The Last Sand Golem

Chapter 3 A ray of light

erceptible rumble ran through the sand. The behemoth immediately stood up and looked towards the distance. it opened its mouth and a low and high-pitched sound came out. The earth crystals on its back lit up, shining brightly. A few seconds later a ray of white energy shot out of its mouth in quick bursts. The sand in the distance exploded, melting the ground as the sand quickly crystal is es. Molten sand splashed everywhere were the giant animal pointed his head.

The ground trembled and the soldier nearly fell off, struggling to hold on to the shell. The earth bugs are frantically scurrying around, latching onto the crystals and giving them energy.

#11077 couldn´t see what was going on but the vibrations in the sand pointed toward the burrow worms, also called desert menace. The vibration came in a giant wave just right under the sand making long streaks that quickly approached them.

The desert behemoth didn´t stop shooting as it slowly backed off. Bits and pieces of flesh flew around wherever they hit. But the numbers seemed to be endless. All the way to the horizon the sandworms slithered toward them.

The silent night turned into a battlefield.

Those were one of the highly dangerous predators around. Very efficient in their killing, working in large groups, and being nearly completely undetectable until its too late, makes them one of the most dangerous animals around.

Normally desert behemoths would prey on them. But such an large group was unheard of. In the past the humans would cull their numbers, but with them gone they were just left to multiply endlessly, with no one really reducing their numbers.

The first few desert menace reached the behemoth, they jumped out of the sand like fish out of water. One got its ugly head blown off while the other latched onto the creatures leg. The behemoth stomped its leg trying to shack it off, but only more burrow worms jumped the giant turtle. The hide was thick but the thousands of rotating teeth shredded it in seconds. Blood drew and the desert menace only got more agitated.

The behemoth trembled and cried out in pain as giant sandworms sprung out of the sand and dug into its legs, ripping huge chunks of meat off before diving into the sand again like it was water. The blood spurted out in mass coloring the whole area in crimson blood.

Stomping and thrashing the giant behemoth tried everything to get them off, but there were just too many, tens if not hundreds of thousands of the worms latch onto it.

In a desperate attempt to save their host, the earth bugs jumped off the shell. Spreading their wings they all homed towards a different target. Hitting the burrow worms they glowed bright brown and exploded like fireworks. It would have been a pretty sight if not for all the blood and gore flying everywhere.

A few of the worms manage to jump up towards the shell, #11077 saw the giant rotating maw of the worm. Quickly forming a spear he threw it with all his might. The spear soared threw the air, and penetrated right threw the head.

The worm flew over the shell and the corps landed on a few other burrow worms.

The battle was an endurance test. If the giant behemoth buckled and ran out of energy the desert menaces would eat it alive. And the giant behemoth must endure and kill enough of them for them to disperse.

But even with the massive energy reserves, hundreds of earth beetles suiciding, a sand golem chucking spears, and constantly shooting concentrated energy, the swarm was just too large.

The behemoth held out for 3 days and nights but their number was seemingly endless. #11077 was constantly symphoning energy from the crystals and throwing precise javelin into the worms head, but he wasn suited to deal with large numbers of enemies.

They overwhelmed the creature with pure numbers. The damage accumulated and the worms already reached the bones. The desert behemoth was losing the battle and slowly buckled.

The sand golem was nearly all out of core sand when the worms tried a large push. Looking down at the carnage that was happening he thought if it was finally time to return back to the desert.

The behemoth under him let out a deep cry that vibrated through the air. The golem nearly slipped off. The ground under the golem shook.

Seeing the incoming demise the desert behemoth turned his head towards the sand golem and the few earth beetles that are still around.

#11077 saw the creatures giant eye glimmer with sadness, but it accepted its fate.

Its eyes shone bright golden, engulfing the passengers on its back. The light died down and they were gone.

The behemoths back legs finally gave up, after nearly 100 hours of preserverancing through the pain. Feeling light headed from all the blood loss the desert behemoth crashed into the sand, crushing dozens of pestering burrow worms in the process. It looked around itself and saw the whole place wiggling with desert worms. Pointing its head to the sky it let out a massive cry, its shell lit up brighter than ever, turning the night into day.

The swarm surrounding him died to the sound, but the behemoth only got swarmed again. Laying on the cool blood-soaked sand it held its head high and pointed towards the sky, as big chunks of meat got ripped out every second.

For a split second, the world seemed to stop, as the shell of the behemoth cracked.


An ever-expanding ray of pure energy shot into the sky seemingly reaching the heavens. The light engulfed the whole region in an instant.

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