Nangong Xueyin sobbed incessantly within the assembly hall of the Commander-in-Chief of Nings Great Family. This middle-aged woman stared blankly at the figure of her daughter who was standing in the middle of the hall waiting for her fathers verdict.

”Ning Rong Rong! I believe in your chastity, I will not blame you, but the final decision, your father will decide. You must be strong, my daughter! ” Nangong Xueyin thought.

The lines of beauty can be seen from the figure of a woman who is crying, she can say anything, just keeps crying.

By her side were three other women who were about the same age as Nangong Xueyin. However, a slightly different look on their faces appeared, a gleam of happiness that was trying to be hidden behind fake tears.

”Nangong Xue Yin! Oh Nangong Xue Yin! Feel this suffering little by little! Your daughter was expelled from the Ning Family, because of the disgrace that your daughter brought, is it still possible for you to be Commander Nings beloved concubine? ” thought the women sitting by Nangong Xueyins side.

These were the wives and concubines of Grand Commander Ning.

Commander Ning Quanzhong, was the Fourth Prince of the Han Empire. It is natural for a prince to have four wives.

However, because he liked Nangong Xueyin so much, the other wives and concubines felt jealous. Including their children.

Then Ning Rong-Rongs figure was extraordinary, she was beautiful, she was smart and she was the daughter that society was very proud of in terms of strength, she was a peerless Great Swordsman, this fact added to the jealousy in the family.

Ning Rong-Rong, standing amidst the intense gazes of all the Ning family members, tears kept falling down her cheeks, even though she tried to defend herself, it was useless, she couldn defend herself anymore, the solid evidence against her crimes was clear by all Families.

Currently she is just waiting for the final decision from her father.

Dark face iron, the father stood up from his seat. ”Rebellious child! You can have a big name in the Martial World. However, the honor of the Ning Family must always be maintained. ”

Pausing his words for a moment, shaking violently with anger, Father continued, ”Ning Rong-Rong since today I have declared you off the Ning family list. Later this afternoon the Ning family will prepare a fake funeral for you. ”

”Then the entire Luoyang city who dares to mention your name will also be sentenced to death …. ”

”Hurry up, and pack up all your things, you
e nobody in this family anymore, and don ever come back to this and this city again … ” Ning Quanzhongs voice was low when the last gave his punishment.

As soon as the final verdict had fallen, even louder cries broke out from Ning Rong-Rongs Mother. However, she couldn do anything more, what could a woman like her do? She only knows how to embroider and sing typical poetry like the wives of royal officials.

Receiving such a verdict Ning Rong-Rong bowed deeply. ”Well! ” the answer was short, she didn dare to answer Okay Dad!

Still looking down like that, Ning Rong-Rong returned to her room and started to pack clothes, she didn take many clothes, only wrapped a few pieces of typical clothes belonging to the martial arts.

”Knock! Knock! Knock! ” There was a knock on the bedroom door, Ning Rong-Rong knew, it was her Mother who knocked. Although she did not see, from the sound of soft, heavy footsteps and small sobs could still be heard, even though they were trying to be covered up.

”Ronger! Im coming in! ” asked a soft female voice from across the door.

”Yes Mom! Come in. Ronger also wants to talk to you, Mom! just before Ronger leaves. ” Ning Rong-Rong replied, letting her mother in.

The middle-aged woman, who

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