster… ” It said with its final breath.

Soon enough, the wolf-like creature stopped moving entirely. It lay still and unmoving on the ground. All of its movements ceased.

At first glance, Artham saw no trace of life in its dead body. At least not until he noticed something unusual: A small flame burned inside its chest.

But no matter how much he denied that fact, the only one standing there was him alone surrounded by numerous monster corpses that had their bodies scattered about. While his mind was in turmoil about what had just happened suddenly the familiar voice he had heard the last time before he passed out appeared.

It was only for an instant.

[You have killed an abyssal rank beast, Xiliegar The Flame Eater.]

[「Feed II」 has been activated automatically]

[「Feed II」 has eaten ]

[Special awakening requirement is triggered!]

[Start special awakening?]


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